The June Beauty Box is here!

Have you been loving these $10 beauty boxes at Target? I have! And their June box is out, available now for $10 with free shipping. It’s a $38 value and it will sell out fast, so grab it if you want one.

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Have some Kohls for Memorial Day

Well, I’ve finally outrun even my own version of reasonableness. My daughter hasn’t even left for her dorm yet and I just picked up a bunch of dorm stuff for her younger brother. I know. I’m ridiculous.

How could I resist, though? While there isn’t a free shipping code out there right now, just about every-darn-thing is on sale at Kohls, plus they’ve stretched the Kohls Cash right now to $5 for every $25 spent (instead of $10 for every $50, which means that if you’re getting to that magical $75 for free shipping—like I just was—you’ll get $15 in Kohls Cash instead of the usual $10), plus you can use both coupon code SUPERSAVER for $10 off $25+ and code TREEBUD for another 15% off, besides.

I keep thinking Kohls is eventually going to loosen its grip on me, but then I find things like these UGA flip-flops 90% off for my new UGA student and… yeah. I can’t quit you, Kohls.

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For a certain kind of teacher…

… this Teacher Swears: Swear Word Adult Coloring Book to Rant & Relax—currently just $3.99 (half off) at Amazon—would be a perfect gift, no?

School ended for us a week ago, but I’m thinking I can just pick up a few of these for next year. Sweary teachers are my favorite. (Lest anyone is getting worked up, do look at the sample pages. It’s things like “Mother Clucker” and “Crud Muffins.” I love it.)

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A great little patio set

Need some outdoor seating, but don’t want to break the bank? Check out this Special Buy at Home Depot right now: Get a table, umbrella + base, and four chairs for just $99. Perfect for eating outside before the temps climb into the stratosphere, and with a price like this, you’ll even have enough left over to still be able to afford dinner.

Go ahead and order online to reserve yours, then pick up is free at your local store.

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I almost missed it!

Darn life, getting in the way of me stalking Woot-Offs! Turns out they’re Wooting Off all day at Woot, Home.Woot, Electronics.Woot, Computers.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, Kids.Woot, Accessories.Woot, Shirt.Woot, and *gasping for breath* Wine.Woot (motto: pecan clusters for everyone!).

Deals last for 30 minutes or until they sell out, whichever comes first. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you might snag something awesome. If you don’t have some time, well, I’m sorry for bringing it up. Sort of.

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Ditch the traditional bean bag

Remember bean bag chairs? I had one—my most prized possession, really, purchased with my summer job money—I used all through college. It was red vinyl, super shiny, and it made so much noise every time you sat in it. Also it started going flat pretty much immediately. But I loved that thing beyond measure.

Today, there’s a million alternatives to the bean bags of my youth. (I bought that one in… erm… 1988, I think.) You can get all shapes and sizes and refill materials and who knows what all else. You can also get giant, monster versions. Like this 6-foot Cozy Sack foam-filled lounger, which I was looking at for my dorm-bound kid until I realized it’s actually too big. But for a family room, or kids’ rec room (or a larger dorm), it’d be great. Several colors are currently marked down to $129 with free shipping (look for Cozy Sack to be the seller)—their lowest price ever—and the reviews are great.

It’d be overkill to get one for my dogs, right? (Don’t answer that.)

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One of the best for family game night

If you’re looking for a game to add to your family game night collection (assuming you are not, like my family, so sick and twisted that all the kids ever want to play is Cards Against Humanity…), look no further than Ticket To Ride for an hour of strategy from a 5-star-reviewed board game.

And if you’re looking to get it for a lot less than usual, today’s the day for that: Target has it for $27.59 with free shipping, and Amazon dropped their price to match (this makes it its lowest price ever). If you have a Red Card, Target’s the place to buy it, and if don’t but you have Prime, Amazon’s probably the way to go. Either way, you’re on your way to a fun night of gaming for anyone age 8+.

And unlike family game night at my house, no one will need to pull out the Urban Dictionary app to clarify. Ahem.

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Time to save at Stila

If you like Stila make-up (who doesn’t like Stila stuff…?), right now they have a bunch of stuff marked down online, plus coupon code STILA20OFF takes another 20% off and gives you free shipping on any size order.

I may finally take the plunge on one of those lip/cheek stains. The combination always sounds weird to me, and causes the old Shimmer floor wax skit to get stuck in my head, but who knows. Some people seem to swear by them. (The stains, not Shimmer.)

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Best phone protection deals, period

Hello! I am Not Dead. I am, however, about to be the parent of a bona fide high school graduate, and I have no idea how that happened. And things have been a bit nutty around here. But! The good news for you is that I keep dropping my phone like the graceful swan that I am.

Why is that good news for you? Well, I have a Spartan tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone, and after dropping my phone repeatedly, I have finally cracked the glass. The protector glass. My phone is fine, because this is the best protection I’ve ever had on a phone. You can buy your own Spartan protectors at XtremeGuard, and the prices aren’t awful, but they’re not cheap. However! Right now you can use coupon code NICE90OFF and take 90% off your order. Get a screen protector, or a case, or whatever else you need. It’s all 90% off and everything has free shipping. (Also, they take Paypal.)

Just make sure you click through on whatever model of device you have to see the various options. iPhone 6, for example, is the first item on that page and is defaulting to their “regular” screen protector, which is fine, but the Spartan tempered glass protector is actually a (more expensive) option once you click through.

I just bought myself a new protector, which is not going to arrive before graduation, so I’m going to try to keep the throwing of my phone to a minimum for a while. Wish me luck.

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Go on an adventure (for less)

Looking for fun stuff to do this summer? Look no further than Groupon for discounts, of course, but today only (Thursday, May 12th) they’re also offering an additional 20% off their “Things To Do” category with coupon code FUN20.

I see there’s one of those “figure out how to escape the room” things near me. I think I just figured out our family’s first summer adventure….

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