Christmas clearance (and more) at Pfaltzgraff

Are you all holiday-clearance-d out? (Confession: I hadn’t bought Christmas wrapping paper for maybe four years. I made out like a bandit a while back and it has lasted! But we were running low and so my big post-holiday splurge was a mess of new paper/labels. We’re stocked up for years. I think I spent around $6.)

Right now there’s hundreds of items on clearance at Pfaltzgraff, and there’s tons of holiday items mixed in with everything else. Winterberry serveware… ornaments… centerpieces… bakeware. There’s even some gorgeous nativity sets, though you may have to search to find them. You name it, they’ve got it, on sale. And then of course there’s the regular clearance, plus other holiday stuff (Easter, Independence Day), too.

Shipping is a flat $7.95 on orders of up to $99; spend more than that and shipping is free. If you’re only buying one item, you can stack coupon codes JAN30 (for 30% off a single item) and AFF1301PFZ25OFF1 (for 25% off a single item). Buying more than one thing? Coupon code 13JAN10 will take $10 off your $75+ order.

Would you believe I don’t own a gravy boat? I’m seriously tempted to buy the “sculpted pheasant gravy boat” just because it’s so… uhhh… festive. I think I need to step away from the computer.

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