Not sexy, but necessary

Lord knows I’m never happier than when I can share a really smokin’ deal on cute shoes with you. Or even when there’s a sale that means you can stock up on funny t-shirts for the kids without breaking the bank. But sometimes, we need items that do not light a fire in the shopping center of the brain.

And so, it is with a small amount of embarrassment that I admit to you that I have become a total convert to the Clorox Toilet Wand. I mean, I know, a regular toilet brush and some cleaner is probably more environmentally-friendly than using a disposable head every time, but on the other hand: a disposable head every time means I don’t have something sitting in my bathroom that’s getting all mildewy with toilet juice. So.

I bought my first one about a year ago, and now we have one in almost every bathroom. They work, and I like being able to chuck the head after each scrub. I just checked—because of course I did!—and the first one I got on a “deal” for a little over $6. Well, today at Amazon, the Clorox Toilet Wand with 6 refills is down to just $4.99, plus there’s a clippable $1 coupon, plus you can buy it via Subscribe & Save for additional savings and free shipping. So I just got one more for $3.24 shipped.

(That’s the last bathroom, so I guess I can stop buying them, now.)

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I wish it was full-size

I’m a sucker for tot-size kitchens. Maybe it’s because our kitchen set (located just at the end of our actual kitchen, natch, in an attempt to keep the kids out of my real oven) was my own kids’ hands-down favorite when they were little. Maybe it’s because anything in miniature is adorable. Or maybe it’s just because the kitchen is still my favorite place to play.

Whatever the reason, I remain jealous that you can now get a gorgeous wooden play kitchen for your kids without taking out a second mortgage, when our play setup was all plastic and probably an eyesore. Oh well.

blue-kitchenI’m pretty sure I’ve posted this KidKraft Vintage Kitchen several times when the red went on sale (and it may have been as far back as well they only offered red), but right now the blue (so pretty!) is on sale for just $84 with free shipping. (Look in the right-hand column to find this option from stores123 at the seller.) This item weighs over 50 pounds, so it probably costs them about half that just to ship it to you. And yes, this is apparently the lowest it’s even been on Amazon.

Just look at it! So cute!! It’s nicer than my actual kitchen. (Then again, my cookies aren’t wood, so there’s that.)

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Cleaning all the things!

Hi! I’m not dead. We’ve had a little stomach thing going around here, so now I am cleaning every possible surface to make sure we are done and no one is reinfected. Lemme tell ya, the dogs are not fans of Lysol scrub-downs. (I kid! Probably!)

Anyhoo, while I’m in clean-clean-clean mode, of course I couldn’t help getting excited about a deal on a vacuum cleaner. (I’m aware that this may not be entirely normal, but let’s roll with it.) Right now Kohls has this Shark HV301 Rocket Ultra-Lite Vac listed at $159.99, which isn’t too bad—it matches the Amazon price, and on both sites you’ll see this small-but-mighty model averages a 4.5 star rating. The difference, of course, is that if you buy it at Kohls, you can stack the savings.

You’ll need a Kohls card for the best deal, but that’s nothing new. If you have one, apply coupon code HOME10 for $10 off and then code SUNTAN30 for 30% off, making it just $104 before tax (with free shipping). If you don’t have a Kohls card, you can still use the first code for $10 off, then use code BEACH15 for an additional 15% off.

Do note that this is one model year older than their latest-and-greatest, but at this price point, it certainly doesn’t bother me, any.

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There’s never a wrong time for shoes, honestly

I realize not everyone likes shoes as much as I do (I don’t have a problem, I have a hobby; there’s a difference), but everyone needs some shoes sometimes, right? Today (Monday, July 18th) is the perfect day to score—you can take 25% off almost anything at Shoebuy with coupon code EMLONEDAY2SAVE. Plus they’re having a huge Summer Sale, and shipping and exchanges are automatically free, too.

There are some brand exclusions, but I’ve discovered that Chaco isn’t one of them, and if you like Chaco, you know they pretty much never go on sale. My kid decided she needed a pair this year (finally; she has been behind the trend for her entire beleaguered life, but now that she’s getting ready to leave for college I am getting soft) and I made a very happy discovery in addition to this sale: Chaco goes all the way up to size 6 in kids, which is roughly equivalent to a woman’s size 8. If you’re a small-footed female, save yourself some extra money by buying the kid size. (Seriously. The kid versions are about half what the adult versions cost.)

Don’t dawdle, though. This code and the extra savings end tonight at 11:59 pm.

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Need a guitar?

I know, I know; I’ve barely been here lately. I’m sorry. Needy people live in my house, and one of them keeps insisting she’s moving out soon so I should spend time with her now before she goes. Sheesh.

This morning’s Amazon Gold Box deals on Yamaha instruments made me think of her, though, because this acoustic guitar (Yamaha FG700S) is the one she owns. At just under $100 shipped I challenge you to find a better brand-name guitar with an average 5-star rating (spoiler alert: you won’t). It’s great for beginners but it’ll last, too, because the sound quality out of it is much better than it has any right to be at this price point.

