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By Mir
June 20, 2011
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If you’re like me, you’re probably not all that good at remembering to get photos off your computer and into those photo books you’re always swearing you’re going to make. Heck, even remembering to order prints to frame can take me weeks or even months. But every now and then, there’s a photo that I know, immediately, is special. It’s one to center on the wall, or gift to the grandparents. It’s one meant to be turned into something really special. So then what do you do?

Turn it into art, of course. And if you want to turn your photos into canvas prints, Easy Canvas Prints is ready to take you through the process of turning that photo into a one-of-a-kind canvas masterpiece, easily.

This week, one lucky Want Not reader is going to win a custom 8″x10″ canvas courtesy of Easy Canvas Prints—if you win, you’ll pick the photo, they’ll do the rest. All you need to do is check them out on Facebook and then leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 for an entry. I’ll select the winner via random number generation and gallery-worthiness. (But you’re all gallery-worthy, so probably just the random number thing.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Love these! Thanks for the contest Mir.

  2. I have something like 1,295,653 photos of my kid. Ten of them are printed and in frames. True story.

  3. The hard part will be picking the photo.

  4. It may or may not be true that the only photo of my baby (14 months old today) we have in our house is one that was gifted to us for her 1st birthday. We are in desperate need of some decor help!

  5. I have a few good pictures that I would love to have on canvas. This would be awesome. I agree with Rachel, though, it will be tough to pick out the photo.

  6. LOVE these! I have the cutest kids in history, so this would be fun. 🙂

  7. This would be fabulous for the family photos we just had done!

  8. This would be so awesome. 🙂

  9. Yes please, and thank you! This might be the inspiration I need to finally create that cool wall collage over my couch.

  10. These look fantastic – what a cool prize/product.

  11. That is pretty cool.

  12. I can’t even remember the last time I had any prints made. In fact, (sadly) every single picture of my almost 6-month-old is in digital form, only. I would LOVE a canvas print of all three kids!!!

  13. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get a nice big print from my wedding? It’s only been… 5 years?

  14. OMG I would seriously love this.

  15. I would love this!

  16. This would be an awesome prize to win!

  17. love it!

  18. I already have a picture in mind…

  19. I have the greatest picture that my MIL took of my son when he was playing football. At the age of 7, he barely reached the other boys shoulders. She took a pic from behind the boys watching the game with my guy in the center, standing lower and smaller than the rest. I have always wanted to get that on canvas.

  20. Very cool!

  21. I have always wanted one of these… I know exactly which picture I would do.

  22. thanks for the chance!

  23. Love these!

  24. Wow, what a great gift! Hope I win.

  25. me me!!

  26. I recently gave my parents a canvas picture of our family at their 40th anniversary/vow renewal party and they LOVED it. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting one made for me! 🙂

  27. Me! 🙂

  28. me! me!

  29. Yes, please! And thank you!

  30. Very nice! Thanks!

  31. Love these!

  32. I can see it now…grandkids on canvas…

  33. Pic me! ;o)

  34. Fun!

  35. I need some more Christmas present ideas, and this is a good one. I gave my grandparents a gallery canvas of their wedding photo a few years ago, and now it is back with me (my grandmother passed away in December), but I can always do other photographs for others in my life. Thanks for the opportunity and the idea again!

  36. Thank you!

  37. Hi Mir~Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂 Perfect for the grandparents!

  38. I was just looking into those!!

  39. My husband and I have very few photos of us – even wedding photos – but we do finally have 1 that we love. It would be great to get a canvas print of it!

  40. What a great prize! Thanks Mir!

  41. Please and thank you! This may motivate me to finally start filling lots of blank wall space.

  42. VERY cool!

  43. Very cool!!

  44. Cool! Count me in.

  45. My husband is a photographer, and we have NO shortage of lovely photos I’d love to get printed. 🙂

  46. We did this with a pic of all of our family’s hands about 8 years ago…I would love to do it again to see how much all those chubby little baby hands have changed in 8 years.

  47. Would LOVE to win this one!

  48. How cool is that?

  49. Woo! Hoo! Would love this!

  50. I did this once when my older two were 2 and a newborn…now they’re 7 and 5 and I have two more kids, I really should do that again! (Budget is MUCH tighter now so winning would be AWESOME!)

  51. I would love love to do this with a picture. Thanks!

  52. awesome

  53. This would be great!

  54. What a great idea! Thanks for the contest.

  55. This are really cool. I would love to win this!

  56. VERY cool prize. I would LOVE this!!

  57. This would be great to win. I’m just like you, in that I can’t ever seem to get anything done with all my photos.

  58. I’ve been wanting to print one of my photos onto a canvas for some time now I just haven’t been brave enough to try. I’ve got a great photo of my yellow lab that is just begging to be splashed up on a canvas though.

