Let’s kick off the week with a Dyson alert

No matter how many times I post Dyson deals, there’s always someone who’s delighted to see it. The rest of you are probably rolling your eyes and all, “How many vacuums does a person need, anyway?” (But I appreciate your patience!)

Anyhoo, today at Home.Woot you can score a Dyson DC25 refurb in purple (so cheerful!) for just $230 plus $5 shipping. For comparison, a new one will run you $575 at Amazon, and even the refurbs there start at $420.

I am still sort of hoping for my Kirby to die so that I can get a Dyson, but the darn thing just keeps on going. I appreciate how well it works (and the fact that it’s now… ummm… about 15 years old, and what else lasts that long these days?) but I swear the longer I own it, the more it weighs. Le sigh.

One Response to “Let’s kick off the week with a Dyson alert”

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    Brigitte March 25, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Yeah, my 600-pound SEBO won’t die either . . . wouldn’t be so bad if I could afford one for each story of the house!