Save enough for dinner with your textbooks

Got college students? I know some are already back at it for the spring semester, but if yours aren’t yet (mine leave me on Friday; I’m not crying, you’re crying), you might be interested to know that for the next couple of days, you can take $10 off your $100+ purchase of qualifying Amazon textbooks with coupon code TEXT10.

Books must be offered directly from Amazon, and it looks like you have to be buying new ones—not renting, or buying used, which is what my kids are doing 99% of the time—but still, $10 is $10 if it turns out the coupon works with what you were planning to buy anyway. That’s burrito money, kids!

One Response to “Save enough for dinner with your textbooks”

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    Teresa January 9, 2018 at 11:45 am #

    Thanks! I have sent this code on to my freshly returned freshman. (Tears all dried as of Sunday night.)