Red RUUM (and other colors, too)

If you love RUUM kidswear, you have a couple of different options for deals, today. Go shop the official RUUM site to find final sale prices and free shipping on $75+, if you have a lot to buy.

Alternatively, Amazon has a ton of RUUM deals, and most of them will ship for free if you have Prime.

Cute stuff, but it’s selling out fast, so hurry up if you see something you like.

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Winner of the Happier Favorites Box

Gooooooood morning! You had most of the week to get in there and snap up your chance to win a Happier Favorites Box from me and Happier. Did you remember to do it? Remember, this is where you get offered deep wisdom such as “you can’t win if you don’t enter.” (No charge for that, by the way. You’re welcome!)

The random comment selector has selected, and our winner is… commenter 104, Swistle! Hooray! Check your email, Swistle—I’ll make sure you get your box of goodies ASAP.

If you didn’t win and have a bad case of The Sads, you can go purchase your own box, if you like, or just download our free app and start hanging out with us over there. (Follow me! I’m Mir K.) There’s always ways to be happier!

As always, big thanks to everyone who played, and special thanks to my awesome coworkers at Happier for sponsoring the giveaway. And also for putting up with me. Mostly that last one….

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Dorm deals ahoy!

I know it may feel early to be thinking about what your kiddo might need for the dorm, but it’s the early bird who gets the worm (and the best deals). Have a kid heading off to college in the fall? Get a jump on preparation and save big—Amazon has a bunch of dorm bedding sets marked down right now.

Each of these sets includes a Twin/TwinXL comforter and sham, plus two sets of sheets, and a pop-up hamper:
Pinzon Nori, $15.82
Pinzon Sun Rays, $20.24
Pinzon Chevron, $21.94

You go shop for bedding, and I’ll go back to tending to the Flupacolypse over here. (My children are never going to college because if they don’t hurry up and get well they’re not even going to graduate from high school….)

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Go get a local Groupon

Had your eye on a deal in your area, but still wishing you could save just a liiiiiittle bit more? Today’s the perfect day to save—hop on over to Groupon and grab any local Groupon (up to three of ‘em, actually) for up to 20% off (up to a $50 discount) when you use coupon code TRIPLE. You can also use the code for an additional 10% off a getaway or goods deal, but the local deals are definitely the savings to beat.

I’m seeing lots of great deals on gym memberships and boot camps in my local area… but that would require me to get up from my desk….

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Get some nice knives

In the market for new steak knives? Amazon is currently running a Lightning Deal on this Culina Steak Knife Boxed set, which I bought myself shortly after Christmas (the last time it was on sale). I like ‘em. They’re not super-high-end like a set that’ll run you hundreds of dollars, but for $40 they’re a steal—the box is nice, the knives themselves will go with any flatware set, and they’re nice and sharp.

I haven’t used them to do anything extraordinary (like… butcher a side of beef or kill someone), but we’ve used them several times for steak and chicken and they’re well worth the price.

This may be the most words I’ve ever written about knives.

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Va va va Vera

If you love Vera Bradley—and assuming you’re not busy digging out of a snowbank today (everyone okay?)—it’s a great day to shop their sale section. For starters, everything is an additional 15% off, automatically. Then you’ll get both free shipping on $75+ and a free accordion wallet with your $75+ purchase, too.

Personally, my reaction to Vera is usually… not terribly enthusiastic (I prefer a leather purse)… but I just went through the sale section and was reminded that they are so much more than purses. There’s some baby stuff in there that’s adorable. And yeah, the original prices are crazy, but the sale prices are awesome.

Quick, someone lend me a baby so I can buy cute things! What?

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Get Happier, win Favorites

Some of you know that my posting here has slowed somewhat, in part, because I now work for Happier. As a lifelong adherent to the philosophy that a half-empty glass is probably pretty good because at least it’s not smashed on the floor, I have to admit I’m astonished at how much happier (yes) Happier has helped me to be. (You should go get the app—it’s free!—and join us!)

happier-box-giveawayWe recently launched a new concept, the Happier Favorites Box—it contains an assortment of little luxury goodies, from gourmet chocolate to a beautiful bracelet. Our CEO and Chief Happiness Officer, Nataly Kogan, has incredible taste (and I am not even just saying that because she’s my boss). The idea is that she’s collected up some of her favorite things which help her to be happier on a daily basis, and we’ve packaged them up at a discounted price for our users. You could go buy a Happier Box right now for around $75, or you could maybe win one right here, because it made me so happy I made sure I got one to give to one of you.

Want one of these boxes chock-full of little reminders to be happier? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come back and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, January 30th, 2015 for a chance to win. Winner to be determined by my random-commenter-selector plugin thingie (technical term) on Friday.

Ready? Go!

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Bowl in a bowl in a bowl in a (you get the idea)

Need a set of mixing bowls? This Anchor Hocking 10-piece glass bowl set is down to just $15.97 at Amazon (its lowest price ever). Just make sure you choose Amazon as the vendor; you may need to go to the “Other Sellers” column on the right as it’s currently defaulting to a different seller (and higher price).

This pretty much gives you every size bowl you need, and they’re nearly indestructible. Plus you can’t beat the price!

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Today’s the day to save on Prime

Have you been on the fence about getting Amazon Prime? I’ll confess, when the price was raised to $99/year I wasn’t sure, initially, that we’d keep it. But I use it all the time, from last-minute shopping convenience to free loans for our Kindles to enjoying Prime Steaming of shows I should probably be working instead of watching.

If you’ve been considering Prime but haven’t taken the plunge yet, do it today—instead of $99, today only they’re offering a year of Prime for just $72 through this link, making it even cheaper than the original $79 it used to be, years ago.

[Bonus: Even if you don't grab Prime, they're offering all 10 episodes of the first season of the Amazon-original series, Transparent, today, to everyone. Of course, I don't know too many people who're going to have time to watch all 10 episodes today, but there you go.]

I already paid my $99 because I’ve had Prime for years, but if you haven’t, this would be the day to grab it.

[Edited to add: The ravishingly gorgeous Corey points out that if you're an existing member, you can purchase this as a gift... for yourself! Just set your existing account so that it doesn't auto-renew, then send your gift on the expiration date. Thanks, Corey!]

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Puzzle me this

Ohhhhhh, I am digging today’s featured Gold Box deal at Amazon—it’s deep discounts on puzzles, my family’s weakness. Choose from chunky wood options for the toddlers all the way up to 1,000-piece masterpieces, and while the deal header says “up to 50% off,” some are actually even cheaper than that.

Not included in this sale, but worth every penny: If you have nerdlings who love science, get this The Elements puzzle immediately. It’s not only satisfyingly difficult, it’s gorgeous, and a great way to learn the periodic table. (We just did this one over Christmas break. It is my favorite puzzle in the whole world, and I’m pretty sure I paid a lot more than Amazon is currently selling it for.)

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