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End your weekend on a high (mystery) note

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It’s almost Monday again, and that means (for me, anyway) spending tonight finishing all off the things I swore I was going to do last week. Whoops. Among those many things: my college student is still looking for a few things, and maybe I’m feeling nice enough to go shop for her. Maybe.

Enter Kohls, naturally. And even better, today they’ve got a a mystery coupon available worth 20%, 30%, or even 40% off your order! (You have to go through the link to get your unique coupon code.)

kohls-hex-chairNow: what to do, what to do? I got a 30% off code, which means this hexagon chair that would match the kid’s roommate’s chair would be just under $45, because it’s already on sale. I’d probably be very popular if I went ahead and got that. (For at least a few minutes, anyway.) (And then we’d be in the whole “how do we know which chair is which?” thing, or, who knows, maybe they’d go all southern on me and want them monogrammed. Seems unlikely, though.)

kohls-yoda-lampOn the other hand, I suspect that I would be even more popular if I went ahead and snagged this LEGO Star Wars Yoda desk lamp, because if I asked she’d tell me it was for little kids, but if I just bought it she would love it and be the envy of the dorm. (Hrm. Assuming no one else in her dorm already has one; she lives in the nerd dorm so it’s possible that would not be the case.)

Regardless, I’ve got until midnight Central time to shop, so I’m sure I’ll find something worthwhile to spend my savings on, whether for the kids or just for myself. And you can go get your code and do the same. The holidays are coming…. (And believe you me, if I’d gotten one of those 40% codes? I’d be buying everything!)

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Stride over to this day of deals

If you love Stride Rite shoes for the kids, but don’t necessarily love the prices, well, today’s your day to save—they have almost a hundred different styles marked down to just $19.99, today only. Just use coupon code SHOESDAY on the eligible items.

Don’t wait, though, because when Monday’s over, so are these deals. And then where are you going to find a decent price on Star Wars sneakers? Exactly.

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Get your STEM deals

We all know STEM has become a big buzzword in educational toys, and so sometimes you have to stop and really take a look at whether a toy is truly educational or just… you know, garden-variety “every play interaction is educational.” I get that.

So consider this me pointing out this Amazon Deal of the Day on STEM toys today and also handing you a small grain of salt, as I think some of those toys are more revolutionary than others. That said, some of the prices are fantastic, and you might want to start your holiday shopping (if you haven’t already).

For example, we always loved K’NEX when my kids were smaller, and these Intro to Structures: Bridges and Intro to Simple Machines: Gears sets are both just $19.99 today (half price). Those are the sorts of prices we might see in the Lightning Deals or in actual stores during Black Friday week, but why not skip the rush and the frenzy and get ’em now? They’re well worth it, at that price point.

Lots of other deals, too, of course. I no longer get to shop for toys, so I’ll just be over here in the corner, sulking.

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Again with the “one day” thing

I rather like that the folks at Macy’s don’t seem to understand the English language. They keep having these “One Day Sales,” each lasting at least two days, and occurring with regularity. That’s not how language works, Macy’s. But that’s fine! Because it means a ton of markdowns for us, so let’s just pretend we’re cool with it.

There are all sorts of deals and specials today (and tomorrow) only, plus you get free shipping at $25+, plus you can take an additional 20% off marked-down kids’ items with coupon code CUTE. Look for summer clearance for the best deals, obviously.

And if you miss this sale, well… probably there will be another one in a couple of weeks. Shhhh, don’t tell everyone.

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While we continue to sweat…

… why not start thinking about winter? (Sure, that makes sense.)

If you have kids who need winter coats—or if you’re the awesome sort of person who buys ahead for the inevitable coat drives to come—check these out: Amazon has Big Chill Expedition jackets in both girls’ and boys’ versions, right now, starting at around $12. You’ll have to play around with the sizes/colors to find the best deals, but most of them are under $20.

And this is where I’ll confess that, yes, my high school senior is still wearing a boys’ sized parka in the winter, because that coat in 18/20 was about half the cost of the same one in a men’s size. These jackets don’t run quite that large (up to 18, in boys’, and just 14/16, in girls’), but enjoy the kids’ sizes while you can!

