Kid growing too fast?

I know you are tired of hearing me lament the day my last kid finally outgrew The Children’s Place, but I am still bitter. It used to make my life so easy—just wait for a good sale, swoop in and get everything they needed. Easy-peasy.

Well, it’s a memory for me, but if you still have little or littlish ones, you can hop on over there today and enjoy 40% off all apparel and 30% off everything else, plus the Clearance is all at 50% off. Shipping is free on every order. This is a one-day thing (until the next one, anyway), so get on it. And—and maybe you won’t appreciate this, but I do—they used to only go up to size 14, and I see they go all the way to 16, now (including slim and husky options).

They have Halloween shirts, sure, but also their holiday dress-up options are in stock, so now’s a perfect time to buy coordinating outfits while you dream of taking a Christmas card picture that does not feature at least one child mid-meltdown. Okay, it’s possible I’m projecting….

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Friends & Family savings at Lands’ End, today only

Today is a hard day for a lot of Americans, because last night there was a presidential debate which—speaking only for myself, of course—caused some of us to question the reality of our existence.

Political debate is one thing. Good bargains are another. Today I’m going to try (and probably fail) to stick to the latter.

So: Oh look! Over there, at Lands’ End! On the site they’ve got a 30% off coupon, but I’ll do you one better because I like you. Today (Tuesday, September 27th) only, use coupon code ENJOY40 with PIN 7260 for 40% off nearly everything, including clearance items. 40% off soothes all sorts of things, including political hangovers.

Also, for anyone who isn’t already worshipping at the altar of Lands’ End and has a tall/skinny kid: This is (still!) my go-to store for quality pants for kids of the string-bean variety.

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End your weekend on a high (mystery) note

This post is sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own.

It’s almost Monday again, and that means (for me, anyway) spending tonight finishing all off the things I swore I was going to do last week. Whoops. Among those many things: my college student is still looking for a few things, and maybe I’m feeling nice enough to go shop for her. Maybe.

Enter Kohls, naturally. And even better, today they’ve got a a mystery coupon available worth 20%, 30%, or even 40% off your order! (You have to go through the link to get your unique coupon code.)

kohls-hex-chairNow: what to do, what to do? I got a 30% off code, which means this hexagon chair that would match the kid’s roommate’s chair would be just under $45, because it’s already on sale. I’d probably be very popular if I went ahead and got that. (For at least a few minutes, anyway.) (And then we’d be in the whole “how do we know which chair is which?” thing, or, who knows, maybe they’d go all southern on me and want them monogrammed. Seems unlikely, though.)

kohls-yoda-lampOn the other hand, I suspect that I would be even more popular if I went ahead and snagged this LEGO Star Wars Yoda desk lamp, because if I asked she’d tell me it was for little kids, but if I just bought it she would love it and be the envy of the dorm. (Hrm. Assuming no one else in her dorm already has one; she lives in the nerd dorm so it’s possible that would not be the case.)

Regardless, I’ve got until midnight Central time to shop, so I’m sure I’ll find something worthwhile to spend my savings on, whether for the kids or just for myself. And you can go get your code and do the same. The holidays are coming…. (And believe you me, if I’d gotten one of those 40% codes? I’d be buying everything!)

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Need the perfect gift?

kindnotes-ldI think I mentioned this here once before, but the folks at KindNotes were kind enough (see what I did there?) to send me a sample, a while back, and left it with my girlchild in her dorm as a surprise for after we left. She loves it. What could be nicer than your own personal jar of encouragement and affirmation?? Especially when it comes in such a pretty package.

Right now Amazon is running a Lightning Deal on the Colorful Turquoise Splash set of KindNotes, and with $10 off and free shipping, this is a no-brainer for anyone you adore. Get it as a thank-you, get it as a “thinking of you,” get it as a “you’re really hard to buy for but I knew you’d love this,” just go ahead and get it. The tiny, beautiful envelopes alone are worth the money.

[Edited to add: Looks like a few other options are on sale, as well. Click around to see.]

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Looking for an Instant Pot deal?

I have not yet caved to the Instant Pot craze—despite being billed as a “non scary pressure cooker” that can do a million things in very little time, I am still partial to my crock pots—but everyone I know who has one raves about it.

And right now, Amazon has this 3rd generation programmable Instant Pot marked down to just $91.15, which is their lowest price ever.

