30% off, plus (rare) free shipping!

While coupons for Old Navy are plentiful, usually you have to get to a $50+ purchase for free shipping. Today (Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014) you can use coupon code THIRTY for an additional 30% off (works on Clearance items), plus you’ll get free shipping on any size order. (Note: your order will not default to free shipping, you’ll have to select it in-cart.)

Excuse me, I have to go shopping.

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Become a Pod person

Okay; as some of you know, we finally joined the Cult Of Costco about a year ago (even though we have to drive an hour to get there…), and I have been trying to make more of my bulk purchases there when time and prices allow. Last time we went, we bought a gargantuan container of organic (gentle, blessed by fuzzy bunnies and fairies) liquid laundry detergent, which is all good and well, except that my teens can barely lift it, plus it doesn’t always get out all their stains, and it’s not such a great savings if half of it end up on the floor. (“Sorry, Mom.”)

I prescribe to the “make it stupid easy” school of kids’ chores, which is why my husband and I now use the Giant Costco Detergent while I leave the kids with some Tide Pods for their laundry. It’s easy! Which means their clothes actually get washed. And right now, Amazon has several varieties of the 77-count pods marked down to $19ish, with a clippable $2 coupon, and then of course your Subscribe & Save savings on top of that. I got the Free & Clear ones for $14.32 shipped (after savings/tax), which works out to about $.19/load. Not bad.

And really, can you put a price on the kids doing their own laundry without making a mess? I think not.

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Hip-hip-hooray, it’s a Woot-Off day!

I was afraid Tuesday might be boring, but no! It’s time for a Woot-Off!

(If you’ve just dropped in from a different galaxy or something, a Woot-Off is when Woot and its associated sites offer a rotating assortment of products at lower-than-usual prices, lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes or a minimum of as-fast-as-people-can-buy-all-the-stock apiece.)

They’ll be Wooting-off all day at Woot, Home.Woot, Tools.Woot, Kids.Woot, Sellout.Woot, and—everybody’s favorite—Wine.Woot (motto: Sometimes Wine, Sometimes Other Random Things!).

Keep an eye out all day and you may just snag a fabulous deal.

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Sunday? Funday!

Today (Sunday, October 19th, 2014) only, you can take an additional 40% off already-marked-down clearance items at American Eagle with coupon code FUNDAY. Plus you’ll get free shipping on any purchase!

That’s a perfect way to close out the weekend, methinks.

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K-cups with your electronics? Why not!

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Jill for pointing out that one of the bonus Deals of the Day at Best Buy is 18-packs of K-cups for $7.99 apiece.

Original prices vary, but most of the offerings are discounted quite a bit on this deal. The very first item listed is Green Mountain pumpkin spice cups which are currently twice the price at Amazon.

Shipping is free on $35+; perfect if you’re stocking up, or if you have other other purchases to make.

No, I don’t know why Best Buy is selling coffee. Maybe so that you can stay up playing on your electronics for longer? Who knows.

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A very Minecraft deal

This one isn’t exactly cheap, but it is a great deal, particularly if you have Minecraft addicts afoot. Today Kids.Woot is offering 18 Minecraft collectible figures (that’s 6 random packages of 3 figures each) for $39.99. These 3-packs currently go for $10 apiece on Amazon, so this is about half what you’d pay, there.

These would be sweet party favors for a Minecraft birthday party, or just awesome stocking stuffers or other occasion gifts for your favorite Minecraft fanatics.

Do keep in mind that “random assortments” from Woot tend to have some duplicates, so I wouldn’t necessarily grab this with a single recipient in mind; if you have multiple folks needing Minecraft goodies, though, this would be perfect.

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Heads up for weird-size sports bras

If you are either a smaller woman with a larger chest or a larger woman with a smaller chest, and you’ve known the agony of trying to find a proper-fitting sports bra, look no further than today’s REI Outlet Deal of the Day. They’re offering 57% off the Moving Comfort Fiona bra in three colors, mostly in band sizes 30 and 40 (larger cup sizes for the smaller band, smaller cup sizes for the larger band).

This bra gets amazing reviews on Amazon (where it currently still starts at $46), and while these sizes are limited, they are ones that tend to be hard to find (and hardly ever on sale). If it works for your needs, enjoy!

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Get your kicks at Tilly’s

I never knew Tilly’s existed until I had teenagers, and now I know it as the store that bills itself as “Surf & Skate” but is really “all things cool for teens.” Hey, I can live with that. They have great sales and sometimes their women’s options are actual clothes instead of just half-pieces of clothes. Ahem.

Anyway! Right now they’re offering an extra 50% off shoes already on sale, and it’s hard to go wrong with shoes. Did I just buy my kiddo a sweet pair of discontinued Vans for under $20? I sure did. The additional discount appears in your cart, and shipping is free. There’s plenty of cool brands from which to choose (hint: this would be a great way to score some cheap Converse).

Some of the sale clothing is an additional 50% off, too, but I can’t figure out how they decided which items get the discount and which don’t. You’ll just have to pick through if you’re interested (items will reflect the extra savings in their listing).

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It’s not too late for Halloween deals

Still need a costume or two for your kids? Keep an eye on all of the Amazon Lightning Deals today—there’s tons of kiddie costumes in there at discount prices.

Of course, if you’ve been watching over the last few days, you know that they’ve also been featuring a ton of doggie costumes, and that’s been really stressful for me because I can’t decide if I really need that dinosaur outfit for Duncan. Decisions, decisions….

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Discover the deals at Lands’ End

Lands’ End is doing a bit of a tricky sale, today, for Columbus Day. According to the site, you can take 25% off with the coupon code they provide. But according to me, you can take 30% off—even on already-reduced items—with coupon code MAIZE and PIN 1656. There’s tons of goodies in the Clearance section, so plenty of ways to save.

Shipping is free on $50+, and remember that you can return items to your local Sears, if need be.

Hurry, though—much like this elusive day off of school, after today, it’s over.

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