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Love straws? Time to go reusable!

I feel like it’s impossible to go anywhere online these days without coming across a story about how drinking straws are killing the planet. Animals end up either eating them or getting tangled in them and… it’s not good. I don’t want to kill animals! I just want to enjoy my beverage without it hitting my sensitive teeth!

Right now Amazon has this set of 4 silicone and 2 stainless steel straws with cleaning brush listed at $15.34, which seems a little nuts. But if you apply coupon code 80OFFDEAL2, your price drops to just $3.07, which is more like it. If you have Prime they ship for free (plus I’m being offered a $1 digital credit for slower shipping, which I’ll take because more Kindle books), and that’s either plenty of straws for home or maybe a combination of home straws and ones you can take out with you.

We have stainless straws at home, already, but I think I’m going to grab this deal and carry the silicone ones. I’ve always wanted to be that crazy lady with a purse full of straws. (Not really, but it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for me, right? Don’t answer that.)

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A new Woot twist, and other good news

Love all things Woot? Me, too. They recently decided it was nuts that Amazon Prime subscribers still had to pay shipping with them (hello, they’re now owned by Amazon), and now if you link up your Amazon account, you get free shipping. That’s pretty awesome.

Even better, today (Wednesday, May 2nd) they’re having a coupon hunt. It started at 9:30 am Eastern, 8:30 am Central, and if you go to this event page apparently there are coupons hidden around—I have no idea how; this is new to me, too—which will take either $5 or $10 off your purchase. There’s a limited number of codes, and each has a limited number of redemptions. I’m still looking… let me know if you find one!

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Because I’m a tool of the patriarchy

Listen, I’m all for being you and not bending to societal norms if they don’t suit you. Truly. You don’t want to shave? Don’t shave! Be yourself! But… well, I live in the south, and also I’m descended from yetis, as is my (grown) female child, so we’ll just be over here shaving our legs.

And for a while I did the responsible thing with razor handles for which I just buy refill heads, and also for a while I tried buying cheap disposables, but it turns out that 1) my kid will lose the reusable handle and 2) cheap razors are cheap for a reason, so now whenever I find a good disposable deal I grab it. They’re perfect for college care packages. Or when I can’t find my own razor. Don’t judge.

Anyway! If you have Prime and you’re looking for a cheap item to get you to your 5+ discount for the month and you want disposable razors either for you or your kid, this is the deal for you: Amazon currently has this Bic Soleil 4-count Disposable Pack priced at $5.47, but it’s only $4.65 with 15% off (if you’re buying via Subscribe & Save and have 5+ items), and there’s a clippable coupon for $3 off. That’s four decent razors for $1.65 shipped! I’m in.

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Get ready to lounge around

Mother’s Day is coming, and then Father’s Day is coming, and heck, spring is here (well, for some of us) and summer is theoretically on the way. Why does any of this matter? Because it’s hammock time! (Feel free to have a U Can’t Touch This earworm for the rest of the day, as I now do; and if that makes no sense to you, get off my lawn, whippersnapper.)

Anyway! Need a great deal on a hammock? I am here for you. And you’ll be set for whatever hammock-needing reason you’ve got.

So right now, Rakuten has four different versions of this space-saving double hammock with steel stand and carry bag available for $57.49, which is already pretty good. But if you’re signed in (coupons cannot be used with Guest Checkout) you can also apply coupon code HOME20 for an additional $11.50 off, making it just $46 shipped. Is this the greatest hammock in the history of hammocks, and will it last forever? No, and no. But at $46 it’s a great deal on one that should last quite a while, and ’tis the season. Plus, then you get to say “Stop! It’s hammock time!” all summer long.

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Never be without charge

One of my very favorite gifts to give a teenager is a really good portable charger. Why? Because I plug my phone in at the end of the day, and if it’s been a really busy day, and/or I’ve been out for a long time, I might be down in the 50%-60% battery range. This is because I am old. My kids, on the other hand, regularly need to charge their phones by lunchtime because they’re almost dead. Do they need to be on their phones all day? Surely not. And yet, here we are. Having a portable charger stashed in their backpacks makes them feel a little less panicky.

This Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh High Speed Charging Battery Pack gets rave reviews, and when full, can recharge an iPhone four times. So the $25.40 price there isn’t too bad, anyway, but you can go ahead and apply coupon code 10XMSDPB at checkout to get another $10 off. I can’t think of another charger of this caliber you could snag for around $15 shipped.

