Did you need a Lalaloopsy head?

I kind of feel like if you’re going to go for one of these weird Lalaloopsy dolls, why not get one with a body, but hey, to each their own. Apparently they make styling heads, too, and maybe you feel like bodies are overrated.

If you (or your kid, or your dog, whoever) wants one of these heads, you’re in luck! There’s a couple of ‘em on sale at Amazon right now. The Jewel Sparkles head is down to just $7.62 (70% off) and the Peanut Big Top head is just $8.81 (65% off).

You can do fun stuff with their hair! Or just leave them around the house to freak people out.

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There’s still time (and free shipping)

Stuck on a last-minute gift? You’ve still got time to order from Williams-Sonoma, and your entire order ships for free with coupon code FREESHIP. They’ve got tons of goodies on sale, including most of their candy (their peppermint bark is the best; don’t even bother trying to argue with me because I will not be swayed).

Also, I would like one of everything from Williams-Sonoma, even though I laughed until I cried reading this. (You’re welcome for that, if you haven’t seen it yet.)

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Another round of toy price drops

Slowly but surely, the prices are dropping. Here’s a few things I found at Amazon this morning. Bear in mind that sometimes their “original price” is inflated, but I only share stuff that is clearly cheaper than it’s been and a better price than I’m seeing anywhere else.

For the littler kids:
Imaginext Mega T-Rex for $14.96 (67% off)
Imaginext Space Alpha Walker for $20.09 (50% off)
Switch and Go Dinos Turbo Bronco The RC Triceratops Vehicle for $22.76 (49% off)

Monster High:
Creepateria Draculaura Doll for $5.74 (56% off)
New Scaremester Clawdeen Wolf Fashion Doll for $6.65 (70% off)
New Scaremester Twyla Doll for $6.82 (66% off)
Ghoul Sports Clawdeen Wolf Doll for $7.38 (63% off)
Ghoul Sports Toralei Doll for $8.72 (56% off)

I’ll keep hunting….

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Could the toy deals finally be here??

I was starting to think Amazon was never going to do any toy price drops. (This has been a strange year, yo.) But I just stalked through my regular routine of bestsellers and reductions and it looks like prices are starting to fall.

Here’s a few to check out:
Jake and The Never Land Pirates Jake’s Battle at Shipwreck Falls for $14.98 (70% off)
LeapFrog Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set for $8.57 (71% off)
Skylanders Block and Blast Action Game for $9.99 (67% off)
LEGO Creator Red Rotors 31003 for $8.39 (44% off)
Cosmic ConneXion for $3.89 (70% off)
Learning Resources Healthy Hurdles for $6.99 (71% off)

(I’ll keep looking and adding to this list, but that’ll get you started….)

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Heads up, Hobbit fans

If you can’t get enough of theatrical hobbits (as opposed to more low-key hobbits…? Hey, it’s early), check out this bonus offer at Amazon—you buy an eligible Lord of the Rings DVD or Blu-ray, you get a redemption code for a free ticket to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies movie.

There’s lots of great options there, and all of ‘em are already marked way down. They’d make good stocking stuffers, and then of course you have the newest movie to look forward to, too!

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Save on some gaming favorites

We generally acquire at least one new family board game each holiday season, though the truth is that I think we spend more time arguing about which game everyone is willing to play than actually playing anything. (That’s not just us, right? I think the teenagers argue just for the sake of it.)

Anyway! We’re getting down to the wire, but patience has just been rewarded: Today the bonus deal in the Amazon Gold Box is half off a bunch of family and strategy board games. Woo! We already have Munchkin (highly recommend, especially at the lowest-ever current $15 price), but I’ve been eyeing Dixit for a while, so it may be time to bite on that one.

Check ‘em out if you need a few more gifts. Sometimes procrastination pays off!

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There’s still time for that XBox One

I can’t promise you’d get it in time for Christmas, but if you’ve been stalking the deals, trying to find a doable price on an XBox One bundle, today could be lucky—the Deal of the Day at Cowboom is a 500GB Xbox One console/Kinect bundle for just $300 (and $5 shipping).

Yes, this unit is pre-owned. On the other hand, for $200 off, I personally am okay with my console not being brand-spanking-new. You have to decide for yourself how you feel about that, of course.

(In fairness, how I feel about most video games at this point in my parenting tenure is, “Get a job, kid!” so I may not be the very best reference on how to handle such things….)

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Heads up for LEGO girls

Remember how excited everyone was when they announced the LEGO Research Institute set—complete with 3 female scientist minifigs—and how it promptly became either unavailable or marked up a zillion dollars? (Exhibit A: Would you like to pay $55 shipped for it on Amazon? I would not.)

Well, it’s currently in-stock at the LEGO Shop, at its normal retail price of just $19.99. You’ll have to pay $4.95 shipping, but that’s still way cheaper than dealing with scalpers on eBay.

Limit 1 per household, because the resellers already ruined it for everyone else. This is why we can’t have nice things. Or cool toys at normal prices.

[Edited to add: Out of stock at LEGO, but a href="http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L2DL6N4/?tag=wantnot-20" title="This is an affiliate link; shopping through it makes me a little money and makes you even prettier than you already are." target=_blank>back in stock at Amazon (you may need to refresh a couple of times to see Amazon as an available seller, at the $19.95 price). Thanks, Heidi!]

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So apparently Tanga is offering free “stinky abominable snowman poo” today. Yes. With free shipping, even! So it’s completely free. The question is… is that price too high?

Well, I’m a sucker. I ordered it. But I’ll be honest; I’m a little scared.

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More savings at Lands’ End

We’re headed into the final pre-Christmas countdown, and online retailers are doing their best to lure you over before time runs out. Like today at Lands’ End—use coupon code WINTER with PIN 1244 for 30% off regular prices, 20% off sale/clearance, and free shipping on any size order. There’s still time to get it before it needs to be under the tree!

Lands’ End remains my go-to for jeans for my string been teenage son, though once he’s finally beyond their sizing (you can get slims up to size 20!) I guess I’d better hope he fits into men’s sizes.

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