C’mon, spring

Ladies, start your pedicures! I have it on good authority that even those of you living in areas where it’s snowed recently are going to be seeing warmer weather very soon. I know that I, personally, like to celebrate those first new days of spring by taking a cheese grater to my hooves and then painting on some obnoxiously bright polish.

(What? Oh, relax. It’s not a real cheese grater. I don’t think.)

Anyway, what is my point here? (Even I forget, sometimes….) Ah, yes! My point is that today 6pm.com is featuring an up-to-70% off sandals boutique, and what better way to reward yourself for surviving another long, cold winter than with a pair of pretty new sandals (on big sale)? Exactly.

Cheese graters not included.

One Response to “C’mon, spring”

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    Emily April 22, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    They’ve got crocs on sale too! I’ve been wanting a new pair of the sandals, but unwilling to pay what they usually cost. Thanks!