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Stack the Veterans Day deals at Kohls

The true meaning of the holiday aside, Kohls will grab any excuse to practically pay you to shop. So get ready to save:

There’s doorbusters galore, plus everyone gets $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and free shipping on your $50 purchase automatically. Everyone can use the $10 off $25+ coupon code VETERANS and/or the $10 off $50+ Home coupon code NOVHOME10, and Kohls credit card holders can also stack coupon code APPLE30 for an additional 30% off and code MVCFREENOV for free shipping on any size order! See? I wasn’t kidding about them practically paying you to shop. I’m pretty sure this is the sale I used to buy our Fiestaware last year (yep, that was our Christmas present to each other, because nothing says romance like new dishes).

Get the deals before the coupon codes expire tonight!

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Who ya gonna call (for Playmobil deals)?

If you’ve got Ghostbusters lovers on your holiday shopping list (notice I’m not saying kids because hey, I can love Ghostbusters as a grownup, right?), Amazon’s got some great deals today on Playmobil sets fit for any ghost-fighting enthusiast.

Check ’em out:

Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter for $9.46 (57% off)
Spengler with Cage Car for $9.46 (57% off)
Venkman with Helicopter for $13.19 (40% off)
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for $10.95 (45% off)
Slimer with Hot Dog Stand for $12.99 (28% off) (okay, this one isn’t as great of a deal but I love it)
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 for $24.95 (45% off)
Or just go whole hog and get the Ghostbusters Firehouse for $44.95 (36% off) (again, not a huge discount, but I’m not sure I’ve seen this on sale before)

I feel like I need the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for my desk, right? I mean, just as a protective talisman…?

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And right on time, your other must-have game

Remember last week when I told you to go grab a deal on Carcassonne and commented that the only thing missing was a deal on the other family tabletop game everyone wants? It’s like Amazon was listening—today they’ve got Ticket to Ride at half price ($25), the lowest they’ve ever had it. Like Carcassonne, if you’re looking for a fun family 8+ game that requires strategy but is friendly to varying ages and playing styles, this one is hard to beat.

I’ve played this one on extended-family vacations with a variety of folks and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Now if only I could get my own kids to sit down with us long enough to play without a gaggle of cousins around….

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It’s the gamer’s game, for the whole family

Love tabletop gaming? If you don’t already own Carcassonne, now would be a good time to scoop it up at Amazon—it usually costs between $30-$35, and right now it’s just $18 with free one-day Prime shipping.

This is always a hugely popular family strategy game (ages 8+), probably tied with Ticket to Ride as the most asked-about game deal as we approach the holidays. (That one is still $45, but I’m watching it!) Hours of fun, no screens involved, strategy necessary but graspable for kids and adults alike. If you don’t already own this one, you should. Just sayin’.

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Cute and cool for the young adults

I’ll admit that sometimes the stuff at PB Teen is a bit… uhhhh… twee for my tastes… but then again, some of it is pretty fabulous and my kids dig it. I, however, do not dig the regular prices. (Try to contain your shock.)

Well that’s okay, because today all their Clearance items are up to 75% off, and then you can use coupon code SAVEBIG for an additional 30% off and free shipping on every order. So whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or dorm decorations or a complete room makeover, they’ve got some great deals to get you started.

And hey, they’ve got plenty of storage accessories that are perfectly neutral and appropriate for any age or design persuasion, too. It’s nice to see some of that prices for normal humans, too.

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Save big for the kids, plus jammies for the whole family!

I think I suffered from a bit of sale fatigue with them for a while, but now I’m here to tell you that if you skip today’s sale at Children’s Place you are missing out. Not only is everything at least 40% off and all Clearance at least 75% off, today, and not only is shipping free on every single order, but they’ve also got all of their family holiday pajamas in stock and on sale—go get them now, before everything’s sold out in a month.

Better still, either sign up for their emails (you should get a pop-up when you visit the site) or for text alerts (you can always turn them off later…) and you’ll get a code for $10 off your $40+ purchase.

Longtime readers know I’m still bitter that my kids had to go and turn into adults who can’t wear Place clothes anymore… but do I still buy the (adult-sized) matching pajamas there? I sure do. If your kids are still little, enjoy all the matching holiday clothes. They’re adorable.

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Geeky shirts, silly shirts, awesome shirts

Haven’t been over to Shirt.Woot for a while? Me neither, but I’m always delighted when I remember to hop back on over there.

Today’s the perfect day to do it, too—take an additional 35% off your shirt order there with coupon code WOOTIGN35, plus you’ll get free shipping on every order!

I own a wide assortment of Woot shirts, but I feel like I can always use a few more, right…? (Don’t answer that.)

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It’s LEGO Advent Calendar time!

Do they sell out every year before you remember to think of them? Not this year—right now Amazon has the 2018 LEGO City Advent Calendar in stock and priced at just under $22. If you prefer the LEGO Friends version, that’s $25, and the LEGO Star Wars version is in stock (good) but still at full retail of $40 (not so good). But you do you.

No matter which one you choose, I promise you won’t be able to find them in December. Plan early and make ’em happy, folks. (I say this as someone who purchased Advent calendars for her teens for quite a while….)

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Top-shelf kicks for clearance rack prices

Helllooooooooo! I have been away. (And busy with these people in my house who like to call me “Mom” as if that means I owe them something. Sheesh!) But today I have spotted a crazy deal those of you whose offspring are still miniature are likely to appreciate.

Today (Wednesday, August 15th) only, check it out: Stride Rite is having a Flash Sale on over a hundred different styles. If it’s in the sale, it’s $19.99—no fooling! And sure, there’s plenty of sandals because that’s end-of-season stuff, but also sneakers, dress shoes, and even boots. When else can you get ergonomic shoes for kids that started at $52 for just under $20?

Shipping is free on $30+, so buy a couple of pairs and you’re all set. I’ll just be over here all bitter that my kids have bigger feet than I do….

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A small existential crisis and two giant floaties

Hello! You may have noticed I have not been here. I am trying to figure out some things, like whether or not Want Not remains sustainable in a world where absolutely everyone now knows how to shop online and find deals, or how excited I can continue to be about a deal on paper towels when I’ve already been doing this for more than a decade.

Also, I’m pretty concerned about the fact that “mom jeans” are coming back as a cool thing for hip teenagers to wear. If that doesn’t herald the imminent death of polite society, I don’t know what does.

Anyway! I’ll wrestle with this stuff as best I can and get back to you. But in the meantime, today I stumbled across a deal that was too good not to share. You know how those giant unicorn pool floaty things have been everywhere this year, but they cost somanydollars? Today’s the day to make everyone’s dreams come true without emptying your wallet!

Amazon has this giant inflatable unicorn pool float available for $37.99—a typical price—but there’s a secret coupon code! Just enter code ZGOBSU9K at checkout and it’ll deduct $24, making your price just $13.99 with free shipping.

Don’t love the unicorn? The same company also has a giant inflatable dragon pool float on a similar deal—the original price of $37.99 drops to $13.99 when you apply coupon code I8FB8ALS at checkout.

[Note: If you try to check out with both of them, only one coupon will work. Place separate orders if you’re trying to get more than one.]

I feel like these are probably at least $14 worth of entertainment.

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