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Don’t forget your furry (or feathered) friends!

Today (Thursday, October 3rd, 2013) only, you can get free shipping on your order at Petco with coupon code octoberfree, plus everything is at least 20% off. Some exclusions apply—you can’t use it on kitty litter, for example—but you can use it on food, so that’s a rare and useful discount.

I’m also seeing things like half-price dog crates with free shipping. You know I went straight for the heavy stuff to maximize the coupon value….

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Sit, Sharky

Do you have a large dog? Would your large dog be absolutely hilarious dressed as a shark, particularly when said shark costume is available at an all-time-low price of just $10.21, about half the usual cost?

Will you please buy that, dress your dog, and take a picture for me? Because I can’t stop laughing.

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We wish you a merry platypus

My dog pretty much believes toys are for destroying, but when my parents got their new dog last year, she had one of these Kyjen Puzzle Plush Platypus toys and it was hilarious. The squeaky eggs fit inside, and if your dog isn’t a callous murderer like mine, she’ll root around in there to retrieve them.

Right now Amazon has it for just $5.93 shipped with Prime, their lowest price ever. In fact, at that price, I may just get one and let Licorice rip it up. Poor platypus.

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It’s the perfect time for premium pet food

I don’t think anyone in my family would argue that our dog is the most pampered member of our household. My children beg for treats at the store and I cruelly say no, but Licorice always gets her premium grain-free goodies because she’s my precious schmoopykins. (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure my kids get enough therapy to get over it.)

Now, part of how I justify her uber-expensive food is that she’s a small dog and doesn’t eat much. But those of you with larger dogs need to buy a lot of food, and if you buy the good stuff, that gets expensive pretty fast. Let me help: Right now is running a promotion for new customers; you can use coupon code WAG30 for 30% off a single item. Spend $49+ before coupon and your shipping is free, too. That means it’s the perfect time to buy that giant bag of Orijen or Taste of the Wild or whatever. The free shipping alone is a huge savings on those big bags.

Of course, you don’t have to buy dog food. They have cases of cat food and all sorts of other stuff, too. But this coupon is fantastic if you have a spoiled friend or two in your house.

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10 pounds of “Good boy!”

I do not feed my dog Milk Bones, on account of she is a delicate princess with a delicate stomach. Also, she prefers popcorn. Did I mention the princess part? I think I may have. Ahem.

But if you have a dog who is 1) not a princess and 2) large, you may wish to avail yourself of this 10-pound box of large Milk Bone biscuits for just $9.84 at Amazon (free Prime shipping, or eligible for Super Saver Shipping on your $25+ order).

If you’re feeling particularly magnanimous, maybe you’d like to pick one up for your local shelter or rescue group, too. That’s a crazy good price.

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Delight your doggie

Tonight’s Pet Boutique at features a Dura Doggie shop, which—allow me to remind you—evoked this enthusiastic recommendation from me last year. Licorice’s Dura Doggie toys remain the only ones she can’t destroy, and she loves them.

I say this on the very same evening this rotten little dog brought me her most recent Nylabone… chewed into two separate pieces.

Long live Dura Doggie! Seriously, if you have a dog, get on over to Fab tonight. You can thank me later.

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26 feet of freedom for Fido

I don’t use a retractable leash for our dog usually—if we’re just going for a walk around the neighborhood, we use a regular leash—but when we go camping or hiking I like to have a longer leash for her so that she can explore a little bit. Unfortunately, our 16-foot leash ends up feeling pretty short (to her) whenever there’s something particularly interesting to smell. And yet I’ve been hesitant to buy a longer leash because they’re kind of pricey.

But! Today has this 26-foot retractable leash for just $6.99 shipped. I think I can spare that for the world’s most spoiled dog.

Now all I need to do is hope she doesn’t do that thing where she winds around my legs and cuts off my circulation.

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But my dog doesn’t have thumbs

Okay, so, the Meijer Big Steal changes each day at noon (Eastern time), but I realized I’d forgotten to check it yesterday and just clicked over.

Yesterday’s deal (good for another 90 minutes or so) is on a Murphy bed for your under-25-pound pet. For real. For the unfamiliar, click through to look at it, but a Murphy bed is one of those things that can fold down from the wall and fold up to “hide” and save space. In this case, of course, the pet Murphy bed has its own cabinet. With an “espresso finish.”

Really, Meijer? This on-sale-for-$44-pet-bed “folds out when your cat or pup is ready for a snooze, and back up again when they are ready to seize the day”? Have you ever owned a pet? Because my dog doesn’t exactly 1) adhere to a regular schedule or 2) announced when she’s ready for a nap. Nor do I have such an empty life that I’d like to have to open and close her bed for her.

But this did add some levity to my day. (Bonus: if you click through to the product pictures, you can see a very confused-looking dog with a terrible haircut sitting on said bed with a distinct, “Seriously?!?” expression on his face.)

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Playtime for kitties

Personally, I’ve always felt that dogs are pets and cats are hairy furniture, but I know many people feel differently. Ow. Stop throwing things at me.

Anyway, if you’re into cats, perhaps you’d like 20 cat toys for $6 shipped from Amazon, because that’s a lot of toys for not very many dollars.

Now, if Amazon comes up with a grab bag of 20 kitties for my dog, that‘d really be something.

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Bite his nose. BITE HIS NOSE!

I can’t stop laughing.

You have to check out the Petprojekt boutique at today if you have a dog.

I just bought Licorice a set of Squeeki Tikis, mostly because they made me laugh. And really, what dog doesn’t want to chew on some tikis and the Easter Island Moais? Exactly.

(Yes, they have other stuff, too. But! Squeeki Tikis!)

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