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We love Scribblenauts

Okay, in truth, my kids have outgrown the original Scribblenauts, but it was a huge favorite of theirs for years on their Nintendo DSs. While my experience with the Nintendo Wii U is limited, I’ve heard great things about it, and Sribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U has great reviews. Today it’s just $11.99 at Amazon—its lowest price ever. If you want both a deal and a super-fun game that really makes your kids think, this is the one to grab.

Oooooh, I just noticed this one has a multiplayer mode. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that, because I am not buying a new game system….

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Kick it with a cheap scooter

If a kid you love has a scooter on their wish list, check out these Razor A Kick Scooters at Amazon—although regularly priced around $40, select colors are just $17 right now.

Fair warning: Looks like only the “girly” colors are cheap, but I’m also seeing prices fluctuate, so it might be worth keeping an eye on if you want a different color at the reduced price. [Edited to add: Looks like the blue one is now $17, as well!]

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40% off sweaters, today only

If you’re feeling chilly, head over to the Target website today; as they continue with their deals leading up to Black Friday, one of today’s featured deals is 40% off all sweaters.

Right now every order ships for free, too, which is awesome. I have seriously been doing things like ordering a single pair of socks at a time, just because I can. (Okay, that sounds worse than I mean it to. I mean that when I’m doing 100 things at once and I can’t sit and shop for an extended period of time, I can go ahead and order something I know I want before it sells out, without having to try to get my shopping cart up to the free shipping minimum.)

Shutting up, now. Gotta go shop for some sweaters.

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It’s already Black Friday at Kohls

Why wait until the end of the week to get your once-a-year deals on? No need—Black Friday deals and bonuses are already live at Kohls, so you can shop now and relax on Friday.

Everyone gets $15 (not a typo; once a year it’s $15 instead of $10) Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and everyone gets free shipping on $50+, and everyone can save an additional 15% with coupon code THANKS1236. There’s tons of deals already up, and I am seriously considering buying “ugly Christmas sweater” t-shirts for my children, which means the shopping delirium has set in early, this year. (Don’t worry! I’ll push through it.)

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Stock up for your New Year’s Resolutions

Sure, right now life is all about fun (pie) and family (more pie) and togetherness (and also pie), but eventually January is going to arrive and you’re going to take stock of your life choices and decide that surely your bathroom scale is broken, because really, did you eat that much pie? (I am speaking from experience.)

Point is, eventually you’re going to head back to the gym, and when you do, you might want some new gear to keep you inspired. It’s not as good as pie, but it’ll have to do. Right now, Reebok is offering an additional 40% off nearly everything on the site—there are some exclusions, but I couldn’t find any on the already-marked-down stuff I was looking at—and shipping and returns are free, too. Just apply coupon code HOLIDAY.

This is also a great way to scoop up those crazy-expensive sneakers the kids think they have to have. Go ahead, take care your yourself and let the kids think you splurged.

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Let Children’s Place pay for your Tiny Prints

Small children growing faster than you can keep them in clothes? Have no fear; Children’s Place is here to make sure your up-to-size-14 kids always have something cute and affordable to wear. Right now you can use coupon code 25SAVINGS3 to take 25% off your entire order, plus you’ll get free shipping on $50+ (otherwise shipping is a flat $5).

Better still: Right now, when you order $30+ worth of merchandise, they’ll email you a code for $30 off your order at Tiny Prints, which means you can get the clothes your kids need and basically count them as free once you go shop for your holiday cards or whatever else you need. Awesome bonus!

Of course, my kids are too big for Children’s Place and I haven’t sent out holiday cards in years, so I will just have to live vicariously through those of you who 1) have smaller children and 2) are more organized.

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Skip Hop in the Lightning Deals

You are keeping an eye on the Amazon Lightning Deals lately, right? They’ve started ramping up the deals in their Countdown to Black Friday, and in just a few minutes they have a huge batch of Skip Hop goodies coming up. (I see it that way because I have Prime; it may launch later for non-Prime member.)

I just keep that page open all day, now. Good stuff coming up!

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“The biggest” vs. Actually The Biggest

So you know how Kohls has a “giant sale” just about every week? And every time they’re all: No, really, this is the biggest sale ever? You know I love Kohls and shop there all the time, but their sale-exaggeration does get a little much, after a while.

Well. In contrast, when Macy’s says This Is Our Biggest Sale Of The Season, Today Only, that’s actually true. Today—Tuesday, November 18th—actually is the largest sale Macy’s will put on this year. Bigger than Black Friday! Bigger than the day after Christmas! For real.

If you have holiday shopping to do, today’s the day to do it.

Everyone gets free shipping on $75+, and clearance is an additional 25% off. It looks like coupon code TXT15 may give you an additional 15% off on your $100+ purchase, too, though it may exclude things like Doorbusters (haven’t tested it yet; if someone uses it successfully, let us know). There’s printable extra savings coupons on the site, too, if you’d rather brave the store, but I’ll just enjoy this sale from riiiiight here. (Hey, it’s currently 24 degrees outside. I’m not going anywhere.)

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More Minecraftery!

If you liked the LEGO Minecraft deal from the other day, you’ll probably be interested in this, as well: Right now Amazon has the Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection box set available for $19.18 (its lowest price ever). That’s under $5/book, and it’s sure to be a hit with avid Minecrafters.

The site lists these books as good for 8-12 years, by the way. I’d say better for the younger end of that range, but up to you.

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Woohoo, new Minecraft Micro World on sale!

Hey, fellow Minecraft parents… remember the first Minecraft Micro World LEGO set, two years ago, and how it never went on sale? And how, last year, they released two more, and they never went on sale? Remember how some of us were suckers and paid full price because Minecraft and LEGO and happy nerdlings?

Good times.

But hey, Christmas just came early this year—the newest LEGO Minecraft Micro World offering, The End, is currently 30% off at Amazon! It’s just $24.49, and if your kid already has the three other Micro Worlds, well, doesn’t he need this one? Even though he’s a great big manchild teenager now? (Whoops. May have been thinking of my own situation, there. But whatever.)

Happy Minecrafting!

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