DIY? Power up with DeWALT savings

I would very much like to know why the official spelling here is DeWALT rather than DeWalt. I feel like I’m shouting, every time I type it. Maybe that’s because it’s just so manly? I have no idea.

Regardless, through the end of the month, Amazon is offering a fantastic promotion on qualifying DeWALT tool parts and accessories: when you buy 2, you get 20% off, and when you buy 3, you get 30% off. This is a crazy good deal if you need, say, bits or spare drill batteries and such, because they rarely go on sale.

There’s a couple of caveats, however. First: not every item there qualifies, so shop carefully. (Amazon hasn’t provided a landing page/grouping for this promotion, for some reason.) You’re looking for items clearly marked with this promotion, like so:

And second, I did come across a couple of items which qualify for either the 20% or the 30% promo, but not both. (Go home, Amazon. You’re drunk.) So just be aware that that’s a possibility, as well.

In short, you’ll need to endure a bit of trial and error while you’re looking around, but the savings will likely be worth it. Happy hunting!

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