And here’s some magazine deals, too

Have someone on your holiday shopping list who’s absolutely impossible to buy for? Get ‘em a magazine subscription… on the cheap, of course. For the next three hours at DiscountMags (until 1:00 p.m. EST) you can take 40% off any magazine with coupon code OCT40. No exclusions, no gimmicks. It’s just that you’ve only got three hours to take advantage of the deal.

And yes, you can use the discount on renewals, too, if you’d rather.

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There’s nothing spooky about shoe deals

Ready to scoop up some shoe deals? Right now Payless is running their semi-annual sale, plus there’s a coupon on the site for an additional 20% off, but we can do better than that. Because you’re so pretty and smart that you thought to check over here, you can take 31% off, instead—just use coupon code 31BOO, today (Thursday, October 30th) only. Shipping to your home is free on $35+, or any amount is free for ship-to-store pickup.

It’s a perfect time to stock up, especially if there are still-growing feet in your household! No tricks, just discount treats.

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One day to snag electronics deals

You remember Cowboom, right? It’s a great place to snag pre-owned computers, gaming equipment, and other electronics. About once a year they offer a discount code, and today’s the day. Right now you can use code TREAT to take 20% off their already ridiculously low prices, which means that—if you don’t mind a refurb—you may be able to afford that piece of tech your kid is dying to have, after all.

Now, it can’t be used on the Deal of the Day, or anything sold by Best Buy, or their auctions. But it should work on everything else. Plenty of deals to be had! But hurry, because after today, this promotion is over.

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Stock up at CVS

Hey, cold and flu season is coming. (In related news: I’m a little ray of sunshine.) Say you’re ready to stock up on whatever your medicine cabinet might need, plus various health and beauty supplies, you might want to go shop CVS online (because that way, you don’t end up buying Sour Patch Kids while you’re in the checkout line) (not that that’s ever happened to me…), and then you could congratulate yourself on being both prepared and thrifty, because right now they’re running an unadvertised special.

Shop today or tomorrow (until October 29th, 2014) and you can use coupon code 30MORE to get an additional 30% off just about everything other than prescriptions and gift cards. Even stuff that’s already on sale! And it’s not advertised on the site, it’s just kind of a hush-hush thing.

Shipping is free on $49+. (Maybe you should buy those Sour Patch Kids, after all.)

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Are your kids ready for winter?

If you haven’t snagged some colder-weather outerwear for the kiddos yet, hop on over to Children’s Place today—they’ve got outerwear marked 50% off! Shipping is automatically free, and you can also apply coupon code 4PB9FY15 for an additional 15% off.

Have I mentioned lately how sad I am that we haven’t outgrown Children’s Place here? So, so sad. It turns out that adult-sized clothes are a lot more expensive, and not nearly so cute.

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Great Target deals right from home

If you love Target (and if you don’t love Target I’m not sure we can still be friends…), you might be interested in checking out some of the deals featured on their splash page today. Of particular note: Buy One, Get One 50% off deal on ladies’ jeans and sweaters, plus up to 40% off Halloween costumes for the kids (and there’s still time to get ‘em before trick-or-treating).

I used to love walking up and down the endcaps at Target to find all the clearance deals, but now I am old and lazy so I just shop them online. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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30% off, plus (rare) free shipping!

While coupons for Old Navy are plentiful, usually you have to get to a $50+ purchase for free shipping. Today (Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014) you can use coupon code THIRTY for an additional 30% off (works on Clearance items), plus you’ll get free shipping on any size order. (Note: your order will not default to free shipping, you’ll have to select it in-cart.)

Excuse me, I have to go shopping.

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Become a Pod person

Okay; as some of you know, we finally joined the Cult Of Costco about a year ago (even though we have to drive an hour to get there…), and I have been trying to make more of my bulk purchases there when time and prices allow. Last time we went, we bought a gargantuan container of organic (gentle, blessed by fuzzy bunnies and fairies) liquid laundry detergent, which is all good and well, except that my teens can barely lift it, plus it doesn’t always get out all their stains, and it’s not such a great savings if half of it end up on the floor. (“Sorry, Mom.”)

I prescribe to the “make it stupid easy” school of kids’ chores, which is why my husband and I now use the Giant Costco Detergent while I leave the kids with some Tide Pods for their laundry. It’s easy! Which means their clothes actually get washed. And right now, Amazon has several varieties of the 77-count pods marked down to $19ish, with a clippable $2 coupon, and then of course your Subscribe & Save savings on top of that. I got the Free & Clear ones for $14.32 shipped (after savings/tax), which works out to about $.19/load. Not bad.

And really, can you put a price on the kids doing their own laundry without making a mess? I think not.

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Hip-hip-hooray, it’s a Woot-Off day!

I was afraid Tuesday might be boring, but no! It’s time for a Woot-Off!

(If you’ve just dropped in from a different galaxy or something, a Woot-Off is when Woot and its associated sites offer a rotating assortment of products at lower-than-usual prices, lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes or a minimum of as-fast-as-people-can-buy-all-the-stock apiece.)

They’ll be Wooting-off all day at Woot, Home.Woot, Tools.Woot, Kids.Woot, Sellout.Woot, and—everybody’s favorite—Wine.Woot (motto: Sometimes Wine, Sometimes Other Random Things!).

Keep an eye out all day and you may just snag a fabulous deal.

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Sunday? Funday!

Today (Sunday, October 19th, 2014) only, you can take an additional 40% off already-marked-down clearance items at American Eagle with coupon code FUNDAY. Plus you’ll get free shipping on any purchase!

That’s a perfect way to close out the weekend, methinks.

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