A triple dose of X-Men

Have a Marvel fan on your list? Today you can snag the X-Men Trilogy Pack on Blu-ray at Amazon for just $10! That’s X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand, at the lowest price ever, plus an average cost per movie of less than what it’d cost you to rent ’em.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a gift swap or just making your favorite Wolverine fan happy, honestly. Get two, they’re small.

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More Green Monday!

Okay, apparently Green Monday is really a thing. Here are some more today-only savings to go check out:

At Reebok, you can take 50% off everything in their—go figure—Green Monday collection with coupon code—again, quelle surprise!—GREEN. Shipping is free on your $49+ order, or on your first order with account creation.

Meanwhile, at Target, today you’ll save $20 for every $100 you spend, automatically, up to a $100 savings on $500+. There’s a fairly long list of exclusions but maybe you’ve had something waiting in your cart there that qualifies. All orders are currently shipping for free.

There’s a ton of Green Monday markdowns over at 6pm.com, as well as an additional 50% off select clearance items with code CLEARANCE. Shipping is free on $50+ or when you buy 2 or more items.

Also, I think this is really just the last day of Friends & Family at Macy’s, but whatever, they can call it Green Monday if they want—save up to an additional 30% with code FRIEND, plus get free shipping on $25+.

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Apparently it’s Green Monday

I don’t know what’s happening here. Are we just naming all the days by colors, now? (The show I’m in opens on Wednesday. Can that be Glitter Wednesday? I mean, I realize that’s not a color, but….) Apparently today is Green Monday, or so says Rakuten, which means they’re giving you 20% off just about anything with coupon code GREEN20. Hurry up, because the code is only good until 11:59 pm tonight (Monday, December 11th).

The bad news is that your maximum allowable discount is $40, so to get the most bang for your buck you’re looking for something at $200 or less; this is not the deal to get that Jumbotron-sized TV you’ve been considering. The good news is that it appears to work on everything, so if you need Nintendo accessories or other gadgetry that tends not to go on sale, today’s your day.

Happy hunting!

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Fold the force, you will

This is always a very popular deal, and it’s back again—perfect as a “gift closet” gift to have on hand for birthday parties or under the Christmas tree, alike—so I cannot resist pointing it out.

Kids love Star Wars. Kids love origami. Want hours and hours of blessed happy silence (followed by, yes, child clutter everywhere, but at least when you step on these, they don’t hurt your feet)? Snap up this Star Wars Origami book for $6.28 at Amazon right now. It’s got everything they need to create 36 different paper masterpieces for Star Wars fans.

Do please take note: Although this book is supposedly rated for ages 5+, my experience with it is that it’s fun but requires precision and persistence; I’d say it’s more of a 10+ gift, myself (maybe 8+ for a kid who’s already good at origami and/or very patient). But the projects are cool and having the special themed paper is nifty, too.

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Winter is coming! I mean, probably.

We’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow. I live in the south, so this is Big News. Like, clear out the grocery store of bread and milk and eggs kind of news. I have no idea how the weather’s been going this year elsewhere, but I do know that aside from French toast fixings, you may need some warmer clothing to brave the elements.

If you’re not ready for it yet, good news! Today (Thursday, December 7th) only, Target is offering half off winter-wear for the whole family! This covers the usual suspects—parkas, snow pants, some vests and fleece—but also (inexplicably) some windbreakers and suit jackets and light cardigans (and a couple of swim coverups…?), too. Target doesn’t seem to really understand how winter works, but I’m okay with that.

Shipping is free on every order. Also if you have a toddler I need to borrow them because some of those toddler jackets made me squeal out loud with the cute.

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Stock up for the kids today

I never feel so bitter about my kids growing up as I do when Children’s Place has a huge sale. Like, whyyyyyyyy must I have adult-sized children whose clothing costs as much as mine?? I miss the days of $2 t-shirts and big stock-up sales where I literally bought “one in every color” of anything they liked because it was so cheap.

