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Keep your eyes open for price drops

I think our seasonal toy markdowns are starting to arrive at Amazon. Bear in mind that while there’s still time to get items in time for Christmas on Prime, this is also a good time to stock up your gift closet or prepare for upcoming birthday parties, etc.

A couple of quick finds if you’re into Playmobil: Both the Playmobil Police Carry Case and Playmobil Pirate Carry Case are currently marked down to $4.63 from $10. These are perfect little gifts for kids (or adults) 4+, especially if you know a police officer. Or, um, a pirate. I don’t judge.

This is a good sign that more deals are coming, I hope.

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A tale of fancy headphones

Once upon a time, my audiophile husband became convinced that he needed some super-fancy noise-canceling headphones. As someone who finds the earbuds that came with my phone perfectly sufficient, I was skeptical. But at some point I redeemed a bunch of Discover Cashback to make said headphones an affordable gift, and he got them for either his birthday or Christmas and was thrilled.

In fact, he raved about them constantly. He especially went on and on about how amazing they were for flying. The noise-canceling, he said, was a complete game-changer. “I don’t feel tired when we land. I think it’s because I can’t hear the droning of the engines the whole time.” I remained skeptical, but as the headphones in question had cost $300 or so, I was glad he was happy with them. And then… I had to fly somewhere. And he lent me the headphones.

Y’all. I’m still perfectly happy with earbuds for listening to music on a walk, or whatever. But you put these headphones on your head on a plane and turn the noise-canceling switch on and it goes completely silent. I don’t even necessarily listen to anything when I use them on a plane—I sometimes just use the noise-canceling so I don’t have to listen to everything else. You have no idea how loud it is on a plane until you’ve used these headphones to make it quiet.

The magic device in question is the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, and as Bose has gone through several more iterations since they first came out, the good news is that they’re down to just $170 at Amazon, now (their lowest price ever). [Edited to add: Amazon has now matched Best Buy’s price, so buy it there or at Best Buy. Thanks for the heads up, Amy!] Still crazy expensive, but let me remind you that I paid $300 for my husband’s. But, the even better news is that today’s Best Buy Doorbusters features these headphones at just $150.

If you want a great deal on comfortable noise-canceling headphones that really work, this is the deal to beat.

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It’s National Free Shipping Day!

Hello! I am halfway through the run of the show I’m in, which means I am exhausted and germy and have no idea what day it is. Who am I, again? Who knows! (This is by way of apology for not being here much.)

But! It turns out that whatever day it is, it’s National Free Shipping Day. What does that mean for you? The awesome opportunity for last-minute shopping without leaving the house! (I recommend not leaving the house. I leave the house, I get sick. Highly overrated.) (But do please leave the house if you’re local to me, and come see my show….) Many of our favorite stores are already doing free shipping, but for those which are not, here’s two deals not to be missed:

Use coupon code SHIPDAY for free shipping at Old Navy, plus coupon code ENJOY can be stacked for 25% off most items or 35% off $75+, or code GIFTNOW gives 50% off most full-price items and 20% off everything else. Adults’ flannel sleep pants are just $5 today! (You can’t use additional coupons but c’mon, $5.) (And yes, this works at all the Gap family stores, I just have a soft spot for Old Navy.)

No coupon necessary for free shipping at Macy’s, plus coupon code SHOP25 takes $10 off your $25+ sale/clearance purchase.

I’ll keep poking around, too. After I get some sleep pants.

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Books are always in season

Today (Thursday, December 14th) only, you can take an additional $5 off your qualifying purchase of $15+ in books at Amazon, and that’s great news because you don’t even need an excuse to buy a book: it’s educational. Any print book (not digital) sold directly by Amazon qualifies for this promotion. [Edited to add: Whoops! I guess it helps if I give you the code? Sorry about that; use coupon code BOOKGIFT17.]

Need a few suggestions and/or gifts? I got you.

If fancy pop-up books are your thing, check out this LEGO Pop-Up book (by Matthew Reinhart, if you know your pop-ups—he’s the master) which is currently down to just $6.70 (78% off). If deep-sea creatures are more your style, go for this Wild Oceans: A Pop-up Book with Revolutionary Technology book, instead, which is down to $5.70 (81% off). That one won’t ship for a while, but I bet you’ll find a place for it when it does.

If you have an emerging reader, check out this Pete the Cat Take-Along 5-Book Storybook Set, because that’s 5 books in a cute case for just $3.55 (70% off).

Of if you have a die-hard Harry Potter fan on your hands, maybe The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook…? It’s down to $4.76 (76% off).

