Extra Groupon savings are back

(Did you miss me? I’m not dead! I swear! I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m not. Have had some stuff going on here; sorry to leave you while taking care of stuff. Thanks for your patience.)

Anyway. Hey, do you love Groupon? They’re running another bonus deal—right now you can save an extra 20% on Local deals, or an extra 10% on Goods or Getaways, with coupon code TRIPLE.

Some exclusions apply, but you can use it on multiple deals and for a savings of up to $50. Not bad. I especially like these deals now that all sorts of online goodies are listed in your “Local” deals even though they’re, y’know, not. Hey, I’ll take the savings.

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Check out the deals at LOFT

If you love all things LOFT, you won’t want to miss the deals today—regular-price items are Buy One, Get One 50% off, and there’s an additional 40% coming off sale items when you add them to your cart.

Shipping is a flat $8.95, or free on $125+. (Remember that as long as it’s not marked “final sale,” you can do returns at your local store.)

I adore LOFT, but I do get aggravated (every single time) when I can’t choose “regular” for size type and have it filter out all the maternity stuff. It’s a small annoyance to wade through for great deals, though.

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Hey, curly girls

My fellow curly-haired ladies know that finding the right hair product can be a lifelong quest. (I thought I found it; then they discontinued it. Of course.) My search continues, and lucky me, now that I have a teenage daughter with a different type of curl, products that aren’t quite right for me usually work just fine for her (and vice versa). Hooray!

Normally I wouldn’t buy a 3-pack of an untested product (what if I hate it?), but right now Amazon has this Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Curl Creme 3-Pack available on Subscribe & Save with a clippable $6 coupon, and it’s marked down to $10.59. I’m up to 15% off this month, so that meant I got 3 bottles for… $3. Even if I don’t love it, no biggie. But it’s averaging 4.5 stars, so I’ll try it. If I don’t like it, I’ll give it to my kid or donate it.

It’s hard to beat a buck a bottle. It’ll probably cost them more than that just to ship it to me.

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Suit up for Easter (or whenever)

It’s another huge blowout sale over at Children’s Place, plus automatic free shipping on any size order, plus an additional 20% off even sale prices when you apply coupon code SPRDM20FY.

That means it’s the perfect time to order coordinating Easter outfits for the kids. Or to stock up for summer. Or just to buy some cute little accessories to put in Easter baskets. Whatever. Everything’s on sale, so if you’re shopping for kids, they’ve likely got deals on anything you need to keep them looking adorable.

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Crunchy chips, hold the guilt

I’m always looking for good deals on healthy snacks for the kids’ lunches. And while it’s usually cheaper (and always more eco-friendly) to skip the snack pack sizes of things, well, sometimes it’s just more convenient to have something that’s easy to grab and toss into a lunch bag. (I know this is going to be shocking, but school mornings with two teenagers are not the easiest and most pleasant experiences of my life.)

Anyway! I love all things Terra snacks because they’re healthier than plain potato chips but scratch that crunchy/salty snack itch. And lookie here—right now Amazon has this 24-pack of Original Terra Chips available for $11.15, plus a 10% off clippable coupon and up to another 15% off when you buy via Subscribe & Save. I just ordered a case for $8.61 shipped, which is about $.35/bag, and that’s a price I can live with, easily. Plus, instead of potato chips, the kids will be getting parsnips, taro, sweet potatoes, yucca… so yes, it’s still some fat and carbs, but also some vitamins and protein and fiber.

Even better? They’re gluten free, so I can eat ‘em, too. And I do (they’re delicious)!

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Hotel sheets, thrift store price

Need a new set of sheets? I guess I should’ve found this one earlier, as the King sets are all sold out now, but for Twin-Queen, hop on over to Tanga today and scroll waayyyyyyy down to the bottom left for some 300 TC sheet sets for just $13.99 in any size (plus $5 shipping).

This is a decent deal in Twin and a downright steal by the time you get to Queen. Go get ‘em before they’re gone!

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A good day to get Lucky

If you love Lucky Brand the way I do, you’re going to want to head over there today—items in the sale section are 50% off, and you can take another 20% off that price with coupon code NEW20.

I’m not huge on “luxury brands” and their corresponding price tags, but I first discovered Lucky as a brand of jeans that actually fit those of us who have small waists and ample hips, and have in the years since realized the rest of their clothing is equally cute and durable. I wouldn’t pay full price, mind you, but I’ve never been disappointed with anything Lucky (and I own quite a few shirts as well as jeans from them).

Shipping is free on all orders. That means I can just go pick out one thing without too much guilt.

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For Halloween, or just for dress-up

When my kids were little, we had a giant chest full of dress-up clothes that provided endless hours of entertainment. Sometimes they even wore said costumes instead of just strewing them all over the house! Imagine!

So I love a deal like this: Right now Amazon has slashed prices on tons of their costumes. Choose from various options from California Costumes or Rubies Costumes (though you’ll have to do a bit more digging when it comes to the Rubies sale).

It’s worth spending some time picking through if your kids love to dress up; I’m seeing some items as much as 90% off. Happy hunting!

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Need a Chromebook?

If you have a kid begging for a laptop—but all they really want to do is email and Facebook and online socializing—the obvious (read: cheap) solution is a Chromebook. Gone are the days when you couldn’t get a laptop for under about $500; now you can grab a machine that does 99% of what your teens want for just a couple hundred. Alternatively, it’s a great travel machine or “extra.”

Plus, y’know, on days like today you can snag a lowest-price-ever deal, like on this Acer 11.6″ Chromebook at Amazon today for just $159 shipped.

It averages a 4.5 star review and has never been cheaper. If you’re in the market, go and grab one.

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Happy President’s Day from the department stores

Apparently the best way to honor our past presidents is to find good deals at the department stores. I’m sure that’s what they hoped for when they wrote the Constitution, right?

Get free shipping on any size order with code FREESHIP and up to an extra 25% off sale items with code PRESIDENT15 when you shop at Bon-Ton today.

Over at Macy’s you’ll get free shipping at $75, plus there’s a zillion sales and you can choose from either code PRES for an extra 10% or 15% off or code PRES25 for an extra $10 off your $25+ order.

Today’s the last day for the current batch of coupons at Kohls—go back to this post to get ‘em if you haven’t taken advantage yet.

And there’s tons o’ deals at JC Penney today, too, with free home shipping on $99+ orders or free ship-to-store for $25+ order, plus take $10 off $25+ with coupon code ONLINE or a flat 20% off off your $100+ order with code SHOPPIN.

Lots of these deals are good in-store as well, but then you can’t shop in your pajamas.

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