Little kids are cheap, y’all. I know, you think they’re expensive with their diapers and everything. But then they grow up and want computers and cars and college. And that’s aside from clothing that suddenly costs a whole lot more. (Clearly the issue here is the letter c. I need to do more research into this issue.)

Anyway, if your kids are still small, get on over there—everything is at least 50% off, with clearance as much as 75% off. Every order ships for free, and you’ll earn $10 Place Cash for every $20 you spend. (Not that you’ll need to come back and spend that, because you’ll already have one in every color thanks to today’s sale….) Also, did you know they have matching family jammies, including adult sizes?? They do. Go. Enjoy. Don’t worry about me, sitting over here all bitter.

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PBS gifts are always in style (and now on sale)

Hello, my name is Mir, and I am a public broadcasting nerd. Yep. Sorry, not sorry.

Not only does the Shop PBS Store have all of the DVDs and Blu-rays of your favorite shows—as you’d expect—they have so much more, you could knock out a ton of gifts there right now, I bet. What’s even better is that today (Tuesday, December 5th) only, you can use coupon code FLASH for an extra 20% off and free shipping on everything. Mugs! Books! Clothing! Ornaments! Everything, really.

I’ll take the green “PBS Nerd” shirt, please and thank you.

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A quick word of caution about gift cards

If you read no other article about consumer pitfalls this year, read this piece from Bob Sullivan about gift cards. Bottom line: these cards are increasingly attracting hackers, and your protections as a consumer are not guaranteed.

This is why I prefer to give Amazon certificates to folks, either via print-at-home or e-gift. Recipients can add the funds to their accounts right away, and then if by some miracle the thing they want/need isn’t available on Amazon itself, they can buy a gift card there (and then it’s their problem to deal with…) for use elsewhere. Easy-peasy.

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Ho ho ho, merrrrrrry Beauty Box!

I’m so wrapped up in holiday prep (and play rehearsals! hello, have you seen my brain? I think I left it at the theater…) I forgot to check for Target Beauty Boxes! I apologize. But they’re not sold out yet, so I think I’m safe.

There’s two versions this month, one for women and a different one for men. You know I love a good rant against gender norms, but the female version has sparkly nails and a Rimmel mascara I’ve been meaning to try, while the guys get Axe and hair pomade and emergency clean-up cloths, and, well, I think it’s okay.

You know the drill: Each is just $7 with free shipping, and the ladies get a $3 off $15+ Beauty coupon and the men get a $3 off $15+ Personal Care coupon. You should have them in time to use ’em as stocking stuffers, too.

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Did you miss all the outerwear deals? Never fear!

It doesn’t happen anymore, but when my kids were little I swear they would wait for every sale on a given item to pass before having a growth spurt. Every time. I’d be sitting there all smug in December that I’d finally made sure everyone had snow pants and boots and whatever before school even started (okay, this was before we lived in the south…) and then a week before Christmas, the parkas would magically shrink, or a child would come home with just one boot. That wasn’t just us, right?

Sales will keep coming and going, but if you have a small-ish human in your home who needs a new coat or other items, or if you just realized you, yourself, need a pair of boots of a jacket warmer than that hoodie you’ve been wearing all fall (oh, wait, that was me in the hoodie), today (Monday, December 4th) would be a good time to check out Lands’ End—you can use coupon code WARMTH with PIN 3216 for 50% off your entire order! (Note: this code works only on full-price items, so this is not a good time to clean up on additional clearance savings, but if you’ve had your eye on a new parka, this is absolutely a good time to grab that.)

Shipping is free on your $50+ order, which is calculated after any coupon savings (boo). Don’t forget that you can return Lands’ End merchandise for free at your local Sears, soooo… I’m not telling you what to do, of course, but maybe you want to order something in two different sizes and return the one you don’t want in-store, and maybe that gets you free shipping along the way. Just sayin’.

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