Blocky is the new nerdy

I know some of you don’t like deals for sites where you have to register to browse, so if you’re in that group of folks, look away! If you don’t mind the registration, and you have a kiddo addicted to Minecraft like I do, hop on over to—last night’s Young At Heart shop included a Minecraft boutique! If you’re not a hardcore fan you may notice that the discounts aren’t all that big, but if you are a hardcore fan you know that basically this stuff never goes on sale anywhere, and a few bucks off is a deal.

I am kind of loving the Lineup Tee. My son already has the Periodic Table of Minecraft one thanks to his favorite auntie, and obviously that’s the best shirt in the bunch. Still, a creeper head might come in handy…. (Yeah, file that under “things I never anticipated saying.”)

One Response to “Blocky is the new nerdy”

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    Melinda March 7, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    So awesome! Thank you!