There’s other deals today, of course. But if you’ve been considering a guitar, this is the deal to beat.

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Yoda is my spirit animal

Is it because I’m sleep-deprived and busy that I cannot stop laughing at today’s Shirt.Woot offering? Possibly, but that didn’t stop me from buying it immediately. It combines two of my favorite things: Yoda and a grammar joke. For $7 I didn’t even have to think too hard about it.

Wear this shirt, I will.

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Also? Prime Day is here

What’s Prime Day? It appears to be sales on just about everything at Amazon if you have Prime (and you do have Prime, right?).

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to be touring colleges with my youngest today, because I am terrible at prioritizing. (I mean, my kid’s future over some amazing deals? I… just… hmmmm, maybe I’m pretty good at prioritizing, actually.) So I won’t be back until later to hand-pick deals for y’all, but feel free to leave a comment here for your fellow readers if you find something that’s not to be missed. Since many of the best deals will be in the Lightning Deals, they’ll go quick, so you’ll need to stay sharp.

Also worth noting: Woot is now owned by Amazon, and they’re Wooting Off there (complete with free shipping, which is rare) today.

Go score some bargains while I get a sunburn and have some eager young student assure me that campus safety is their first priority.

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Macy’s “Black Friday in July” is live now

This post is sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own.

No, it’s not anywhere near holiday-time. No, today isn’t even Friday. No matter! Macy’s will not be deterred! They’re rolling out the Black Friday in July deals for the remainder of the week, but today is the very best day. Here’s the lowdown: Shop at Macy’s today (Tuesday, July 12th) and coupon code BFJULY will get you up to an extra 25% off as well as free shipping on any size order (and that’s on top of the deals they’re already running). Today is definitely the day to get the best bang for your buck. But, if you miss today? Go ahead and shop July 13th-17th and coupon code BFJULY will still give you those additional savings, but you’ll have to spend $50+ for free shipping. (As always: go for the automatic free shipping, obvs.) This promo code has some category/brand exclusions, but it does work on Sale and Clearance items, and depending on the item you’ll receive either 15% or 25% off the already-reduced price.

You’re obviously free to buy whatever you like, and with just about everything on sale this week, you’d be hard-pressed to go wrong, so enjoy. Me, I’m still looking around, but I did manage to find one “want” and one “need” I’m feeling pretty good about with the additional savings.

macys-MS-pillowsFirst, the need: With one child leaving for college in just a few weeks, a normal person would take a break from dorm shopping now that she’s ready to go, but because I am me, I started shopping for the other kid (hey, he’s leaving in a year). He needs new pillows. He needs pillows good enough to last him through college, but not so good that I can’t afford to send him to college, if you know what I mean. So these Martha Stewart Collection down-alternative pillows fit the bill—they’re gusseted, which I’ve found is a fancy way of saying “there’s two seams all the way around instead of one,” which seems to help the pillows hold their shape, some, and they’re good for those of us with down allergies, and on top of that, they’re averaging a 4.5 star rating with a ton of reviews. The sale price of $14.97/pillow is pretty good, anyway, but with the code they come down to just $12.72 apiece, today. Sold!

macys-floral-shirtdressAnd since I was so smart about that, I get to get something for me, right? I was eying a really cute sport bikini but then my (rotten) (but gorgeous, and obviously much younger than me) kid was all “You’re looking at that for me, right?” and now I’m feeling old and grumpy. Know what would cheer me up? This pretty floral shirtdress, which is not only already nearly half off, it’s completely age-appropriate and my kid isn’t acting horrified that I like it. With the coupon it’s less than $40 and unlike that bikini, I can wear this to PTA meetings. So.

[I am making no judgments about bikinis or “women of a certain age” or anything, of course. I just both really like this dress and prefer it when my daughter doesn’t look at me askance or outright make fun of me.]

If you find some unbeatable deals, come back and share. With free shipping all day, I don’t want to miss anything!

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Prime Day is coming

If you have Amazon Prime, I’m sure you’ve seen the banners and announcements everywhere; tomorrow (Tuesday, July 12th) is Prime Day, and they’ll be offering special deals to Prime members.

In preparation, they’re ramping up the Lightning Deals like crazy. This morning when I got up there were over 20 pages of active deals, which is nuts. As usual, your mileage may vary—some of those deals were great, and others, not so much.

I’ve already purchased more that I should probably admit, but the sad news is that I’ll be busy most of tomorrow when the real event is happening. Silly me, scheduling a campus visit for my kid on a big sale day. It would be in poor taste to walk around with the Amazon app open on my phone, I guess….

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Hello, cheap changing table

oak-storkcraft-tableIt’s been a looooong time since I owned a changing table, but it seems to me that around $53 shipped for a wood storage cube version from Stork Craft is a pretty unbeatable deal. Right now you can order it from Amazon and it’ll ship once it’s back in stock.

So; Amazon has two colors—cognac and oak. The cognac one costs $199. The oak one, just $53.90. Why? Who knows. But if I needed a changing table on the cheap, I’m not sure the wood color would be a big deal to me.

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