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Back to school with instant oatmeal

Listen: I like to make my own oatmeal. Like, in a pot on the stove. And furthermore: I prefer steel-cut oats, and I barely sweeten them. My teenagers, however, like sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. So I share this deal for my fellow “I have given up, eat what you want” parents, with the full acknowledgement that instant oatmeal is only sort of actual food.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, check this out: Amazon has a deal on Quaker Instant Oatmeal right now where buying 2 cases gets you an automatic $5 off back-to-school credit. To maximize the savings, you need to go pick your flavor (I bought Dino Egg Brown Sugar because nothing says “you’re in college now and if you eat anything at all that isn’t candy I’m happy” like dinosaurs in your oatmeal, right?), choose “One-time Purchase,” and change the quantity to 2. Then change to “Subscribe & Save” before adding it to your cart. (I’m not sure why you need to do this, but I think it’s because the BTS credit isn’t supposed to work on S&S.)

Now when you check out, you should have your 2 cases of oatmeal, a Subscribe & Save discount, and a $5 credit labeled “BTS savings.” For me, that meant I had 2 cases of 32 packets of oatmeal—each listed at $9.96—minus the $5, minus the $2.99 S&S discount (I am already up to 15% off this month), so a grand total of $11.93 for 64 servings of oatmeal. That’s just under $.19/serving, which will go a long way towards soothing my guilt over buying this not-exactly healthful stuff in the first place. (Do note that it doesn’t contain HFCS, at least. And the fiber and protein counts are pretty good. It’s just, y’know, full of sugar.)

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Score some Aero deals

Is there a mall store my girlchild loves more than Aeropostale? No, there is not. That store is like crack to teens, and unlike some other mall stores (*coughHollistercough*) they don’t crank the music up so loud that you wonder if you’re having a stroke.

Anyway! If your kid loves Aero like mine does, right now you can shop using coupon code BTS30 for 30% off practically the whole store. Plus you can head on over to this giveaway at for a chance to win one of 10 $50 gift cards. (Winners will be selected via lottery drawing and notified on August 24th; see the full official entry rules for details.)

(I’m not saying my kid has these Seriously Stretchy Jeggings in every color, but I’m not saying she doesn’t, either.) (Related: Ah, to be a teen again!)

Shipping starts at $7 but is free on $75+. Or just wait until you win one of those gift cards and then you really won’t care about shipping costs.

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Because I’m always a sucker for a nerd shirt

Do you have a Pokémon GO addict in your house? Perhaps you are said addict? (No judgment here; it’s not my jam, but I fully admit I watch a lot of terrible television. We all have our vices.)

In that case, might I suggest you need this shirt, immediately?


Shirt.Woot never lets me down, and today’s shirt is no exception. I can’t stop giggling. Get a standard t-shirt for $7, or an American Apparel T or tank for $10. $5 ships your entire order, regardless of how many Pokémon trainers you’re buying for.

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Got uniforms?

If you’re staring down the barrel of back-to-school and your kid(s) wears uniform gear, today would be an excellent day to avail yourself of the deals at Kids.Woot—they’ve got an entire page of “uniform bundles” at ridiculously low prices.

Choose from 5-packs of boys’ or girls’ polos, and 3-packs of pants, shorts, or scooters. $5 ships your entire order no matter how much you buy, and you could get everything out of the way in one fell swoop. (Um, as long as your girl-child doesn’t want pants or shorts. Hmph.)

We had a few glorious years of uniforms in middle school. I know some people hate uniforms, but I loved the end of “what do I wear today”itis. The fact that it drove my kid up a wall was just the icing on the cake.

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For your superheroine

There are no reviews on this item, so caveat emptor, but Amazon has this set of 4 dress up capes/masks for just $15.59 shipped with Prime, and by my calculations that’s a whole lotta superness for not much money. Perfect for the dress-up chest, or a heroine-themed birthday party.

(Or for sending with my freshman to her dorm, right? Right??)

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