Get the whole Friday Night Lights saga

Confession: I have never seen Friday Night Lights. Not a single episode. I don’t know why this is, especially when I heard people raving about it constantly. Oh well. But lucky for me, today the Amazon Gold Box has all five seasons of Friday Night Lights on DVD for just $39.99. That’s 19 discs and… well, I was going to tell you the run time, but it’s listed as 392 minutes, which can’t be right. (That wouldn’t even be one season, right…?) One of the Amazon monkeys wasn’t paying attention, there.

Anyway! It’s a highly-rated show, many many hours of entertainment, and the whole darn thing in one bundle at a great price. So there you go.

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    Sara May 10, 2013 at 3:13 pm #

    Just an FYI–the show is also on Netflix streaming. Haven’t watched it, but it is sitting in my queue. 🙂