Free shipping at Threadless today!

Lovely (and alert, which I am not feeling so much today…) reader Claire just emailed to tell me that apparently Threadless is having free shipping on all domestic order today! Well of course they are; I just placed an order there a couple of days ago. You’re welcome!

They’ve extended their current sale (a wide assortment of Ts for $9.99 and hoodies for $24.99) through tomorrow morning, too. And if you, like me, have a child who lives and breathes Minecraft? Well, their Minecraft collection is finally available for purchase. (They’re unfortunately not on sale, because they’re new, but they are totally awesome and for Christmas, I broke my “no buying at full price” rule.)

If you’re new to Threadless (is anyone still new to Threadless…?), I do recommend going up a size if you’re buying Ts; they tend to run small. The hoodies seem to be true to size, though.

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