Contest: Will you swap for Horizon Organic?

By Mir
September 24, 2012
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When I was contacted by Horizon Organic about their Lunch Box Swaps campaign, I was thrilled. When my kids were little and my youngest had terrible food allergies, I developed a (perhaps obsessive) fear of non-organic dairy. Because the hormones! The antibiotics! Little girls growing boobs! Etc. Anyway, I dig organic milk, and I especially dig Horizon, because they make organic milk boxes and they’re adorable. And yes, they want people to consider taking a challenge to swap out juice boxes in their kid’s lunch for organic milk for a week.

Now, because I’m mean and terrible and also a monster, I usually send my kids to school with water. But I do buy these shelf-stable milk boxes now and then when I’m feeling generous. Heh.

So, howzabout some free milk so you can make the switch yourself? See, the Horizon folks were kind enough to send me the cutest little metal Horizon lunchbox—it reminds me of the kind I used to carry when I was a kid, you know, back in the Pleistocene era—and three coupons good for Horizon products of up to $4.99 each. I, of course, immediately redeemed my $15 worth of coupons for a dozen milk boxes, and now my son thinks I can walk on water. Or at least that I’m the greatest mother ever, packing the most awesome lunches. Needless to say this is a great feeling, worth sharing, so guess what! Horizon is going to send the same bundle to one lucky Want Not reader, and then you can buy milk boxes (or other yummy Horizon products) and bask in the love from your own rugrat. Hooray!

Want to win this Horizon bundle and test out the switch for yourself? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern time (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday, September 28th, 2012 to be entered. Tell me if your family already loves Horizon or if this will be your first try. I’ll use my fancy-schmany WordPress plugin doohickey (technical term) to randomly select a winner after the contest closes.

What are you waiting for? Go!


  1. We love them but I don’t keep them around much because my husband and oldest son tend to pick them over the much cheaper gallon of milk when they are eating at home. Drives me crazy 🙂

  2. I get it for field trips from time-to-time, but although we drink organic milk at home, the kid buys non-organic milk at school to go with his packed lunch. It’s $0.45! Anywho, would love to win!

  3. I’d love this!

  4. I haven’t tried the shelf stable boxes, do they taste good even at room temperature? If so that would be a great addition to our lunches!

  5. We love these but I rarely buy them at home. Would definitely love some for my little one’s lunchbox!

  6. We love Horizon chocolate milk!

  7. I would love to try them – never have before!

  8. I’ve never tried them, but I WANT to. I’d love to send organic milk in my son’s lunchbox.

  9. Horizon organic is my favorite

  10. We love Horizon milk, but only buy shelf stable for trips.

  11. I’ve tried and liked the vanilla milk boxes, and we fairly purchase the cartons of (refrigerated) milk, too. I would love to win the coupons – thanks for the contest opportunity!

  12. We currently have a half gallon milk carton of horizon in the fridge but I have yet to try the little boxes. My kids would love to have them in their lunches.

  13. Yes, please!

  14. I’m the rock star Mom who bought a case of vanilla and a case of strawberry milk for lunches. Along with their new pack-its, the milk stays cold until lunch for them. For some reason, mine have been packing more often this year. I’m due for a couple more cases, so I would LOVE this!

  15. I get their half gallons as we would go through a gazillion (also a technical term) of the individual boxes if I had them at home. That said, my son would love me forever if I got him some chocolate milk for his lunches. This could be my shot @ getting into the NICE nursing home!

  16. My son is obsessed with Horizon milk boxes. I pull the tabs up on the sides to make “wings” so that he can hold them without squeezing them all over himself. Would love to win!

  17. This would be our first try. I currently send water with my older kids, but a juice box every day with my kindergartner (though it’s a 100% juice one, not a “loaded with corn syrup” one).

  18. My littlest loves milk. I’d like to give this a try.

  19. N loves Horizon’s chocolate milk; he doesn’t really like juice boxes. Still, we don’t give him the milk as often as we should, because…we’re bad parents, and cheap. I still don’t understand how they can be wholesome and shelf-stable, but I do know they’re awesome!

  20. We use Trader Joe’s but I’d love to try Horizon.

  21. Love Horizon! And a huge fan of the individual milk boxes – my son gets them on days that we have to pack his lunch.

  22. We already love Horizon. Good stuff!

  23. We love the chocolate milk when we eat at Panera!

  24. Love the stuff, but never buy it. Strawberry milk is their dream come true.

  25. We pick them up when they are on sale or I stumble across a coupon. Heck, Sam’s Club membership is worth it for these alone sometimes. Yum! Nice treat for myself on the go sometimes too.