Get it for your favorite teenager, or just get it for yourself. I don’t judge.

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It’s time for Spring Black Friday!

Granted, it is not 1) December, 2) Friday, or 3) Black (so far as I can tell…?), but right now Home Depot has their Spring Black Friday Event going on, and that means huge savings on hundreds of items from flooring to furniture, from appliances to accessories—many at prices you normally only see on Black Friday.

There are far too many deals to list, but I spy with my deal-finding eye a variety of Ring products and accessories marked wayyyyy down from their typical pricing, outdoor furniture sets at what are typically end-of-season clearance prices, and this 22-foot mult-position telescoping aluminum ladder marked down to just $99, which is crazy. (If you’re not quite that hardcore, they’ve also got the 3-step lightweight Gorilla folding step stool marked down to just under $19.)

Many of the deals ship for free, others can be ordered for free local pick-up. I’m still combing through because every time I think “That’s enough, I have to go get some work done,” I stumble across a great deal on something else.

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Need a laptop backpack for under $20?

Personally, my approach these days is to buy my college kids one last backpack—and for that reason, I spring for a lifetime-guarantee one—and call it a day. But if you can’t afford to shell out for a top-of-the-line, we’ll-fix-it-forever bag, don’t fret. There are plenty of great options available for cheap.

For example: Amazon has this Luxur 37 Laptop Backpack available for just $30, which is already a pretty good deal for a roomy waterproof pack with padded sleeves for your devices and a nifty little charging portal which allows you to plug in to the built-in charging cord without removing your computer from the bag. I mean, it only has a one-year warranty and it’s not a big-name brand, but the reviews are excellent. At $30 I might consider it.

But you know we can do better, right? Apply coupon code PPB7ACDC for an additional 40% off; the bag I’d consider at $30 is a complete no-brainer at just $18. Buy it for your favorite college student. Buy it to use as your carry-on on your next flight. Buy it for whatever, because I don’t think you’re going to find a better bag at this price point.

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My kind of March Madness

Basketball, schmasketball—I’m more interested in a great sale. (Sorry, not sorry.) And today, Eddie Bauer is delivering, albeit a bit sneakily. Right now the only mention of a coupon on the site itself is a 40% off coupon in the clearance section, but we can do better: everything on the site (including clearance items!) is an additional 50% off when you apply coupon code MADNESS. [Edited to add: Okay, almost everything. Non-Eddie branded items are ineligible for the coupon.]

Shipping is free on $99+, or on $25+ if you have ShopRunner. (Do note that they look a the total after the coupon is applied.)

I have several pieces of Eddie clothing I really love, but the main draw for me is that they have a great assortment of Tall items for guys, if you’re in the market for those. With 50% off I think it’s probably time for some new shirts for my favorite guy.

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The CVS coupon that saves a weird way

Okay, so the simple story is that CVS is currently offering coupon code SAVE30 for an additional 30% off regular prices and free shipping on every order.

The slightly-more-complex story is that precious little is available at these so-called “regular” prices, and a lot of the stuff that is regularly-priced is more expensive than where you can find it elsewhere. So why do you care? You care for one or both of the following reasons:

1) There are some speciality items offered at regular price which hardly ever go on sale—think hypoallergenic baby formula, or blood pressure monitors, etc.—which are coupon-eligible,
2) There’s a slew of Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off deals plus Buy 1, Get 1 Free vitamin/supplement offerings on the site which will not take a further discount, true, but the coupon code will give you free shipping on some already great deals, and save you a trip to the store.

Definitely compare prices as you shop, but I did find a few things we always need, anyway (fish oil! chewy antacids!), that I was glad not to have to get to $50+ total to get free shipping.

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Stock up, sans animal cruelty

There are multiple products from The Body Shop I love—why, yes, my kids and I have all been using this skin clearing clay mask for years—but my favorite part is that they never test on animals or use scary chemicals. I feel a little more virtuous buying from them than some other giant companies, and when they have good deals, well, so much the better.

Right now they’ve got hundreds of items at 40% off, around 50 offerings in the 75% off section, and every order ships for free, automatically. That’s a hard set of enticements to pass by, for me. You may feel differently. But it’s worth a look if you ever use their products. (It’s never too early for stocking stuffers, you know. I’m just saying that their highly-rated All-in-One Blush is down to $4 from $16, and is available in four different colors.)

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