Have a very VeggieTales Christmas

May I just take a minute to mourn the fact that my kids have pretty much outgrown all things VeggieTales? I miss Larry Boy. (Purple and yella, he’s one super fella.) Siiiiigh.

If your kiddos are still little, though, check out the VeggieTales Store today—everything is at least 40% off! There’s tons of DVD deals on the front page there, or go get our favorite nativity set for just $17.99. Wait… okay, the current version is a little different than the one we bought years ago, but still. What’s not to love about a Baby Jesus who’s a carrot? (Oh, come on. You laughed.)

Spend $30+ and your order ships for free, automatically.

So much cuteness here! Makes me nostalgic for the days when my daughter would beg for “Junior Agaragus movies!”

One Response to “Have a very VeggieTales Christmas”

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    EG November 23, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    I bet Larry as a superhero is so much less annoying that Super Hero Squad! And they sucked me in to spend $30 and get free shipping. We will have enough veggies this holiday season!