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Could the toy deals finally be here??

I was starting to think Amazon was never going to do any toy price drops. (This has been a strange year, yo.) But I just stalked through my regular routine of bestsellers and reductions and it looks like prices are starting to fall.

Here’s a few to check out:
Jake and The Never Land Pirates Jake’s Battle at Shipwreck Falls for $14.98 (70% off)
LeapFrog Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set for $8.57 (71% off)
Skylanders Block and Blast Action Game for $9.99 (67% off)
LEGO Creator Red Rotors 31003 for $8.39 (44% off)
Cosmic ConneXion for $3.89 (70% off)
Learning Resources Healthy Hurdles for $6.99 (71% off)

(I’ll keep looking and adding to this list, but that’ll get you started….)

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Save on some gaming favorites

We generally acquire at least one new family board game each holiday season, though the truth is that I think we spend more time arguing about which game everyone is willing to play than actually playing anything. (That’s not just us, right? I think the teenagers argue just for the sake of it.)

Anyway! We’re getting down to the wire, but patience has just been rewarded: Today the bonus deal in the Amazon Gold Box is half off a bunch of family and strategy board games. Woo! We already have Munchkin (highly recommend, especially at the lowest-ever current $15 price), but I’ve been eyeing Dixit for a while, so it may be time to bite on that one.

Check ‘em out if you need a few more gifts. Sometimes procrastination pays off!

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Heads up for LEGO girls

Remember how excited everyone was when they announced the LEGO Research Institute set—complete with 3 female scientist minifigs—and how it promptly became either unavailable or marked up a zillion dollars? (Exhibit A: Would you like to pay $55 shipped for it on Amazon? I would not.)

Well, it’s currently in-stock at the LEGO Shop, at its normal retail price of just $19.99. You’ll have to pay $4.95 shipping, but that’s still way cheaper than dealing with scalpers on eBay.

Limit 1 per household, because the resellers already ruined it for everyone else. This is why we can’t have nice things. Or cool toys at normal prices.

[Edited to add: Out of stock at LEGO, but a href="" title="This is an affiliate link; shopping through it makes me a little money and makes you even prettier than you already are." target=_blank>back in stock at Amazon (you may need to refresh a couple of times to see Amazon as an available seller, at the $19.95 price). Thanks, Heidi!]

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More savings at Lands’ End

We’re headed into the final pre-Christmas countdown, and online retailers are doing their best to lure you over before time runs out. Like today at Lands’ End—use coupon code WINTER with PIN 1244 for 30% off regular prices, 20% off sale/clearance, and free shipping on any size order. There’s still time to get it before it needs to be under the tree!

Lands’ End remains my go-to for jeans for my string been teenage son, though once he’s finally beyond their sizing (you can get slims up to size 20!) I guess I’d better hope he fits into men’s sizes.

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Zombies hate Nerf

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Nerf came out with a line specifically for defeating zombies (because foam darts are sure to deter the undead…), and they’ve finally done it. Lucky for you, and/or your kids (or any Walking Dead fans on your shopping list), right now Amazon has this Nerf Zombie Strike Sledge Fire Blaster Set marked down to just $14.66—already its lowest price ever—but it’s also part of a current Buy 1, Get 1 50% off promotion. That means you can get two for just $22 shipped.

Then when the Zombies come, you can annoy the snot out of them. Er, I mean, kill them. Yep. That’s it.

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Toys, toys, toys, toys (in the Gold Box)

Amazon has a ton of toy deals in the Gold Box today, with 50% off VTech as the main deal and up to 50% off Razor scooters as the side deal.

Check out this adorable Twisti Lil’ Buzz Scooter that’s down to just $19.98! I would’ve been a sucker for that when my kids were little.

I’m hopeful that today’s offerings mean that the big pre-holiday crop of falling toy prices is just about to hit. Fingers crossed.

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Do you want to build a costume…?

Is Frozen still a huge thing with little kids? (My children still sing “Do you want to build a snowman” or, more often, “Do you want to hide a body?” all the time….) I assume that it is. If you’re looking for some Frozen dress-up, here’s the deal you want:

Right now Amazon has this Elsa dress for $8.69 and this Anna dress for $14.17. (Both are size 4-6x.) Buy ‘em together and you’ll be able to take advantage of their Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off promotion, making your total just $18.51 for both!

Most of your Frozen fanatics probably already have their necessary dress-up, but just in case they don’t, have a very Frozen holiday, I guess.

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Heads up, crafters (and crafty gifters)

The last time this dropped in price it was a hugely popular item, and as part of Amazon’s “Green Monday” promotion, it’s baaaaaack: Get the Fashion Angels Tapeffiti 30pc Caddy for just $5.99 (half off!), today only.

That’s 270 feet of tape for all of your crafting needs. (What kind of crafting requires 270 feet of tape? I’m a little bit scared.)

Break up the set for party favors or make someone who loves tape deliriously happy. What you do with it is your business. Over here, no Christmas is complete without duct tape in the stockings, so I sort of get it, I guess.

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Do you Mooshka?

I’ve never heard of Mooshka Girls dolls before today, but they’re super cute, all soft cloth, beautiful colors, and they get great reviews. Each one also comes with paper dolls (remember paper dolls??) and a little finger puppet, too, as well as giving you a free ebook in the Apple Store.

Amazon has several Mooshkas marked down to their lowest price ever, today:
Dasha is $6.90 (62% off)
Sonia is $7.15 (60% off)
Nessa is $7.44 (59% off)
And Deava (a “tots” version from this line; slightly smaller) is $5.93 (54% off)

If you have some little ones on your list, these are lovely. They’d be great donation toys, too.

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Free shipping at Lands’ End

Let’s say you’ve had your eye on just one thing at Lands’ End, and you keep holding off on ordering because of that pesky shipping cost. If that sounds like you, go order today—you can use coupon code FREESHIP with PIN 1203 for free shipping on any size order.

They’re also running various specials (a bunch of dresses/skirts up to half off, for example) today in addition to the hefty stock in the clearance section.

Personally, I never have any trouble filling my cart to the $50+ free shipping amount, but I can see where someone else might find this one handy. Enjoy!

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