Now, if you’re bound and determined to find the best deal, if I had to guess, I’d guess we’ll see some amazing prices on Black Friday. But I’d also guess that’s going to be one of those items where you have to wait in line and/or go shopping at 2:00 in the morning. So… up to you. If you want a pretty good price right now, this is the deal to beat. If you’re willing to wait and possibly fight for a better deal, hold off.

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Stride over to this day of deals

If you love Stride Rite shoes for the kids, but don’t necessarily love the prices, well, today’s your day to save—they have almost a hundred different styles marked down to just $19.99, today only. Just use coupon code SHOESDAY on the eligible items.

Don’t wait, though, because when Monday’s over, so are these deals. And then where are you going to find a decent price on Star Wars sneakers? Exactly.

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Funny story!

And by “funny” I mean “not actually all that funny.”

I currently have an eye infection, for reasons which are unclear. I mean, these things happen, sometimes. My teenage daughter regularly drops a contact lens on the floor, blows on it, and sticks it on her eyeball without repercussions, but I’m the one with the infection. (Not that I’m bitter.)

Did you know that once you have some sort of bacterial eye infection like this you should throw away any non-cleanable makeup that may have touched said infection? Like… all your mascara and eyeliners? Yep. Ugh. I am trying to comfort myself with the thought of fun new makeup, rather than focusing on having to throw away all of that perfectly good yet probably contaminated makeup.

Fortunately, Macy’s has me covered, because in addition to their current sale allowing coupon code VIP to take 25% off of nearly everything, that same code takes $10 off your $50+ beauty purchase, plus you get free shipping and free returns. So if I want to go for the current Estee Lauder bonus gift (seriously, how cute is this bundle, and it’s a $150 value with your $35 purchase) along with my replacement mascara, I’m saving even more. I’d rather not have the eye infection, but this does make it a little more bearable.

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Bake it up, Rachael Ray style

There are a lot of things I don’t love about Rachael Ray—the fact that she declares everything “yummo,” how she once made a “vegetarian” dish on 30 Minute Meals using chicken broth—but I as someone who actually cooks and bakes a lot, I have to admit that I really like her line of kitchenware. (And to be clear: I’m sure she’s a lovely person. I’m easily irritated.) I have a few of her baking pans and they’re really nice quality.

That said, if you need some bakeware, here’s the deal you’ve been waiting for: Right now Amazon has this 5-piece Oven Lovin’ set available for $27.89, and it’s claiming that that’s just 9% off, but ignore that. You can see that this set in the other color is priced at $49.99, and this one with the orange accents has been around $42 for forever. I think now that they’re doing a new color, they’ve put this one on clearance.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care what color my baking pans are as long as they work well. This would be a great set to replace your old pans, or to give as a wedding gift or to a graduate heading to their first apartment. With 800 reviews, this set averages 4.5 stars. Grab ’em before they’re gone!

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Get your STEM deals

We all know STEM has become a big buzzword in educational toys, and so sometimes you have to stop and really take a look at whether a toy is truly educational or just… you know, garden-variety “every play interaction is educational.” I get that.

So consider this me pointing out this Amazon Deal of the Day on STEM toys today and also handing you a small grain of salt, as I think some of those toys are more revolutionary than others. That said, some of the prices are fantastic, and you might want to start your holiday shopping (if you haven’t already).

For example, we always loved K’NEX when my kids were smaller, and these Intro to Structures: Bridges and Intro to Simple Machines: Gears sets are both just $19.99 today (half price). Those are the sorts of prices we might see in the Lightning Deals or in actual stores during Black Friday week, but why not skip the rush and the frenzy and get ’em now? They’re well worth it, at that price point.

Lots of other deals, too, of course. I no longer get to shop for toys, so I’ll just be over here in the corner, sulking.

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Again with the “one day” thing

I rather like that the folks at Macy’s don’t seem to understand the English language. They keep having these “One Day Sales,” each lasting at least two days, and occurring with regularity. That’s not how language works, Macy’s. But that’s fine! Because it means a ton of markdowns for us, so let’s just pretend we’re cool with it.

There are all sorts of deals and specials today (and tomorrow) only, plus you get free shipping at $25+, plus you can take an additional 20% off marked-down kids’ items with coupon code CUTE. Look for summer clearance for the best deals, obviously.

And if you miss this sale, well… probably there will be another one in a couple of weeks. Shhhh, don’t tell everyone.

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