Fancy footwear and accessories

If you love all things Cole Haan except for the price, today’s the day to hop on over there—all marked-down Clearance items are an additional 40% off with coupon code EXTRA40, today (Wednesday, October 1st, 2014) only.

Shipping is free on your order of $175+, otherwise it’s $5.

(Even with the coupon, most of their stuff is a little rich for my blood, but it sure is pretty….)

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Suit up

There’s always about a hundred different sales going on at Macy’s, but if your guy needs a suit, their big men’s clearance is on right now (scroll down some on their main page to see the link). Sports coats are priced from $29.99, with whole suits starting at around $100.

And after you shop for everyone else, there’s a shoe sale going on there, too….

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Hello, blocky Kitty

Got a kid who loves Hello Kitty? Right now Amazon has a Lightning Deal going on this Nanoblock Hello Kitty in The Park set, making it just $9.99 instead of the regular $25.

It’s tiny and cute and adorable. I sort of love it.

Grab it before it’s gone!

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My favorite containers!

I kind of have a thing about food storage containers. I wouldn’t say it’s an illness, most like… ummm… an intense interest? Because… food. And packing lunches, so very many lunches.

Anyway! For home use I prefer glass storage, but glass in lunchboxes seems like a very bad idea indeed, so for packed lunches I use plastic, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I used to love Lock & Lock the best, but have recently become a Sistema convert. They’re both good, really… it’s possible I give the edge to Sistema because you can get it in pretty colors. (I own my shallowness.) Both brands are made from BPA-free polypropylene, plus have easy-open lid-lock mechanisms and leak-proof seals. But today on Sellout.Woot they have a 16-piece Sistema set for $15.99, and while it’s not colorful, it is a great deal.

If you need containers to augment your lunch supplies, this is the deal to grab,

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Hey, Baby—travel in style

Looking for a great deal on a travel solution for baby? I’ve got you covered.

Right now Amazon is offering this Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System in Tangerine for $226.33 when you buy directly from Amazon (look in the righthand sidebar to choose Amazon as the vendor). That’s already a decent price for a highly-rated infant carseat/base/stroller combo, but it gets better.

Apply coupon code WHATADEAL to save an additional 20% (again, this only works when you buy from Amazon as the vendor); that’s $45.27, bringing your total down to $181.06. There’s also an available $25 manufacturer rebate, meaning you get the whole shebang for $156. Not bad!

This is probably not the deal to get if you already have an infant car seat, but if you need both the seat and a full-featured, lightweight (just 7.5 pounds), grows-with-your-child stroller, this deal is hard to beat.

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Halloween? It’s coming!

If you haven’t snagged what you need for Halloween, yet, check out the up-to-70%-off Halloween sale going on today over at Bon-Ton. There’s tons of deals for everyone from infants to adults, plus home decor, too.

In addition, you can score coupons with your Goodwill donations (see site for details), everyone gets free shipping on $75+ with coupon code FREESHIP75, and most items are now Shoprunner eligible, too, so if you have that, free shipping no matter the total. Sweet.

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Woohoo, it’s a Monday Woot-Off!

And here I thought Monday was going to be, you know, Mondayish. But no! There’s a Woot-Off going on, which means rotating deals over at Woot, Home.Woot, Kids.Woot, and Tools.Woot.

I just bought a dog food storage container set that I’ve been considering for months, because 1) the price was right and 2) that’s just how exciting my life is. (Plus, my dogs are spoiled rotten and I buy their expensive grain-free food 30 pounds at a time even though they’re little and it takes a long time to use up. That too.)

Enjoy the rest of your Woot-tastic day!

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Back to the grind, back to the snacks

Posting has been lagging here a bit for a while, I know. I’m sorry. (Did I tell y’all I took a Real Job*? I did, and I’m still figuring out the rhythm of handling various freelance stuff on the side.) Last week I neglected you very badly, because I was on a business trip to actually spend some time at the company I’ve been working with all these months, and it felt like saying, “Oh hey, cool story about our product build… hang on, I need to see if there are any deals on groceries I need to post” would’ve been in poor taste.

But hey, now I’m home. In deep appreciation for all I do and how hard I work, my children treated me like a queen this morning as I tried to get back into the regular routine. “Moooooooom!” they called. “Where are my socks?” “Moooooooom!” another hollered. “Is my lunch ready?” Truly, they spoil me.

As I packed up lunches today I saw that we’re almost out of Popcorners, their new favorite crunchy lunch-bag snack. Last time I bought Kettle flavor (a little salty, a little sweet) and the kids (and I) really like it, but those weren’t available from Amazon on a great deal today, so instead I just placed an order for the 40-case of White Cheddar Popcorners. At just $12.22 shipped (I’m up to 20% off on my Subscribe & Save items this month), that works out to about $.31/bag, and that’s not even mentioning how you can’t put a price on happy teenagers.

*If you haven’t already checked out Happier, consider this your invitation. If a grumpy cynic like me loves it (I do!), you know it must be awesome.

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Duvet set, anyone?

If you own a duvet, you know that covers can be crazy expensive (like, cost-more-than-the-duvet-itself expensive). Here’s a gray jacquard cotton set at Amazon for just $14.11 shipped for Full/Queen ($17.39 for King). It’s not the most exciting set I’ve ever seen, but it’s cute, and the price is certainly right.

If you had, say, a dog who just loves to jump up on your bed just before horking, that’s a great price for a spare cover. Not that I would know anything about that. (I’ve said too much….)

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Wednesday is Kohlsday, once again

Happy Wednesday! Time to hit up Kohls for this week’s crazy savings.

The One-Day Sale (hey Kohls, I don’t think that means what you think it means…) is on, plus everyone gets free shipping on $50+ and $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent. If you have a Kohls charge card, use coupon code SEPTMVC for free shipping on any size order and code SPLURGE30 for an additional 30% off your entire purchase. No Kohls card? You can still save an additional 15% with coupon code THANKS7427.

It’s a perfect time to stock up on home deals in addition to clothes, by the way. Lots of great bargains in today’s sale. (Am I the only one who spends an inordinate amount of time admiring the Fiestaware? Just me? Oh, never mind, then.)

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