  26. We already buy Horizon – I wish that my daughter did for her daughter but they are on a budget. I agree about the Hormones. If I won – I would pass on the savings to her. Thanks MIr!

  27. We have the 1st grader buy non-organic milk at school (only 40 cents!) when he takes his lunch, even though we drink organic at home.

    He does get Horizon chocolate milk when we eat at Noodles 🙂

  28. I know my kids would love to try them (and me too)!

  29. Love to use a chocolate milk box as dessert, but only do that sometimes. Would love to do it more often!

  30. Daughter loves these and would be thrilled to have them! Thanks!

  31. I fell in love with shelf-stable milk when we lived in Germany. I buy them sometimes here in the states, but I’ve never tried Horizon brand. My kindergartener would like it!

  32. I haven’t ever tried these, but would love to. We have 3 kids who pack. lunches everyday!

  33. We LOVE Horizon milk boxes but can only afford to buy when they’re on sale. I’ve been hoping for an Amazon deal on these little sweeties!

  34. We tried them for the first time last Spring on a road trip. My kids love milk and these packed nicely into our cooler. We’d love to have some more to put in their lunch boxes.

  35. We do love Horizon, but I usually can’t afford to spend the money on these for lunches. This would be perfect! Thanks.

  36. Sydney loves milk. She loves Horizon boxes. She begs me to buy it for her. I generally refuse because of price. It’s a treat we spurge on, occasionally. I would like to be thought of as a super hero. 🙂

  37. Would love to try!

  38. Love Horizon as a special treat.

  39. We already love Horizon, and I pack it when I find a good deal. The boy would be thrilled to open his lunchbox and find the strawberry version!

  40. We freeze them. They thaw out in time for lunch and they keep the lunch cold till then!

  41. I would LOVE to buy these more often. Everyone likes them, even my picky husband.

  42. I would. Honest. Even though I know they’d all be gone in, like, maybe 2 days. Max. And it would make me livid. But that’s okay.

  43. We usually drink water or rice milk at home. My son would LOVE some organic milk with his cereal!

  44. We definitely love Horizon. Great giveaway!

  45. We love Horizon!

  46. I like portable milk to out in my tea!

  47. This milk is yummy. Hope I win.

  48. My daughter isn’t a boxed milk fan but my son loves the Horizon chocolate milk. I don’t buy it too often so the coupons would be awesome to have so my little guy can have an unexpected healthy treat.

  49. I send the chocolate boxes in my daughter’s lunch occasionally, she loves it!

  50. I’ve seen Horizon, but never tried it. Thanks for the chance!

  51. We love Horizon. Goes in the lunch every day. He doesn’t like to wait in the lunchline to buy milk if he’s bringing his lunch (and he’d probably buy chocolate if he did).

  52. My sons would LOVE to trade out their juice boxes for milk boxes! For the occasional road trip, we’ll pick up the Horizon boxes, but for everyday use they’re typically too spendy for us – some coupons would be fabulous!!

  53. Needs this…they are hard to find around here and I cannot get with the school milk as HFCS lives in their chocolate and I cannot be the one mean mom who banned chocolate milk so this stuff really is my only option.

  54. Oh yeah, we definitely love Horizon but haven’t tried the little boxes for lunches…haven’t even seen them! Great idea!

  55. We love them. My oldest daughter was allergic/intollerant to milk when she was born, so she grew up on rice milk. Then she grew out of the allergy/intollerance, but never liked the taste of cows milk. She will drink the vanilla and chocolate versions of horizon milk, and I tell myself that they are organic, so even though she’s getting extra sugar in the milk, it’s okay because she’s not getting the hormones.

  56. oh, cool! My kids would be thrilled to see these in their lunch boxes.

  57. We love them! Maybe you can relate to our rationale? We use them before/after sports practice in place of sugary sports drinks (looking at you Gatorade!) for both their nutritional value and reasonable price. LOVE. Thanks!

  58. We get Horizon milk boxes sometimes for long car trips – I love that my kids think they are a real treat.

  59. These are the perfect after school – before cross country practice treats!

  60. We love them but they are pricey so they are a once a week treat in their lunches, otherwise it is water or a juice box!

