Recline away

If you’ve been looking for a deal on zero-gravity recliners, I offer this one with the caveat that there are no reviews (yet) and I have no personal experience with this brand. That said, Amazon has a trio of options from Camco, right now—choose from tan fern, black swirl, or green swirl fabrics, and they’re all just $38 apiece.

These chairs tend to run around $100 regularly, maybe $50ish on sale. So if these are any good, the price is certainly right. Might be worth taking a chance.

One Response to “Recline away”

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    Chakolate March 31, 2013 at 11:06 am #

    It got a 2/5 here:

    but maybe if you’re not experiencing Arizona-intensity sun it would do better. Caveat emptor, as always, I guess.