And it’s another good day to Woot

Whoa, I find it’s really rare that Kids.Woot has an excellent offering two days in a row, but apparently this is going to be a good week. Yesterday’s train/LEGO table was cool, but check out today—they’ve got those big cardboard play structures from National Geographic for just $10 each!

Choose from a castle, jeep, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (For reference: Here’s the castle at Amazon for $25.) The kids can color ’em and decorate however they like, so it’s both an art project and a pretend play environment. And don’t forget—$5 ships everything you buy for a whole day. Would this be a good opportunity to stock the gift closet and tuck away extras for next year’s Toys For Tots? Absolutely!

I love these things so much. (We didn’t have them when my kids were little, you know. We had to build our forts out of pillows and old sheets. And we liked it.)

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