  59. Love this!!

  60. LOVE canvas prints, they are awesome! I want this!!!

  61. I did this 5 years ago for my parents and I need one of my kid for me.

  62. Sweet!

  63. I love these, thanks!!

  64. My wife would like to have one of her border collie plz.

  65. That would be awesome!

  66. I would love this!
    thanks for the chance!

  67. That sounds fun- thanks!

  68. I know exactly what I would like to print. Pick me!

  69. I would LOVE it!!

  70. What a cool idea! I would love to have one done of my nieces to give to my sister…

  71. My sister and I were just talking about this today!

  72. These are great!

  73. Canvas is the way to go!

  74. Great contest, thank you so much!

  75. I have wanted to try this for a while. My blank walls need something…

  76. Oh but which picture to pick? I would be happy to wage that mental war for one of these fantastic canvas beauties.

  77. I love these, but am never willing to splurge for them. Free is good!

  78. sure!

  79. I would love this, I always think they look so nice!

  80. yes, please!

  81. Neat! Thanks! Jessica

  82. I’ve not heard of this company before, but how cute is the baby licking his/ her lips?!

  83. Awesome grandparent gift – thanks!

  84. Saw them on FB….and would LOVE to win this. Thanks~

  85. Ooooh…pick me….pleeeease.

  86. very cool thanks!

  87. These are awesome, hope I get picked!

  88. oh, cool! I have been planning to make photo books since, um, 2007. I really AM going to do it this summer!

  89. The Boy is soooooooo gallery worthy!

  90. I am addicted to canvas prints — please help this wonderful addiction!!! 🙂

  91. Cool!

  92. Very nice. Great contests lately, Mir!

  93. Thanks, would be great!

  94. So cool!!!!

  95. These are so cool! Awesome!

  96. I love these!

  97. Picture this!

  98. These are great!

  99. These are perfect!

  100. I would love to win one of these! You’re absolutely right – printing pics is one of those things that I never get to…

  101. I have always loved Canvas Prints. This would be a great B-day gift for my Dad if I win!!! 🙂

  102. I made one of these for my daughter’s senior pic and now it would be awesome to do it for my son.

  103. So interesting… Pick me! 😀

  104. Mir, you have the best contests but the worst random number generator! It never picks me! (Therefore must be defective!)

  105. This is a great prize!

  106. OOOOOOOOO! Picking the photo would be hard, but what a great “problem” to have.

  107. Thanks for offering!

  108. I have the perfect picture of my kids that I would LOVE to use this for!

  109. I would love to use this for a pic of G!

  110. I have a space on my wall just waiting around for something like this!

  111. I have just the photo, thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Great idea!

  113. This would be great!

  114. Yes, Please!

  115. Great Contest! I promise to get on facebook and check them out once I leave work. The sadistic overlords I work for don’t allow facebook during work time!

  116. Oooooo!! Very exciting!

  117. Please enter me!

  118. This would be awesome – we just had a new baby so we have lots of canvas worthy photos.

  119. Perfect grandparent gift!

  120. Took the perfect photo for this over the weekend!

  121. Oh this would be so cool! I just got back from an overseas trip and would love to have one of my pictures on canvas!

  122. Me, me, me, a thousand times me!

  123. Awesome!

  124. ooh. i really want to have some large prints of some of my photos made. this would be awesome.

  125. I love any kind of canvas. It makes an ordinary photo extraordinary.

  126. would love this to brighten up the walls in my newly remodeled bedroom!

  127. Wow, printing on canvas ooks great!

  128. Awesome!! This would be the perfect gift for the grandparents who have everything!!

  129. I could give this a very good home – thanks, Mir!!

  130. ZOMG! I have the same problem with photo procrastination you do, Mir – this would be a wonderful motivator to finally get some cute photos of my kids on the wall!

  131. this would be fantastic!!!

  132. I’m also VERY guilty of having a total of 0 pictures of my child displayed in my home….even the ones from professional photographers.
    What’s worse, I am also guilty of having 0 pictures of my wedding!

  133. I would love to win.

  134. I think the pup would look great on canvas over the fireplace !!! (my pup, not yours)

    Thank Mir !!

  135. Awesome. Totally!

  136. My daughter gave me one of these a couple of years ago. Would LOVE to get another one of my two super adorable grandsons. THANKS for the great contest!!

  137. I’d love to win!

  138. My computer has a bad habit of eating my pictures. It would be great to actually get one off the hard drive and onto the wall!

  139. I loved seeing the vacation contest entries in their contest.

  140. Definitely jumping on this boat!

  141. Would love this!

  142. Oh Yes! I would love this!

  143. My two cuties would look great on canvas…their pictures, of course…not them glued to a canvas.

  144. Love, love, love canvas prints.

  145. Ooooh…what a great giveaway!

  146. Sounds great! I’m due for some new photos on my walls.

  147. We’ve got a new baby, so we could use the print. Thanks for the contest.

  148. Can you say “Gifts for Grandparents?” My kids have grandparents who live in Italy. This would be an extra nice gift for them! You’re awesome,Mir!

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