My kind of Philosophy

How do I love Philosophy? Let me count the ways, except don’t, because we’ll be here a long time. There’s a lot of “luxury” bath and beauty stuff I don’t love, but Philosophy’s products are gentle on my finicky skin and their scents are lovely without being overpowering.

You know I only shop them when there’s a sale, though, right? I mean, love only goes so far. Ha! Right now if you spend $60 and apply coupon code bestyear, you’ll get a free cosmetic bag gift set (the bag is adorable, and it’s filled with Philosophy favorites). This is the perfect way to stock up on gifts for others and get a little something for yourself, too. (Shipping is always free on $50+, so do this deal and it’ll ship for free.)

Pro tip: search on holiday to stock up on favorites for gifts while all sorts of seasonal items and sets are marked down. Then keep the bonus bag for yourself, because you deserve it.

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Crocs for all and all for Crocs

Listen, no one loves to poke fun at Crocs more than me, but the truth is that my kids loved them when they were little, and I have a pair I use to putter around the garden, and really, these days they make way more than the original “rubber clog.” (Note: Their shoes are not actually rubber.) They’ve got a million different styles, now, and everything from sandals to winter boots.

That said, if you head on over to the Crocs site right now, all sale items are an extra 30% off when you add them to your cart, and you get free shipping on $25+. That includes a bunch of Star Wars styles (those almost never go on sale). You can pick up shoes for the little ones and some cute flats for yourself. Or whatever. I don’t judge. I mean, I tease, but I don’t judge.

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Hip, toasty toes

Greetings from Georgia, where it snowed a couple of inches overnight and everyone is freaking out. Basically the entire state is shut down. My husband and I are both from up north so this is hilarious to us.

I of course started my day with an extra-fuzzy pair of socks and my beloved LL Bean “wicked good” slippers, because snow and cold and I cannot work in my drafty office without warm feet. And then I saw there’s a big sale happening at Happy Socks right now. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Check out their assortment of 40% off Winter Sale items, plus every order gets free shipping, plus if you sign up for their email list I think they may send you a percent off coupon, too. (Don’t hold me to that; I signed up the last time I ordered.)

What’s happier-making than fun socks? I can’t think of anything. I’m off to stock up!

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Candy for Valentine’s Day, or just because you like candy

It’s true, I spent 18 years being the Mean Mom, the You Don’t Need More Candy Mom, and now that my kids are in college I regularly pick up obscene amounts of candy on sale to stock their dorms. Why? I tell myself it’s to make sure they have enough to share with their friends (and maybe enough to make new friends…), but there’s definitely some element of “You’re grown now and I get to be fun” in there, too.

Whether you have kids in the dorm or kids who need to make 32 valentines to pass out to classmates next month or you’re ready to stock up for next Halloween, or, heck, no kids at all and you just like candy, right now Amazon has this 31.9 ounce bag of Skittles and Starburst available for $8, which isn’t too bad. Buy it on Subscribe & Save to get free shipping and up to an additional 15% off (if you have 5+ monthly items), and clip the 20% off coupon, too. You could end up with nearly two pounds of candy (honestly, 31.9 ounces? why not add one or two more pieces and go for the full two pounds?) for just over $5 shipped.

(Let us not comment on me posting this the day after I found you a toothbrush deal. I swear it’s a coincidence.)

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Because my whole life is now about toothbrushing

Did I mention that I got Invisalign about a month ago? I did. And I’m looking forward to having straight teeth in the near future. But in the immediate present, I spend an inordinate amount of time brushing my teeth. I feel like it’s my new hobby.

(I’ll spare you the details for now, but at some point I will be writing quite a bit about my Invisalign experience, so do let me know if you’d like to know when that happens—it will be over on Alpha Mom, not here.)

Anyway, when you are obsessed with brushing your teeth, you also become obsessed with toothbrushes. If you’ve been looking for a deal on an electric toothbrush, I’ve got one for you right here: Today Amazon has the Philips Sonicare 2 Series plaque control rechargeable electric toothbrush marked down to just $29—its lowest price ever—and there’s also a clippable $5 coupon, bringing it down to just $24 shipped.

This particular model averages 4.3/5 stars with over 5,500 reviews, and it doesn’t get much better than that. You don’t even have to be brushing your teeth ten times a day like me to justify this deal!

