Some site downtime coming up

Don’t panic, but due to a server migration, Want Not will be offline for a bit this weekend. It’ll be back, better/stronger/faster than before, so don’t freak out if you can’t connect for a day or two.

Thanks for your patience!

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Are we past selfie sticks?

I don’t know if selfie sticks are still cool, or not, being fairly uncool, myself. (Also, my daughter was jonesing for one for months, got it for Christmas, and I haven’t seen it since. Sooooo… yeah.) If you wanted a selfie stick, though, you should definitely get a highly-rated one at a ridiculously low price. Like this Anker Bluetooth selfie stick, which is currently $13.99 at Amazon until you enter coupon code QYRMHSCT at checkout, and then it’s just $5.99.

I feel like everyone in the world who wants one of these already has one, but just in case you don’t, there you go.

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In case you missed this backpack

I knew it would be back—if you missed it last week, Amazon has the High Sierra Fat Boy backpack on Lightning Deal again right now for just under $10. It’s only the pool/mercury/sunburst one, but hey, that looks pretty unisex to me, and that’s a killer price for a great oversize bag. Go get ’em!

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Plug in everything

I’ve been stalking surge protectors for a while, as I want to make sure I send my kiddo off next year with at least a couple, and then the year after that my other kid will need a couple, and I’m going to need a moment to collect myself, actually, hang on. (Mah baybeeeeeeeees….)

Anyway, right now Amazon has this Belkin flat-plug 6-outlet surge protector strip marked down to just $7—its lowest price ever. We have several of these, already (I paid around $12 for them, I think), and I especially like the flat plug so that you can put them behind furniture.

I bought two. One for each teen. But they seemed a little confused when they came downstairs this morning and I told them they’re grounded for wanting to leave me.

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Stock up on basics

There’s tons of items—everything from underwear to outerwear—on sale right now over at Hanes, plus you can get free shipping on any size order with coupon code AFF22FS.

I love these sales, because I can pick up new socks for everyone and a few sweats for the whole family and it ends up being crazy cheap for stuff I’m always buying, anyway.

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Get a little nutty

If you never let a coupon for cashews pass you by (that would be me), hooray, Amazon just put up another 25% off Planters coupon. Combine it with Subscribe & Save for the best deal, of course.

I bought cashews—because that’s what I do—but there are four pages of eligible items, many of which are already marked down. Happy snacking!

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May the dapper force be with you

I can’t stop laughing—check out this little boys’ shirt and Star Wars tie combo over at Amazon. Depending on the color/size you pick, they’re as low as $4.34 each.

They’re selling out fast, but, um, how deliciously nerdtastic would that be for Easter?

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Another big Clarks sale

Love Clarks shoes? (I do. We all know I have a thing for shoes, and my Clarks continuously last longer and are more comfortable than many of the other brands I own.) Right now when you shop them online, there’s a bevy of clearance items where you can take an additional 20% off with coupon code WINTER. You’re looking at upwards of 70% off on some styles, which is pretty sweet.

Shipping is free. Comfortable, high-quality shoes are priceless.

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The best gummy bears, period

If you love gummy bears like my kids love gummy bears, then you know that Haribo is the gold standard. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I prefer not to think about it too hard (hello, hippie make-my-own-everything-from-scratch, HFCS-is-the-devil mom here who buys candy; I’m a study in contradictions, apparently).

Jump on this one if you love ’em: this 24-pack of 2-ounce Haribo Gold Bears at Amazon is just $7.58 as an Add-On, or as low as $6.44 if you purchase via Subscribe & Save and have made it to 15% off for the month. That’s… ridiculously cheap, really.

Am I stocking up on small packets of my high school senior’s favorite candy now so that I’m ready to go any time I feel the need to send a care package next year? Yeah. I am. Stop looking at me like that.

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Woot has just what I needed today

Awwwww yeah, it’s another Woot-Off! (It seems like it’s been a while, but maybe I just missed the last one.) Anyway, pay $5 shipping once and it’ll cover everything you want to buy today and tomorrow. That’s perfect, because the deals are rotating through fast and furious at Woot, Home.Woot, Electronics.Woot, Computers.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, Kids.Woot, Accessories.Woot, and—everyone’s favorite—Wine.Woot.

I will try to contain my dismay at the exclusion of Shirt.Woot, because everything else is included.

Anyway! You didn’t have anything planned, right? Watch the deals, nab some goodies. You’re welcome.

[Edited to add: Did you miss the High Sierra Fat Boy backpack deals on Amazon the other day? They’ve got a few options on Sellout.Woot for just $12.99!!]

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