2014 Big Prize Week Day 1: Collector’s Edition Hess Truck

By Mir
November 24, 2014
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This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, November 24th, 2014. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

It’s here! It’s here! Forget Christmas; Big Prize Week is my favorite holiday. I hope you’re ready for a great week of prizes, and those of you who’ve been around for years know I always kick it off with a Hess Toy Truck.

hess-truck-50year-collectorsWhat’s different this year is that this is the 50th anniversary of Hess Truck production, so in addition to the regular offering, there is also a limited number of Commemorative Collector’s Edition tanker trucks. Today I am giving away one of these individually-numbered collectors’s editions. You can give it to your kids, but, um, you might not want to. Just sayin’. Anyway, this baby is a modern Hess Tanker containing a perfect little replica of the 1964 Hess Tanker that started it all. Sweet!

(And like all Hess Trucks, this even comes with Energizer batteries. Basically Hess is just the best.)

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Monday, November 24th, 2014) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) for a chance to win. The winner will be pulled (using my fancy contest plugin winner-picker thingie) and announced tonight, because tomorrow will be yet another chance to win something awesome.

Ready? Go!


  1. Awesome truck!

  2. Thanks Mir!

  3. I would definitely play with this truck!

  4. My boys would love this!!

  5. My grandsons would LOVE this!!

  6. fun! My son might too old to think this is a rockin’ gift, but I sure think it’s cool.

  7. Maybe this is my year! 🙂

  8. My boys would love this thing.

  9. We live in “Hess Country” and my husband’s little brother has been collecting these since his birth in 1986 (missing only a few years). He would be most satisfied with a collector’s edition this year! Thanks for offering up such a sweet prize!

  10. A perfect gift for a 6 yo boy that I am not rushing onto/into the world of electronics. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.

  11. Love these trucks!

  12. Super cool!

  13. Whoa, cool.

  14. Yay!! Love big prize week! Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Well, I’d have to buy another one for the other brother…but so cool!

  16. Super nostalgic for the Hess Truck… we are no longer east coast folks, my kids don’t know the joy of the Hess…

  17. Wow, very cool! 🙂

  18. thanks!

  19. Great prize, thanks Mir!!

  20. My grandson would love this!

  21. yay!! Awesome trucks 🙂

  22. Awesome!

  23. Your plug-in contest-winner picker-thingy is pretty!

  24. Amazing giveaway!! My boys would love this!!

  25. my daughter recently discovered a love of Hess trucks at an Antique car show 🙂 she’d love this!

  26. This is great!

  27. This would be a great gift!

  28. Thanks for reminding me. If I don’t win, I have to get one of these!

  29. This is the best set of trucks ever! Fingers crossed.

  30. My husband is a kid at heart and would love this under the tree.

  31. Trucks!

  32. My boys would love this!!

  33. Thanks!

  34. And this year I have an 18 month old boy who would love this! Thanks, Mir!

  35. My boys love these trucks!

  36. Love Hess trucks!! Thanks, Mir.

  37. Who doesn’t love a new Hess truck? Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Awesome trucks! I have so many nephews who wold love this.

  39. Hess trucks are the best!

  40. Cool trucks!

  41. Awesome!

  42. what am amazing truck, would be a great addition to my transportation-loving son’s collection!

  43. Pick me, pick me

  44. pick me, but you probably won’t

  45. Awesome trucks! Thanks Mir!

  46. My son is obsessed with trucks – he would love this!

  47. Love this and so would my boys! Thank you!

  48. Would love this for my 7-year old. Thanks!

  49. great for my grandson!

  50. As my son says, “Twuck!”

  51. My boys love Hess trucks! I didn’t even realize there is a special edition version this year.

  52. My son would LOVE this!!

  53. My kids would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. My finance and I both collected Hess trucks for our entire childhoods! We would love to win what a great prize! Thanks!

  55. Trucks are awesome!

  56. I love th is!

  57. Oh fun! My 10-month old is too small for this, but I know he’ll love it once he gets a little bigger!

  58. Two boys in my house, two trucks in the prize. Sounds perfect for me.

  59. Ooh fun. My boy is obsessed with anything on wheels. Thanks Mir! Looking forward to buying lots of things through your links! :0

  60. Oh my, my son would LOVE this!!

  61. Oh, I want it! I mean, my son will want it. 🙂

  62. very cool!

  63. My daughter will go nuts when she sees it!

  64. So fun! I’ll play! My son would absolutely love this! Thank you!

  65. My son started collecting these last year; they are awesome!

  66. “Hess” is short for “Heck yes!” …s.

  67. Love it!

  68. My grandson would love this!

  69. Because kids can never have enough trucks. =)

  70. My kids love Hess trucks! (My husband, too!)

  71. I love these Hess Trucks! So does my now big kid!!!

  72. I have 5 boys. Need I say more?

  73. I just “Hess” to have this. Thanks Mir!

  74. Thanks Mir!

  75. I know the Hess trucks are suppose to be collectible but my boys use every one they’ve ever received until it breaks (usually during an act of heroism. I think. Or seeing if it can fly)

  76. I don’t have any little ones to give this to–but our church does an Angel Tree each year, and I promise to give it to some little kid who REALLY wants a truck!

  77. 5yo boy would love it, but I doubt his daddy would let it go 🙂

  78. My two boys would be super excited!!!

  79. I’m in! 🙂

  80. This would be a great gift for my nephew!

  81. Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  82. This…would be awesome.

  83. My kids would kvell.

  84. Thanks for the contest!

  85. Yes, I would love to win this. Thanks.

  86. Oh my son has this on his very short list!

  87. Thanks!

  88. That is so sweet!

  89. Nice! Thank you.

  90. Cute. Thanks!

  91. Woo-Hoo!

  92. Hess is my maiden name…just saying 🙂

  93. THIS!!!

  94. Awesome!

  95. My 8 year old daughter loves these trucks, and has been collecting them since she was about 2. She’d love to add this to her collection! Great prize! Thanks!

  96. My five year old would love this.

  97. My niece and nephew would get a kick out of this!

  98. Yay! Would love to give this as a gift!

  99. Would love to give this baby as a gift … or maybe keep it for myself:)

  100. This looks pretty awesome! Thanks for the giveaway, Mir!

  101. Hey, almost snuck this one past me!

  102. My 9 yo loves his Hess helicopter. This would be an awesome addition!

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