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Cleaning all the things!

Hi! I’m not dead. We’ve had a little stomach thing going around here, so now I am cleaning every possible surface to make sure we are done and no one is reinfected. Lemme tell ya, the dogs are not fans of Lysol scrub-downs. (I kid! Probably!)

Anyhoo, while I’m in clean-clean-clean mode, of course I couldn’t help getting excited about a deal on a vacuum cleaner. (I’m aware that this may not be entirely normal, but let’s roll with it.) Right now Kohls has this Shark HV301 Rocket Ultra-Lite Vac listed at $159.99, which isn’t too bad—it matches the Amazon price, and on both sites you’ll see this small-but-mighty model averages a 4.5 star rating. The difference, of course, is that if you buy it at Kohls, you can stack the savings.

You’ll need a Kohls card for the best deal, but that’s nothing new. If you have one, apply coupon code HOME10 for $10 off and then code SUNTAN30 for 30% off, making it just $104 before tax (with free shipping). If you don’t have a Kohls card, you can still use the first code for $10 off, then use code BEACH15 for an additional 15% off.

Do note that this is one model year older than their latest-and-greatest, but at this price point, it certainly doesn’t bother me, any.

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Need a guitar?

I know, I know; I’ve barely been here lately. I’m sorry. Needy people live in my house, and one of them keeps insisting she’s moving out soon so I should spend time with her now before she goes. Sheesh.

This morning’s Amazon Gold Box deals on Yamaha instruments made me think of her, though, because this acoustic guitar (Yamaha FG700S) is the one she owns. At just under $100 shipped I challenge you to find a better brand-name guitar with an average 5-star rating (spoiler alert: you won’t). It’s great for beginners but it’ll last, too, because the sound quality out of it is much better than it has any right to be at this price point.

There’s other deals today, of course. But if you’ve been considering a guitar, this is the deal to beat.

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Get a breeze, clean the air

Summer is full upon us, and it’s exactly the wrong time to find a deal on a fan, even though right about now is when most of us realize we need one. Not to worry—Home Depot has a great deal for you, even in-season. Right now they have this Lasko 42-inch oscillating tower fan with ionizer marked down to just $43.47. This baby has 3 speeds, a remote, a timer, and cleans the air while it circulates to keep the room cool. It’s got an average 4.5 star review there on Home Depot, and for comparison, over on Amazon it’s rated just as highly with over 4,000 reviews (and a much higher price tag). Shipping is free.

My guess is that this particular housing is being discontinued (hence the price drop), but that’s just a guess. It’s a great little do-it-all workhorse of a fan if you need one, though.

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The cutest (and cheapest) Clarisonics ever

I own one of the original Clarisonics and it’s sort of amazing. My skin is very finicky (I’m oily! I’m dry! I’m both old and wrinkly and I have acne!) and it has helped calm my face down considerably, even though I’ll admit that initially the idea of using a circulating brush on my face was a little terrifying.

Anyway. This isn’t about me, this is about you, or—more precisely—about your opportunity to get your very own unit in a super-cute print for 40% off. How, you ask? Just hop on over to the Clarisonic site and search on final40 to see the assortment of Mia 2 kits which are available for 40% off, today (with FINAL40 coupon code). Sure, you can go for a color or an ikat pattern, but holy heck that Keith Haring Pop Edition is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Shipping is free. Check out the reviews on the Mia 2 on Amazon (as well as the never-budging $149 price tag) to make yourself feel really swell about scoring a fancy one for just under $90.

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Make your laundry better with balls

I go back and forth on the notion of wool dryer balls. On the one hand, my inner 10-year-old thinks it’s fun to say, and it’s certainly an environmentally-friendly option and I know a lot of people who swear by them. On the other hand, I keep thinking I’ll end up losing them or I’ll miss the bit of fresh scent I get from a dryer sheet. So I waffle.

Right now, this 6-pack of XL wool dryer balls at Amazon is marked at $18.95, but coupon code SMART900 takes another $7 off, which means if you have Prime, you’re getting them for $11.95 shipped. They supposedly soften/fluff your clothes and reduce static just as well as dryer sheets, only they last forever (okay, maybe not forever, but a long time). At this price, I may give ’em a try.

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Because you only get one set of teeth

Every time I go to the dentist for a cleaning, he both compliments me on the excellent state of my teeth and tries to sell me an overpriced sonic toothbrush. Um. Thanks? But no thanks. Why would I buy a supposed top-of-the-line model (complete with the dentist’s mark-up!) when I could get something like this highly-rated Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable toothbrush, instead, for under $15? It’s currently marked down to $19.96 and there’s an available $5 coupon to clip. (You can also snag this 3-pack of replacement heads with an available $3 coupon to clip, and if you buy via Subscribe & Save you could end up paying as little as about $11 for ’em.)

At this price, it’s a no-brainer. And based on the reviews, I don’t think you’re getting an additional $100+ of “extra” on a more expensive model. But hey, if you want to spend more, I certainly can’t stop you.

[Edited to add: One coupon use per account. If you have two kids, like I do, text your spouse “please go clip this coupon and buy one of these.” Mine didn’t even ask why, which is a sign of a perfect marriage, obviously.]

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Yeah, Baby(daddy)

You know, Father’s Day is coming up. And is there a trio of movies more dad-humored than the Austin Powers films? I think not. So go ahead and scoop up this Austin Powers Triple Feature Blu-ray set at Amazon for just $9, and allow that special dad in your life to kick back with three of the most ridiculous movies out there.

Really, the only more “dad” movies out there than these are the Airplane ones, but these are a very close second.

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For a certain kind of teacher…

… this Teacher Swears: Swear Word Adult Coloring Book to Rant & Relax—currently just $3.99 (half off) at Amazon—would be a perfect gift, no?

School ended for us a week ago, but I’m thinking I can just pick up a few of these for next year. Sweary teachers are my favorite. (Lest anyone is getting worked up, do look at the sample pages. It’s things like “Mother Clucker” and “Crud Muffins.” I love it.)

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One of the best for family game night

If you’re looking for a game to add to your family game night collection (assuming you are not, like my family, so sick and twisted that all the kids ever want to play is Cards Against Humanity…), look no further than Ticket To Ride for an hour of strategy from a 5-star-reviewed board game.

And if you’re looking to get it for a lot less than usual, today’s the day for that: Target has it for $27.59 with free shipping, and Amazon dropped their price to match (this makes it its lowest price ever). If you have a Red Card, Target’s the place to buy it, and if don’t but you have Prime, Amazon’s probably the way to go. Either way, you’re on your way to a fun night of gaming for anyone age 8+.

And unlike family game night at my house, no one will need to pull out the Urban Dictionary app to clarify. Ahem.

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Heads up, Hyperbole and a Half fans!

If you, like me, basically consider Allie Brosh and her book Hyperbole and a Half all that is good and right and true about this world, I have some super-exciting news for you: She has a new book coming out!!

You can pre-order Solutions and Other Problems on Amazon right now for $13.40 (paperback) and it will ship when it’s released in October. (And with the Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee, if the price drops again before then, you’ll get the lowest price.)

My kids consider Hyperbole and a Half something of a life manual, and of course it helps that she writes about her Special Dog and her Helper Dog, who closely mirror our own dogs in terms of intellect. Sometimes I get a text from one kid or the other which reads either “Bees?” or is just a few bee emojis. If you don’t know why that’s funny, buy the first book right now, and then go pre-order the second one.

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