World Autism Day = app discounts

Today is apparently World Autism Day—something I can’t even say with a straight face, because plenty of us don’t get to just pick one day (cracking myself up, imagining this as a sort of “Okay, today you get to be autistic” kind of thing), but whatever. Today’s the day.

iAutism has compiled a list of free or reduced-price apps that might interest folks.

I see some games on there, too, so worth checking out even if autism isn’t part of your life.

One Response to “World Autism Day = app discounts”

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    Mandy April 2, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Love Apps Gone Free – daily free apps. Of course, not all are appropriate for all ages, but I’ve scored many good ones for my 5YO.

    Thanks, Mir.