The name’s Bond. James Bond.

Ahhhh. I slept hard last night. (And I slept late. Someone please pass the coffee.) Did you have fun yesterday? I did, but man, I was exhausted by the end.

I figured the deals couldn’t possibly be as good today, but the first thing I did this morning was check the Amazon Gold Box and whoa—they’ve got Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection on Blu-ray for $99.99, today only.

Small confession: I have always loved the Bond movies, but we, uh, don’t get out all that often, and so when we finally went to see Quantum of Solace I was totally stoked… and then disappointed. I just didn’t like it that much. Had my Bond love ended? Thankfully, no—we saw Skyfall last weekend and it was awesome. I guess one bad film out of 22 isn’t such awful odds.

Anyway, $100 shipped for 21 awesome movies and 1 so-so movie is still a pretty good deal… particularly if you have a hard-to-buy-for action film fan on your list.

[Edited to add: My husband just, okay, I’m not going to say ran, but walked very quickly to his computer. “I know what we’re doing over Winter Break!” he said, rather gleefully. Heh.]

[Second edit: Amazon pulled the deal due to “high demand.” Boo. Did you get yours??]

One Response to “The name’s Bond. James Bond.”

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    Amy Rivers November 24, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    You seriously just saved my neck (and my wallet)! My husband has nothing on his list this year and I was almost ready to give in and pay full price for this. $100 was a NO-BRAINER!! Thanks.