Save extra on local deals

This one’s come back again for a day—go check out your local Groupon Deals and you can use coupon code FUN20 for 20% off (up to an additional $50 off) on up to 3 separate purchases! That’s on top of the already discounted price, which means big savings are afoot.

Last time they did this I got some dirt-cheap spa stuff for my girl and me, and we’ve been enjoying it immensely. This time I think I’ll snag some restaurant discounts.

Don’t think there’s anything local you’ll want? Never fear—listed among your “local” deals you’ll find some online offerings, too. There’s truly something for everyone, but hurry, because the coupon expires at midnight tonight.

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If you’re very brave…

… I have a maybe-not-a-great-idea deal for you this morning.

(This is what happens when I emerge from a two-day migraine. I bring you a deal on weaponry. But it’s for kids! Haha!)

So, I, personally, never would’ve purchased these for my own kids… or really, for any kids I liked… unless maybe I really didn’t like their parents… but hey, to each their own. Right now at Amazon you can get a Zing Fire Tech Bow (orange) or Zing Fire Tech Bow (green) for $4.75 and $5.60, respectively. You can also grab some dart refills for just $1.96 each. Mind you, these are all Add-On items, but the price is fantastic if you’re in the market.

And honestly, if my teenagers don’t start moving a little faster in the morning, I feel like a few suction-cup darts to the rump are warranted….

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A tunnel for your wiggly worm

When my kids were little, I painstakingly assembled an entire Playhut maze of tents and tunnels and then filled the whole thing with ball pit balls. It used to keep them busy for hours on rainy afternoons. Ah, the good old days! (Notice how I am conveniently forgetting about how every now and then a piercing shriek would issue from somewhere deep in the maze and I’d have to figure out if someone was actually injured or just offended.)

Anyway. Right now Amazon has this Playhut Wiggle Worm Tunnel available for just $10.20—its lowest price ever, and about half the regular price—which means you can either start or add onto your existing Playhut collection for your little one. The best part of these structures is that they fold down completely flat when it’s time to put them away, so you’re not stuck looking for storage.

This would also be a great classroom donation if you have little ones. Just sayin’.

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Clear the rack!

It’s one of my favorite sales of the year—Nordstrom Rack has taken an additional 25% off already-deeply-discounted clearance items.

Shipping is a flat $7.95 on orders of less than $100, and free after that.

If you have Nordstrom taste but a TJ Maxx budget, this is the sale where the heavens open and the angels sing. I have gotten some of my favorite things off the clearance rack here, for prices I can stomach. Go forth and score.

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Go buy them so I won’t

Oh no—my favorite potato chips are on sale at Amazon. This is Not Good.

I mean, sure, the clippable 20% off coupon (in combination with Subscribe & Save savings) makes them crazy cheap, and I’d buy them “for the kids’ lunches,” but we all know what would happen after that. Me, eating chips. I’m trying to eat better and avoid things like delicious potato chips.

So, uh, be a pal and go buy ’em all up before I do something I’ll surely regret. Mmmkay? Thanks.

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For the kids who just keep growing

It’s been a while since I posted a deal at Children’s Place, but today’s a good day to hop over there if you have a need—they’re offering free shipping and an extra 40% off everything with coupon code ONLINE40! This offer is good through the end of the day tomorrow (October 1st).

Enjoy your shopping there while it lasts. Now that my teens are full-adult-sized humans everything costs a lot more and I’m a little bitter.

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This is when I confess to being horrible

If you have delicate sensibilities and don’t enjoy crude humor, this would be a good time to go read something else and continue pretending that I’m a morally upstanding person. If you enjoy being a bit bawdy on occasion, however, come sit next to me, because my favorite game in the whole wide world is Cards Against Humanity, whose tagline is “a party game for horrible people.” (Unfamiliar with it? It’s basically Apples to Apples with a twisted sense of humor.) Those of you who love CAH know that it hardly ever goes on any sort of sale.

Well, today the Amazon Gold Box bonus Deal of the Day is 20% off all things CAH. Get the original deck for $20 instead of $25, or pick up any of the expansions for $8 instead of $10.

This deal allows you to save a little money so that you have enough left over to buy this case to store all your cards in. (I know, I know. Look, I told you I’m a horrible person.)

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Tuesday? Kohlsday!

If you’ve been waiting for the planets to align with all of the possible discounts at Kohls, wait no longer—today everything is coming up savings.

First of all, they’ve got a big sale running (surprise!) (not really). Second, everyone earns $10 of Kohls Cash for every $50 spent. Third, everyone gets free shipping on $75+ or free shipping to your local store. Fourth, everyone can take 15% off any order with coupon code HAYRIDE. And fifth (fifth? yes?), Kohls card holders can get free shipping on any order with coupon code MVC4FREE and an additional 30% off with code TREAT30.

I know they do this pretty regularly, but if you—like me—sometimes forget to check until you need something, well, there you go. Now’s a good time to shop.

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Nothing beats clean baby smell

I’m the weirdo who will swoop down on you when your infant is crying and offer to take that baby off your hands. While I do possess a modest expertise in soothing cranky babies, my motivation is purely selfish—I love the smell of babies. You think I’m soothing your kid when really I’m busy smelling her head. What? That’s totally normal.

Anyway, one of my favorite products when my kiddos were tiny was this Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash, and so let me just suggest that if you 1) have babies or 2) have baby showers to attend you go snap up that 3-pack from Amazon right now because it’s both priced much more cheaply than usual and there’s a clippable 30% off coupon and you can order via Subscribe & Save for even greater savings.

For me it came out to just over $10 shipped for three bottles, which is about the retail price of a single bottle. It smells great, it’s gentle and natural and free of yucky stuff, and, um, come closer so I can hold your baby, okay?

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I figured it out

Personally, the whole UGG boot trend is a little puzzling to me, but then again, I also wondered why a brand would want to call themselves “UGG.” And then it hit me—it’s the sound we parents make when our kids ask for $200 boots. (“Ugh.” See?)

So I guess what I’m saying is that I am not necessarily a huge fan, but I know some folks are, and in perusing the giant UGG sale over at today, I’m actually seeing 1) discounts of up to 70% off and 2) offering that don’t make me say “ugh.” They have some cute stuff, once you get past the big wooly boots that look like slippers on steroids.

(They should hire me to write their marketing copy. Didn’t that just totally sell you?)

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