  61. Haven’t tried them, but willing to though I’m a little wigged out that milk is shelf stable without refrigeration.

  62. We use Horizon chocolate milk to refuel – After cross country races for my kids, and afar all of my long runs! We love it:)

  63. Love Organic Valley boxes, would love to try Horizon!

  64. Hmmm, I have never actually *bought* the milk boxes, but when my kids get them on playdates they are over the moon!

  65. We love these! We are in a chocolate/vanilla/strawberry rotation around here!

  66. As a constant business traveler (without children) I keep boxed milk on hand – so after 3-weeks on the road – I can come home and have breakfast the next morning. (without having to find the 24 hour grocery store on my way home from the airport).

    When i’m in town – and in the office I (try) to get to the gym in the morning – and then arrive at work to eat my (cold cereal) breakfast. This means packing milk for breakfast – but HELLO (organic!) horizon milk 🙂

  67. we go through phases of liking it (“we” as in my daughters). it’s been a while so methinks it might be good again . . heh. we mostly do water though to be honest. milk with breakfast and dinner. juice on rare times.

  68. my son loves the chocolate milk boxes 🙂

  69. We got a deal on some of the shelf-stable milk boxes at Amazon once from your site, and we fell in love with this milk. We haven’t had them since (we’re nothing if not cheap), but we’d love to get them again!

  70. I’ve never bought the Horizon milk boxes before! Sure would love to try them though! Thanks for the contest, Mir.

  71. My kids love the Strawberry Milk from Horizon – but I’d love to try the vanilla ones!

    Thanks –

  72. My kids’ favorite feature of the milk boxes re their telescoping straws. So. Cool. 😉

  73. My son has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate milk. We tasted the Horizon brand at Starbucks once or twice and he still talks about them! What a great giveaway!

  74. love them. My daughter drinks these every single day. Side note: I wish more stores carried the plain old white milk. I can find vanilla and chocolate no problem, but I usually have to search out the white.

  75. I JUST bought it on a whim at the grocery store last week…for the younger kids who were getting fussy. I would like to try the switch, I haven’t done it (yet).

  76. Haven’t tried the little boxes, but my son drinks their organic white and chocolate milk.

  77. It would be the first try for us. Sounds like a good switch though. I get tired of the water in my own lunch 🙁

  78. I would love me some free milk!

  79. My kids would love it if I won this.

  80. ooh, these would be great for roadtrips and camping

  81. My Kindergartener rarely eats his lunch at school, but he always drinks his Horizon chocolate milk! Would love some free milk boxes!!

  82. My daughter LOVES the chocolate milk boxes. Sadly, I am a mean mommy who buys them rarely.

  83. Love sending these to school with my kids, but the prices make me choke sometimes… I can’t do $1 lunch x 3 kids x 5days a week = broke!!!

  84. We enjoy the chocolate variety! Thanks.

  85. We love Horizon milk boxes! I happened upon a shelf full of clearance Horizon milk about two months ago…I bought a lot. It disappeared quickly…wish I’d bought the whole dang shelf! 🙂

  86. We’re water and organic milk people too… some free coupons might encourage me to splurge on some chocolate 🙂

  87. I actually bought 3 half gallons of Horizon Organic milk a few weeks ago because I found it marked down at the store. We loved it! I have never tried the little lunch-friendly ones, but that’s probably what I’d buy with the coupons. Thanks!

  88. We have not tried Horizon yet. I do live in fear of my daughter growing boobs. So maybe a switch is in order.

  89. Love! Yes, please!

  90. I love these milk boxes! I’ve been packing them in my son’s lunch this year each day so he has time to eat instead of having to stand in line to buy milk in the cafeteria. But I’ve also been scouring amazon and my supermarket for sales on them, because they’re expensive! No luck yet, but these coupons would definitely help.

  91. Horizon is great stuff! I wonder if you can freeze the milk boxes so they’d be thawed but cold at lunch time? I’d love to win and find out!

  92. I love horizon milk but haven’t tried the lunch sized ones. Would love the opportunity to try it!

  93. Love the milk boxes – they’re little dude’s favorite treat at the grocery store 🙂

  94. We haven’t tried the lunch sized ones but would love to!

  95. Love Horizon milk, and I buy the milk boxes whenever I can find them at a good price (at Target, or Amazon through a Subscribe and Save deal). I’d love the coupons. I do wish they also made milk boxes in a smaller size, like 6 ounces, for younger kids. My nearly-four-year-old can never finish a big one, and we use them a lot when we’re going to be out and about at snacktime or mealtime.

