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For your hipster toddler’s BBQ

I can’t stop laughing at this. I mean, we have a grill outside, and when my kids were little, yes, we had a plastic kiddie grill for them, too, but when only the finest replica will do, I guess this is what you get:

Amazon just marked down the Theo Klein Weber Kettle Grill Toy to $28, which is a good $10 cheaper than I’m seeing anywhere else (not even taking shipping costs into account). Expensive for a fake kiddie grill? Yes. But cheaper than usual, and yes, it looks exactly like the grown-up one.

Of course, it does come with a variety of fake food, including meats, so if your hipster toddler is vegan, I guess you’ll have to figure out a way to explain that some people think it’s okay to slaughter defenseless plastic cows just to get plastic steaks for their own callous enjoyment. Don’t even get me started on the plastic salmon farms! So inhumane!

Anyway, if this is the sort of thing you’re in the market for, the price is right.

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I remain a sucker for all things LEGO

Did I love LEGO as a child? I did. Did my children love LEGO when they were small? Of course. Did my son continue requesting ever-larger and more complicated LEGO sets well into the double digits? He did. And do we partake in every LEGO theatrical release with something akin to reverence? You know it.

So: Did I love the LEGO Batman movie? I giggled like a maniac through the whole thing, and I’m not even going to apologize. Will I go ahead and purchase The LEGO Batman Movie as a digital HD film at Amazon for just $2.49 (when I have a ton of digital credit in my account thanks to opting for no-rush shipping most of the time)? Let’s just say I am really looking forward to the next long car or plane trip with my (grown) kids. (“Are you trying to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman…’s roommate?”)

Go get it before they jack up the price. If you have a sense of humor I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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Got Ts? Go get ’em!

If you love Threadless like we love Threadless, get on over there today (Tuesday, October 3rd)—nearly every t-shirt is just $10, today only.

They’ve got nerdy shirts, snarky shirts, pretty shirts, political shirts… they’ve got it all, really. My kids each have dozens of shirts and yet, I can never pass by this sale. It’s possible we have a problem. It’s also possible I don’t care.

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Scoot over to Schoola

If there’s anything I like better than scoring some crazy deals at my local thrift stores, it’s definitely finding the same sorts of deals online so that I don’t even have to get dressed first. Today and tomorrow, shop Schoola and you can save even more—use coupon code COZY70 to take 70% off your purchase of pre-owned clothes for the whole family (coupon will not work on “new with tags” items). You can use the coupon on more than one order, looks like, although you need to get on it (it expires September 29th).

I will shamelessly admit to shopping for myself, there, more than for the kids, but in addition to everything else they offer, they used to be my favorite destination for “oh my gosh I need a prom/homecoming/fancy occasion dress, Mom!” emergencies. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can go cheap and no one will ever know you didn’t buy it new?

Shipping is free on your $25+ post-discount order of up to 10 items. Go forth and score.

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40% off for Friends and Family, today only

Do I ever pay full price at Lands’ End? Of course not, although it’s probably worth it. There’s always a sale or code to be had, and that’s when I swoop in.

Gone are the days when I needed to pick up new Squall jackets every season (Welcome to Georgia! Motto: Winter here is like spring everywhere else!), but they still have plenty of goodies I love. Somehow I almost missed their Friends & Family event this year, but they’ve extended it for one more day, which means you have all of today (Wednesday, September 27th) to stock up for winter or whatever. (Note: the code does not work on Sale/Clearance items, this time ’round. Sad trombone.)

Note: The code that’s showing on the site is good for only 30% off. This one will get you 40% off, so save even more and feel superior. Use code BUDDIES with PIN 6433. Shipping is free on your $50+ order, and remember you can still make free in-person returns at a local Sears store. (This is me not telling you to order extra just to get free shipping and then return the overage locally, this is just me mentioning that little factoid so that you may draw your own conclusions. Obviously.)

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75% off clearance for the kids

Here they go again—right now Children’s Place is taking an extra 75% off everything in the clearance, and that means you can stock up on just about everything for pennies on the dollar.

Shipping is free. The sale is today (Tuesday, September 26th) only and deals are going fast, so don’t delay if you’re interested.

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It’s a rare deal on top-shelf shoes for the kids

Personally, I never loved my kids enough to buy them shoes from Stride Rite. They had perfectly average feet and the prices there always made me feel a little faint. But I’ve heard that for kids with wide feet, or various orthotic issues, or even just kids whose parents are a lot nicer than me, Stride Rite is the place to get the best shoes for little ones.

Today (Monday, September 18th) they’re having a flash sale—select styles are just $19.99 with free shipping when you use coupon code SHOESDAY. I’m seeing eligible options that started at $60, so this is not the deal to miss if you’re into their shoes for your kids. It’s not just past-season stuff, either. There’s sandals, sure, but also sneakers and boots and dress shoes. Hundreds of options! Get going.

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Got tweens/teens? Get what they want

If your kid want “cool” clothes, look no further than Tilly’s, and if you want those cool clothes at a reasonable price, go check out their clearance right now—nearly everything is an additional 50% off.

The site is advertising automatic free shipping at $59, but why not get free shipping on any order? Just use code DNFS. That will allow you to go ahead and pick up, say, some Unicorn Snot (actual product name!) (relax; it’s lip gloss) without paying shipping.

I love these Tilly’s sales for fashion sneakers and such, but mostly I love them for stocking stuffers. Because really, who doesn’t need Unicorn Snot?

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Back to civilization… and Kohls

So. Hi! Things are slowly getting back to normal. Yesterday I threw away (almost) everything in the fridge and freezer and went ahead and cleaned said fridge/freezer while I was at it, and while I am grateful my family came out of everything relatively unscathed, I could’ve happily gone my whole life without discovering how disgusting our appliances were. But that’s okay, because everything is clean now, and we have shiny new milk and ketchup. And a few other things. Anyway!

But life goes on, and the sales at Kohls don’t pause for silly things like hurricanes. There’s bonus buys happening starting today, plus you can stack coupons and make it all even better. Here we go:

If you have a Kohls charge (and why wouldn’t you?), use coupon code SUNSET30 for an additional 30% off your order, plus code MVC4SEPT gives you free shipping on any size order.

If you don’t have a Kohls charge (are you new here?), you can use code HUGEDEAL for 15% off your order, plus you’ll get automatic free shipping at $75+.

Anyone can also stack code SEPTFORHIM for an extra $10 off your $50+ Men’s Big/Tall purchase, and/or code STYLE10 for an extra $10 off $50+ Womens/Juniors clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty.

*deep breath* Bonus tip for Discover Card holders: If you go to your Discover Deals online and search for Kohls, they often have a “$10 off $30+” coupon available, which you can redeem by scanning into your Kohls app or just copying the digits. This deal always works like Kohls Cash, which means it’s $10 free, basically. The minimum purchase is not enforced and it shows up as Kohls Cash to use on any purchase. I no longer shop Kohls without checking for this bonus, first (yes, there’s one available right now).

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Denim for the kids, cheap

Ready for back-to-school? Shop denim for everyone from toddlers to big kids today at Children’s Place and pay just $6.99/pair for all of their basics. (Read: some of their “fancier” super-stretch and/or embellished options are more, but most jeans are $6.99.) Don’t forget that they recently added extended sizes, and they now go up to 16 in girls’ and 18 in boys’.

Shipping is free on every order, regardless of how much you buy. The Clearance section is full of goodies, too—I never did figure out how this store makes any money, regularly marking down things to just a few bucks. If your kids need clothes, get going.

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