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What’s that? It’s Kohls time?

“Oh, but it’s always Kohls time!” you may scoff, to which I say—well, sure, sort of. I mean, not always, because I do manage to need something from there in-between promotions, periodically. It’s a special talent. Regardless, right now is a good time to shop, should you want/need to do so.

Right now everyone earns $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and everyone can use coupon code SUPERSAVER for 20% off $100+ or 15% off, otherwise. You can also stack coupon code BABYSALE10 for $10 off $30 on your qualifying Baby/Maternity purchase. Shipping is free on $75+ or you can ship to the store for free pickup. Kohls Card holders can use code SNOWY30 for an additional 30% off and JAN4FREE for free shipping on any size order.

The Bonus Buys are out in full force, and while the seasonal clearance pickings are a bit slim, now, what they do have left from Christmas is ridiculously cheap.

It’s a dark, rainy day, here, and sometimes a good Kohls sale is just what I need….

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Save enough for dinner with your textbooks

Got college students? I know some are already back at it for the spring semester, but if yours aren’t yet (mine leave me on Friday; I’m not crying, you’re crying), you might be interested to know that for the next couple of days, you can take $10 off your $100+ purchase of qualifying Amazon textbooks with coupon code TEXT10.

Books must be offered directly from Amazon, and it looks like you have to be buying new ones—not renting, or buying used, which is what my kids are doing 99% of the time—but still, $10 is $10 if it turns out the coupon works with what you were planning to buy anyway. That’s burrito money, kids!

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Happy 2018! Get your Beauty Box!

Helloooooooooooooooo! I am trying to get back into the swing of real life, but honestly, could we just go back to snuggling under blankets with good books and hot drinks and all of my children home here with me? Please??

No? Okay, I guess.

Well, here’s a good way to kick off returning to life as we know it: Grab yourself the January Beauty Box at Target, which means $7 gets you 7 great little beauty items to help keep you hydrated while the temperatures to continue to hover around “I am absolutely not leaving the house today if I don’t have to.”

Your box also includes a $3 off $15+ beauty purchase coupon, so if you find a product you can’t live without, you’ll be able to get it at a discount. It’s not exactly year-long holidays, but it’s not bad.

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Life is better with a flash sale

Goooood morning! I have been enjoying my time off immensely, and I hope you were able to rest and relax some, too. (Let us not discuss how both of my children are leaving me in a couple of weeks. I can’t hear you! Lalalala!)

Just in case Santa didn’t bring everything you wanted, today Life is Good is having a Flash Sale. Sale prices are slashed up to 50%, plus you’ll see another 20% savings on those already-reduced items in your cart. Shipping is free on $49+, otherwise it’s a flat $5.

I happen to think their stuff is super cute—okay, maybe I didn’t quite get it when they mostly featured that grinning stick figure guy on everything, but now they have a huge assortment of items with dogs on them, so, yeah—plus they donate 10% of their proceeds to kids in need. Hard to argue with that.

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Merry everything!

Hello! I have failed you, the last few days. Instead of finding you last-minute deals, I’ve been busy with visiting family, kid home from college, errands, wrapping, eating, and—oh yeah—I just got braces because nothing says “happy holidays” like having such a sore mouth, you start thinking that maybe straight teeth are overrated, after all. (I kid. It will all be worth it! But the last couple of days have been… uncomfortable.)

Hopefully you’ve been similarly busy (maybe minus the mouth pain…) and have either had a merry holiday already or are getting ready to have one. I wish for health and happiness for all of you, as bargains are nice, but hardly the point. Here’s to love and laughter and board games and family time and whatever fills you up with everything good.

That said, if you are still wanting to focus on shopping, there’s still time to snag deals at Amazon if you have Prime, and you can still get what you need by Christmas. Toy price drops are still going (like, say, on this Aquabeads Mega Set or the Aquabeads Deluxe Studio or, hello, what woman of any age wouldn’t want a DC Wonder Woman Diana Prince with Hidden Sword doll in her stocking for just $5??), and there will be even more for after Christmas to start stocking up, but for now, maybe just relax a little. Go make some cookies. Call an old friend. Read a book.

It’s been a long year. If you can take some time off and chill out with your favorite people, go do it. I’m going to. Happy holidays!

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