  96. I think my girls would love it!

  97. You would think that these milk boxes contain little fairies who tickle tummies and make the world happier by the reaction my boys have when they drink them. I’d love to buy them more often!

  98. Never tried it, but exciting. I too pack water most of the time – but milk, shelf stable milk sounds like it would be pretty awesome too!

  99. My husband actually just bought some at the grocery store this weekend but we haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’ll be great!

  100. Horizon is my utterly picky son’s favorite!

  101. my 2 year old would LOVE this

  102. We would love some milk for lunchboxes

  103. i do love these – always forget to pick them up though and some weeks when $ is tight, we have to pass it up for good old H2O.

  104. we love horizon and the kids regularly take these boxes in their lunch since they are not much water drinkers

  105. We only use organic milk around here and Horizon makes it’s way into our fridge occasionally, but we typically buy the store brand organic varieties.

  106. My daughter loves the Horizon boxes when she gets them at a restaurant, but I’m too cheap to buy them for home 🙂

  107. Have never tried them, but would love to have a different to-go option besides juice boxes!

  108. i keep these around as back up in case our milk goes bad or it turns out we don’t have any. my daughter loves them and i love them b/c it’s hard to keep our fridge properly stocked with all the right kinds of milk (we have 3 kinds due to variou allergies).

  109. My kids love them, but they’re so expensive when buying for our 4 kids, so we just do water. The kids would be thrilled to have them though!

  110. This will be my first time. We usually use almond milk, or sometimes soy.

  111. We drink Horizon occasionally – I’m usually mean and just give them water. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. We do organic milk but not usually the Horizon brand…it’s not carried at the store we do more of our shopping at. The milk boxes are a great idea – I limit the amount of juice boxes my kiddos get.

  113. My kid is obsessed with milk. Must have milk. Milk milk milk. I got him a Vanilla Horizon milk at Starbucks once, he didn’t like it. Just plain ol’ milk for me, mom.

    That said, I’ve been trying to give him more organic options, and would also like to avoid him growing boobs. We’d try regular and maybe chocolate… but if he didn’t like the chocolate milk my heart might break a little.

  114. Would love to give this a try, 12 year old daughter loves trying all types of different milk!

  115. My son loves them in his lunchbox, but he has a taste for the juice. I’d love to get him back onto the milk.

  116. Would love to try! My son loves chocolate milk!!

  117. I buy these for my kids from time to time. They are awfully pricey, though, so my kids end up with water or seltzer with lunch much of the time. And during summer camp season we ended up with a lot of organic lemonade boxes (in the freezer the night before), warm milk is icky.

    My kids say they are OK room temp, but if I put it in the fridge the night before, they’re better. None of them like vanilla, but plain is OK. Chocolate is proof I love them. 🙂

  118. My kids think Horizon milk boxes in vanilla are the best things ever. We keep them on hand for car trips when we need to just shut them up for another half hour before we take a rest stop.

  119. Already love them!

  120. I bought Horizon milk boxes for packing lunches during pre-school and summer camps. During regular school, though, my kids buy non-organic milk cartons at school because it’s much cheaper. I would love some free milk boxes!

  121. Love Horizon milk boxes. A little too pricey to have as a daily thing for my girls’ lunches but I buy them when they are on sale as a treat.

  122. We love Horizon also but seldom purchase the boxes because they cost too much. We would love some free milk boxes!

  123. Would love to try this!!

  124. My kids love ALL the flavors of Horizon milk boxes. Unfortunately, with four lunch-packing children, I can’t afford to keep them around as much as Id like!

  125. My youngest loves the chocolate milk, but my oldest won’t drink milk at all. I’d love it if he would, but nothing can get milk into that kid. Do you believe it stems from us taking his bottle away? He is almost 7. UGHH!

  126. My daughter just started pre-school. Would love to try this in her lunch box. Our school is anti-juice box, so this sounds like a good alternative.

  127. It’d be a first try for us. Since my kids ask for milk everywhere, the shelf-stability really appeals!

  128. Wow, this is a popular one! We’ve never tried organic milk; it’s a bit out of budget for us. I’d love to be the hipster (hippie?) mom who packs it in my kids’ lunches though!

