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Now’s the time for Chromecast

If you’ve been thinking about nabbing a Google Chromecast—the simple, inexpensive way to stream web content on your TV from your computer—today’s the day to do it: Right now Amazon is running a bonus promotion where you can get the $29.99 dongle and pick up a $10 Amazon gift card for free. That’s basically like getting 33% off, and it’s not like you’ll have to look too hard to find something to spend that gift card on later.

If you don’t have a Roku or an AppleTV, this is a cheap alternative. This is also a great way to make yourself very popular with a kid heading off to college next month.

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Get a great little fan, cheap

The last time I posted this Honeywell TurboForce Fan, it was down to $14.79—its lowest price ever, at the time—and I went ahead and bought one for myself and it was promptly commandeered by one of my kids (and has been in faithful service ever since). Today, it’s down to $12.79, the new lowest price ever, and it’s an even better deal.

This is the perfect little bedroom fan if you need one. At this price, it’s a no-brainer.

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Coffee for everyone

If you’re in the market for a new coffeemaker—the regular drip kind, not a single-serve one—right now the Amazon Lightning Deals contain the Cuisinart DCC-1150BKFR 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker for just $39.99 (its lowest price ever).

After our last coffeemaker bit the dust, this is the one I ended up buying after an obsessive amount of research. I’ve been very happy with it, and I paid about 30% more than what it costs right now. It’s fast, it keeps the coffee warm, and it feeds my addiction. Er, I mean, it makes tasty coffee. That’s it.

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Remember when gaming was with a board?

If you want to lure your child away from screens this summer, may I suggest one of the greatest board games ever made? Right now Amazon has Carcassonne for just $24.42—its lowest price ever—and this is a great game for kids 8+ and adults alike.

I don’t know if it’s truly going to seem more fun than Minecraft to the kids, but if you’re like me, you can declare that “We’re going to have fun as a family, darn it!” (except darn might not be the world I would use…) and force them to play, anyway. But they will like it, I promise.

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Anime? Don’t mind if I do

If you or your nerdalicious offspring enjoy anime, the industry standard is arguably Cowboy Bebop, and the entire series is the Bonus Deal of the Day in the Amazon Gold Box right now for 60% off.

This would be a great surprise for the kids before a long car trip if you have a portable DVD player, or maybe I’m the only person who thinks in terms of an item’s value being directly tied to how quiet it renders my teenagers….

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Soft skin, big savings

It’s hard to believe that soon(ish) summer will end, and the weather will turn, and eventually we’ll be back to the battle of cold weather vs. dry skin. Or maybe that’s just me…? I have summer body washes (exfoliating! citrus!) and I have winter body washes (ultra-super-mega-moisturizing!), and that’s just how I roll.

One of the moisturizing washes I favor for winter is Olay Ultra with Shea Butter, which is already very affordable at Amazon right now at $2.84. But you should see a clippable $1 coupon and it’s available on Subscribe & Save (bonus: free shipping, plus I love cheap items like this to get me up to 5 items for the month so I save 15% on all of ’em), so you can get it delivered for just $1.41. That’s hard to beat, especially for a super-moisturizing formulation.

Buy it now, thank me in November.

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Heads up, DC Comics fans

Do I know anything useful about comics? No, I do not. Sometimes many words come out of my son’s mouth and the mouths of his friends and I smile and nod and say useful things like, “Wow!” and “I did not know that” and eventually they stop talking to me. And still, I know nothing about various characters or their history or anything useful.

I’m okay with this.

What I do know is that, for some reason, right now Amazon has the DC Comics Encyclopedia and the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide marked down to their lowest prices ever ($21.30 and $8.37, respectively), and for fans of the DC universe, those might be great bargains to scoop up. And if there was, say, a dad who is into comics who you needed a Father’s Day gift for, well, maybe this will be of interest.

Pro tip: Just don’t tell your DC fan that sure, you love comics a lot, especially Louis C.K. They will not get the joke.

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Don’t miss this golf deal for Dad

Full disclosure: I know nothing about golf. Like, actually I know less than nothing, unless we’re talking about mini-golf, in which case I know that the windmill is tricky. Nevertheless, I went looking at the club sets that are the bonus deal in the Amazon Gold Box today, and if you’re in the market for a decent starter set of clubs, the prices on the Callaway sets you’ll find there seem decent. A 12-piece set (either right- or left-handed) is just $137.50 today, about $100 less than usual.

I don’t think they’ll help much if you’re facing a windmill, but as a Father’s Day gift for the guy who wants to take up golf? Pretty sweet.

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Got fan?

If you’re looking for an affordable small-but-mighty fan as we head into the summer months, look no further than this Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce fan, currently down to just $12.79 at Amazon (its lowest price ever).

I bought this one last year for a couple of bucks more for my finicky “I’m too hot! I can’t sleep when I’m too hot!!” princess, and it’s served us well. She uses it every night in the summer and it’s powerful but quiet. I mean, sure, I’m a big fan (ha! pun unintentional!) of our Vornado fans as well (the comparable model to this would be this one, I think), but at this price point, the Honeywell is truly the best bang for the buck.

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The best part of summer…

… is (are?) the hummingbirds outside my office window.

A couple of years ago, I bought a hummingbird feeder from Amazon during the holiday lightning deals in November. Then I waited patiently (sort of) until May when I could hang that baby up and watch the show out my window whenever I get bored. I love having that feeder, but the one I bought doesn’t have a wide mouth, so it’s nearly impossible to clean. (I use a tiny little brush on a wire designed for cleaning reusable straws, but it’s tedious and hard to aim inside the bottle.)

Today, finally, the Amazon Gold Box is filled with Perky Pet hummingbird feeders, and while most of them are probably there because they’re the old, narrow-neck design, the 710B copper one has a wider mouth for ease of filling and cleaning. For $11, I’m finally upgrading.

(By the way, it comes with “free nectar mix,” but the best nectar for hummingbirds is simply a 4-to-1 solution of water to sugar, boiled for at least a minute to help kill bacteria, then cooled. They don’t need any red food dye or other additives.)

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