Magazine me

Have you peeked in today’s Amazon Gold Box yet? The Bonus Deal of the Day is an assortment of $5 magazine subscriptions, including O (which would be a whopping $108/year at full retail)—one of our favorites to have around for making collages—and Popular Science—one of my nerdling’s favorites.

At $5/pop you can fill your mailbox for not much money, and you’ll always have something good to read or do your nails on. Or both! Points for multitasking, and all of that.

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Get comfy, save more, with Hanes

Don’t forget that while you’re spring cleaning, you may also wish to clean out everyone’s underwear drawers and chuck the items which have seen better days. Need replacements? No problem—right now Hanes is offering 50% off some of their bestsellers, which means deals for the whole family.

Shipping is free on your $60+ order, or just $1.99 if you apply coupon code 89403.

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Load up on the healthy stuff

Need vitamins, supplements, or want to stock up on your favorite protein bars and/or powder? Look no further than Vitamin Shoppe, particularly right now, when you can use coupon code GET20NOW for 20% off everything and free shipping.

This one works out to pretty decent deals on Quest Bars, if you like those, as well as some other stuff. Happy hunting!

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Fresh bread at the push of a button

If you’ve been looking for a good deal on an automatic bread maker, look no further than the T-Fal Actibread, which has more options than I even knew existed. Different size loaves! A special setting for gluten-free breads! A pasta setting! It’s practically magic. It’s also currently priced at just $98.99 at Amazon, which is already about their lowest price ever, and there’s also a $10 off coupon you can clip.

So that’s a full-function, highly-rated bread machine delivered for just under $90, when the next cheapest offer on it is $150 from a different seller. Seems like a deal worth snagging, to me.

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Swag for the teens

Wait, do the kids even say “swag” anymore? Is it fly? On fleek? I can’t keep track.

Regardless, my teenagers like the clothes and accessories from Tilly’s very much, and I like when they have a big sale like they’re having now—an extra 30-50% is coming off sale items in-cart (discount noted on product page), plus you can use coupon code FS2015 for free shipping on any size order.

This is where I once scored a pair of sweet discontinued Vans for my son and was cool for, like, a whole 60 seconds. Ah, memories.

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Mix ‘n’ Match at Tulle

Every now and then Tulle has a huuuuuuge sale, making their funky, kinda-expensive clothing cheaper than the stuff you can get at Target. I tend to clean up during these sales, because I really do love their stuff, and the prices are right. Today’s one of those days, with items starting at just $3.99.

A few caveats:
1) Shipping is a flat $8. Boo. Probably only worth it if you’re buying a few things.
2) Many items are Final Sale, so pay attention.
3) Look at the sizing chart for any item you wish to buy. Their sizing is not consistent across items. I have XS and M items from them that both fit me. Check the size chart.

Happy deal hunting!

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Never enough wipes

In general, I am trying to transition over to crunchy-hippie-good-for-the-planet sorts of cleaners. I absolutely mop my kitchen floor with water and vinegar (and maybe a little lemon) and feel secretly smug about not poisoning the environment.

On the other hand, whenever this 240 Count Lysol Wipes Bundle goes on sale at Amazon, I buy it. Why? Because my dear and darling children cannot be bothered to mix up vinegar and water. And because sometimes my adorable canine children puke at my feet when I’m cooking dinner. And a dozen other reasons which all translate into “Sometimes I just want to be able to grab a wipe and disinfect immediately, amen.”

Right now this is priced at $9.97, minus a clippable 30% off coupon, plus extra savings if you buy via Subscribe & Save. You can potentially get three giant canisters of wipes for about $5 shipped; it probably costs them more than that just to ship the box to you.

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Get sew creative

Woohoo… today’s Amazon Gold Box holds a Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine for $115 shipped. This is a good $60+ off the price you’ll find anywhere else, and the reviews on this baby are fantastic (it’s the number one best-seller in sewing machines right now).

It also comes with about a billion accessories (okay, maybe not quite a billion…) and is, in general, a steal at this price. If I hadn’t just gotten my crafting kid a machine a couple of years ago, I’d be all over this.

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Woot your week off right

A Woot-Off on a Monday? That’s crazy! And yet, here we are. Don’t question it. Just go with the magic.

They’re Wooting Off all day long today at Woot, Home.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, Kids.Woot, and everyone’s favorite source of sometimes-wine-and-sometimes-other-stuff, Wine.Woot. That means the deals are rotating every 30 minutes or less, and if you have some time to kill, you could score big.

They’re also having a sale on Zike Hybrid bikes (it’s like a stair-stepper on wheels), which totally intrigues me. Not enough to buy one, probably, but wow are those weird looking.

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LEGO my transport

It’s nice when you can catch some random LEGO set marked down sometime other than December, isn’t it? Heh. Today Amazon has this LEGO City Great Vehicles Auto Transporter set marked down to $20.99, which is a third off of retail and its lowest price on Amazon ever. Get the transporter, two cool cars to load on it, two minifigs, and the associated accessories (like a wee LEGO clipboard).

This is a 300+ piece, 5-star-rated set. If my kid was still in the LEGO years, I’d be snapping this up right quick.

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