Those are just a few of the deals I spotted. You go do you and save your $5 on whatever you like. Because books! Yay, books!

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Boxed assortments of beauty favorites, cheap

Whether you need a little something for yourself, a good pampering gift, or just want to grab one to break up for stocking stuffers, Macy’s has two great options today only (Wednesday, December 13th) you won’t want to miss.

Me, I’m going for the 6-piece face mask favorites gift set, because I am a face mask addict. (Er, the stuff you smear on your face. Not like I’m wandering around the grocery store in a clown mask or anything.) $15 gets you $53 worth of goodies, and while I haven’t tried 5 of the 6 in the set, the Origins Clear Improvement mask is already one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to try the rest.

Alternatively, check out this 6-piece mascara sampler, also a $53 value for just $15. It’s 5 high-end mascaras plus a really good eye makeup remover, and at $15, you can hardly go wrong.

Did I mention that because these are Beauty items, they ship for free? Also if you had your eye on anything else, having a Beauty item in your cart makes your whole order ship for free, so it’s a good time to grab other stuff. Plus you’ll get a $10 reward for every $50 you spend right now. It’s practically like Macy’s is giving stuff away.

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A Woot spin on Advent

You’ve heard of Advent, but have you heard of… Crapvent? Well, now you have. One deeply discounted deal—beyond their usual offerings—every day from Woot, and if it sells out, you’re out of luck. Today’s deal is a unicorn ultrasonic humidifier (fancy), but yesterday’s not-yet-sold-out deal is a TriceraTACO for $6, when the current price over at Amazon is $16. I mean, you’ll pay $5 shipping with Woot, but that ships your entire order, and doesn’t everyone in your family need their own TriceraTACO? Obviously.

Just another fun shopping bookmark for you. Also, tacos at my place next week.

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A triple dose of X-Men

Have a Marvel fan on your list? Today you can snag the X-Men Trilogy Pack on Blu-ray at Amazon for just $10! That’s X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand, at the lowest price ever, plus an average cost per movie of less than what it’d cost you to rent ’em.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a gift swap or just making your favorite Wolverine fan happy, honestly. Get two, they’re small.

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More Green Monday!

Okay, apparently Green Monday is really a thing. Here are some more today-only savings to go check out:

At Reebok, you can take 50% off everything in their—go figure—Green Monday collection with coupon code—again, quelle surprise!—GREEN. Shipping is free on your $49+ order, or on your first order with account creation.

Meanwhile, at Target, today you’ll save $20 for every $100 you spend, automatically, up to a $100 savings on $500+. There’s a fairly long list of exclusions but maybe you’ve had something waiting in your cart there that qualifies. All orders are currently shipping for free.

There’s a ton of Green Monday markdowns over at, as well as an additional 50% off select clearance items with code CLEARANCE. Shipping is free on $50+ or when you buy 2 or more items.

Also, I think this is really just the last day of Friends & Family at Macy’s, but whatever, they can call it Green Monday if they want—save up to an additional 30% with code FRIEND, plus get free shipping on $25+.

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Apparently it’s Green Monday

I don’t know what’s happening here. Are we just naming all the days by colors, now? (The show I’m in opens on Wednesday. Can that be Glitter Wednesday? I mean, I realize that’s not a color, but….) Apparently today is Green Monday, or so says Rakuten, which means they’re giving you 20% off just about anything with coupon code GREEN20. Hurry up, because the code is only good until 11:59 pm tonight (Monday, December 11th).

The bad news is that your maximum allowable discount is $40, so to get the most bang for your buck you’re looking for something at $200 or less; this is not the deal to get that Jumbotron-sized TV you’ve been considering. The good news is that it appears to work on everything, so if you need Nintendo accessories or other gadgetry that tends not to go on sale, today’s your day.

Happy hunting!

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Fold the force, you will

This is always a very popular deal, and it’s back again—perfect as a “gift closet” gift to have on hand for birthday parties or under the Christmas tree, alike—so I cannot resist pointing it out.

Kids love Star Wars. Kids love origami. Want hours and hours of blessed happy silence (followed by, yes, child clutter everywhere, but at least when you step on these, they don’t hurt your feet)? Snap up this Star Wars Origami book for $6.28 at Amazon right now. It’s got everything they need to create 36 different paper masterpieces for Star Wars fans.

Do please take note: Although this book is supposedly rated for ages 5+, my experience with it is that it’s fun but requires precision and persistence; I’d say it’s more of a 10+ gift, myself (maybe 8+ for a kid who’s already good at origami and/or very patient). But the projects are cool and having the special themed paper is nifty, too.

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