  129. Pick me! Pick me! Organic milk is pricey!

  130. We’ve tried and like it, but it’s a little too expensive for a regular item in the lunch box. But I know my son, who just started Kindergarten, loves his lunch box and chocolate milk!

  131. I concur with Jeanette that they are too expensive for us every day, but we love these little milk boxes!

  132. This will be our first try but it’d be awesome to put in my son’s lunch!

  133. My kids BEG for this stuff, but I’m a scrooge and only buy it a few times a year. Happy people if we win!

  134. Would love to try this with my 3 kiddies!

  135. My 30 yr old husband loves those lil boxes… Mainly cause iIl get buy him the strawberry flavor sice there isn’t any HFCS!

  136. We currently buy the Costco brand organic milk (frankly, bc it’s cheaper), but I’m all for trying out the competition. Bring it on!

  137. I’ve had Horizon and think it’s great! Their chocolate milk is stellar.

  138. We currently don’t buy Horizon, but the little boxes would be great for lunchboxes!

  139. Yay! A contest! We’ve used Horizon in the past, butter and yogurt mostly, sometimes milk, but not the little ones. Kids would dig them.

  140. Most of us in our family don’t like the taste of milk (I can’t stand it!), but my seven-year-old daughter thinks it’s the awesomest thing ever. She is always amazed that I let her drink milk whenever she wants. We’ve never tried Horizon milk, or even milk in the little cartons, but she would think I was the best mom if I picked up a few of these.

  141. Yes we love the chocolate milk Horizon boxes! My kids consider it a special treat — and I love that they can be stored in the pantry.

  142. Already big fans of the Horizon milk in the refrigerated section….organic milk is my one big grocery splurge. Didn’t know about the shelf stable boxes and would love to try them. Great for my lunches too, not just the kids’.

  143. First try!!!!!!!!!!

  144. I only bought their shelf stable boxes of milk once, when we were traveling and I had a 1 year old who was still drinking whole milk out of a bottle. I only use organic milk for my family and these were perfect for travel. I’m sure he would now LOVE them in his lunch box!

  145. What a great way to give this product a try!

  146. I do love Horizon but I will admit I typically buy TJ’s boxed milk because it’s cheaper. Horizon tastes awesome though, I’d love to give them a try again.

  147. I just bought some yesterday with target coupons!

  148. my son loves it. He takes it everyday in his lunch

  149. Just figured out DD is lactose Intolerant–blah. So, now we rarely have milk in the house. DS is totally bummed. But having these boxes — which they both love!– will make it very convenient to have milk around for him. Hope we win!!!

  150. You had me at shelf stable! We haven’t tried these before but will now even if I don’t win.

  151. Never tried it, but sounds great based on everyone’s comments. Pick me number generator!

  152. My older son thinks the Horizon boxes are the best thing ever.

  153. I have a box of the chocolate in my secret office food and beverage stash right now. And my rug rats have no idea. I do know this, though. Some other parent in my house put juice boxes in their lunches one day last week, which messed up their favorite day of the week “Chocolate Milk Friday.” I love that they haven’t figured out they can lie and tell us they got regular milk when they got chocolate. And I would love to give them better chocolate milk for Chocolate Milk Friday.

  154. We love organic milk! Especially Horizon!

  155. real good product

  156. My kindergardner(!!) loves the chocolate milk. I like the cows.

  157. We love them already!!

  158. My kids love their chocolate milk:)

  159. me me me me me! *jumps up and down* pick me!

  160. My daughter would LOVE this!!


  162. I haven’t bought the single serving Horizon milk boxes yet, but I do buy the Horizon half gallon cartons for everyday use.

  163. Yes, please! Twins here…Horizon when it’s on sale 🙂

  164. This would be great for my son’s lunch, AND it would be our first time trying Horizon!

  165. I love the chocolate Horizon milks! =)

  166. We love these!

  167. I recently made the switch to organic dairy and haven’t yet tried any that’s shelf-stable. It would be such a great thing for everyone’s lunches – even mine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  168. I’ve never tried them. Sounds kinda gross….shelf stable milk? What do they put in it to keep it shelf stable? Anyway, I don’t mean to be rude and I would love to try it out. I would much rather put milk in my kids’ lunch than sugary juice boxes.

  169. These coupons would make my kindergartener’s day and would make me happy too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  170. A contest!! It’s been so long… We typically buy organic when l can find it at a decent price. These little milks would be a big hit with the kids.

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