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Don’t blink or you’ll miss the flash sale

Still have Kohls Cash lying around from your last purchase? You can redeem it now, plus they have a couple sweet flash sales going on this morning:

Take 30% off bedding and mattresses until noon Central time with coupon code BEDDING30, and then 20% off with code BEDDING20 for the rest of the day, after that.

Take an additional 20% off denim with coupon code DENIM20, too. Everyone gets free ship-to-store or free shipping on $75+, and you can also use code CATCH15OFF with any of these other codes for an additional 15% off your $100+ order.

There’s great deals to be had if you’re redoing a bedroom, but catch the maximum savings before they’re gone!

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One more notebook?

I looked at these back when we did school supply shopping—and ultimately decided against them because of the price—but right now Amazon has this Five Star Flex Blue NoteBinder available on both a Lightning Deal and with an available $1.50 clippable coupon, making it just $6.50.

If you have a kid who always manages to mangle the covers of their notebooks, this is a nice little item to have in your arsenal. Great reviews, and normally around $17-$20 instead. I might’ve preferred another color, but for this price, I’m not going to quibble.

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A trifecta of back-to-school clothing savings

Just about everyone is back to school by now, right? (Right?? We’ve been back for a month, seems like.) Nevertheless, maybe you missed a few things the kids need, or maybe you were waiting for some better sales, or maybe they just up and grew a couple of inches while you weren’t looking. Whatever the reason, if they need more clothes now, you have until midnight tonight to scoop up huge savings at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic—coupon code 2DAY takes an additional 40% off nearly everything, plus if you spend $75+, you’ll get free 2-day shipping. (Remember they all share a basket, so you can get to $75 across the entire family of stores.)

Exclusions do apply—see site for details—but I found plenty of great deals, plus Old Navy in particular has a bunch of “Hot Deals” and “Everyday Steals” that are coupon-excluded but already dirt cheap.

And if you find a couple of cute things for yourself while you’re outfitting the kids, well, that seems only fair.

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Best cartoon ever?

My kids are well past cartoon-watching age, but I’m guessing that if this 16-disc Avatar: The Last Airbender complete set showed up, I could sucker them into watching it with me. This was one of our collective favorites when they were smaller, because it had it all—the supernatural, animal sidekicks, deep friendships, evil dudes, and intrigue. It’s really a fantastic series.

Right now Amazon has it at a pre-order price of $29.99 (25% off) and it comes out the first week of October. I doubt we’ll see a better price before Christmas (and as always, if the price drops again before release, they’ll give you the better price).

And for whatever it’s worth, I’d definitely put Avatar in my top 3 cartoons picks. The other two would be Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Teen Titans (the original, not the Teen Titans Go! nonsense they’re running now). We’re serious about our cartoons ’round here.

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Fall into 40% off

Ready to stock up at Gap? Today (Friday, August 21st) only, shop all you like there and coupon code BDAY will take 40% off and give you free shipping.

Do check out the exclusions—there are many, like women’s swimwear and kids’ sleepwear—but I tested it on a few sale items and it worked. And we all know the best way to use a coupon is on the stuff already on sale, anyway!

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Flash Tuesday!

Still have back-to-school clothes shopping to do? Check out Flash Tuesday today over at Macy’s—they’ve literally got thousands of today-only discounts happening, plus everyone gets free shipping on orders of just $25+. It’s a perfect time to round out those wardrobes or pick up some other home items you’ve been wanting.

Some of these deals are ridiculously good. In just a short time of poking around I’ve found some amazing discounts on bras and infant clothing. (Yeah, those look weird together. Try to overlook that.)

Deals end tonight at midnight, so get going if you’re interested.

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Back-to-school shoe cool

Are skater shoes a hit in your house? It doesn’t come any cooler than DC Shoes, if so, and right now on top of their sale prices and always free ground shipping, you can apply coupon code DC40 for an additional 40% off!

There’s various accessories and some clothing in addition to shoes, but whatever you buy, you’ll be saving big.

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Laptops don’t get much cheaper than this

Okay, so, I don’t know a ton about non-Apple computers, but what little I know tells me that today’s main Woot deal of HP Stream 11.6″ refurbished laptops for just $112 is a pretty good deal. These are not power machines; they’re not built for serious gaming or other heavy usage, but for a kid, or for an email/word processing/web-surfing machine? You’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable model at that price point.

These are slim and lightweight, with flash drives (read: no moving parts, so perfect for backpacks and not-so-gentle users), and a good choice when your computing needs are simple and your budget is small.

For comparison: Amazon carries the model with a Celeron processor (rather than this one, which has the arguably superior dual-core processor) available for $179. Although Woot’s offering is refurbished, it’s a slightly nicer build. Make of that what you will.

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Converse cool, then and now

I love that when I was a young teen, the in thing was Converse sneakers, and now the in thing for my teens is… Converse sneakers. They still love them even when I tell them I used to wear them (which is, of course, super embarrassing) and even when I wear mine now (beyond embarrassing, I’m sure). Ha!

Today at Converse online, you can take an extra 25% off just about everything with coupon code SUMMER25. Plus there’s free shipping for a limited time, so even if all you want is some replacement laces, you’re covered. But if you combine the coupon and some of the stuff in the Sale section, you could be sending your kids back to school in style without breaking the bank.

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Last day for doorbusters at Kohls

I don’t know how I almost missed this one, but it’s another perfect time to shop at Kohls and reap aaaaaaaall the rewards. Check it out:

There’s thousands of doorbusters happening through the end of today. Pro tip: Still missing a few items for your college freshman? There’s tons of dorm deals, including lots of twinXL bedding.

Earn $10 of Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend (after coupons).

Shipping is free to your local store for pickup, or on $75+ for everyone to your home, or Kohls card holders can use code FREE4MVC for free home shipping on any size order.

Everyone can use code BACK2SCHOOL for 15% off, or Kohls card holders can use code SLUSHIE for an additional 30% off.

Am I a sucker for Kohls during these promotions? Absolutely. I spent $100, saved $180 between sales/coupons, and I’ll get $20 Kohls Cash for next time. Hard to argue with that.

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