Got time to dig for a deal?

I’ll confess, I have a love/hate relationship with “Final Sale” days at Rue La La. On the one hand, they have no search function, and if you want something specific, that can make it hard to track down that particular item. And I would love, love, love it if they offered a “view all available on a single page” kind of option, so that you don’t have to keep clicking through the different designers or whatever.

On the other hand, Final Sale days are when I buy—the prices are rock-bottom, and while the sizes/colors are somewhat limited, the deals tend to make up for a bit of hunting and rummaging.

Then again, I know there are quite a few of you who refuse to shop at any “you have to register to browse” sites, so maybe this whole problem is unique to me. So. Uh. Hey! There’s a good sale going at Rue La La today. The end.

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