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Spin me right round, baby, right round

I think we saw a deal on this a year or two ago, and it was hugely popular, and it’s baaaaaaaack! Right now Amazon has the Spin ‘N Saucer available for just $19.94 with free Prime shipping (or free Super Saver Shipping eligible)—that’s its lowest price ever. Buy it now and tuck it away for Christmas!

If you have a kid who loves to spin, it doesn’t get much more fun than this. Supposedly this is for ages up to 5… if your kid is small, they could use it longer. And just because I like you, I’ll tell you that we lovingly nicknamed this one the “spin and barf” in my house.

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The Want Not Review (and giveaway!): Misfit Shine

misfit-shine-wineMy name is Mir, and I hate to exercise. That said, I’ve reached an age (ahem) where it’s no longer optional if I wish to remain healthy. So I exercise, and I’m sort of getting used to it, but I still don’t love it. I’d say that I just… hate it less than I used to. Which is progress.

I’d been on my new daily exercise regimen (I work out for half an hour a day, every day) for about 6 weeks when I went to Mom 2.0 and won myself a pretty, shiny Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor. Up until that point I had resisted the fitness tracker craze (my husband wears a Fitbit, but I think they’re kind of ugly), but this was so pretty. And free. And maybe this would help to motivate me in my quest to get healthier.

Keep reading for my full review, and also to enter to win your own Shine—I’m giving away the one pictured here! (more…)

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Still searching for a 3DS?

One assumes that most folks seeking a killer deal on a Nintendo 3DS console have already jumped into the pre-holiday fray and found a solution months ago, but who knows. Maybe you were wondering if you might find a deal before next Christmas, or maybe you just didn’t want one, before.

Either way, right now there’s an available Groupon for a $99 refurbished 3DS console, which makes it even cheaper than getting a refurb direct from Nintendo. (And this is a manufacturer-refurbished offering.) You still get a 1-year warranty, so really, it’s just like buying new… minus about 40% of the usual cost!

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Blend it like a (frugal) ninja

If you’re in the market for a blender—especially a blender for making/taking smoothies with you—you might want to take a look over at today’s Woot offering. They’ve got a refurbished Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with single-serve cups available for $69.99. (For comparison: You can get the same model, new, at Amazon for $130. It’s currently rated at 4 stars over there with over a thousand reviews.)

I don’t have any personal experience with this blender, and folks seem to either love it or hate it. I do, however, absolutely adore my Ninja Cooker, plus there’s something very pleasing about being able to say that you’re preparing food “with my Ninja.” But maybe that’s just me.

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Well that’s an adorable (and free) speaker!

This is probably a mistake, but I was just able to order one, so we’ll see….

Amazon has these GOgroove Groove Pal Kid-Friendly Animal Speakers available right now for $14.99. But if you apply coupon code SAVEPALS it’ll deduct… $14.99! So it’s free, so long as you have Prime shipping.

There’s six different styles from which to choose. I assume there’s a decent risk of orders being canceled, but who knows? Worth a shot.

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Ice cream season is upon us

I just found out that our local strawberry farm is open. This is good news for my stomach, but bad news for my wallet.

Once we’ve gone picking a few times, then it becomes a festival of strawberry everything, including strawberry ice cream and strawberry sorbet. Fortunately, I have this lovely Cuisinart ICE-30BC 2-quart ice cream maker to make it all very easy, and I love it. Unfortunately, that machine retails for $80. But today’s your lucky day—Home.Woot has refurbs today for just $39.99. If you’re in the market for an awesome automatic ice cream machine, this is a great unit and a fantastic price.

Even if you don’t like strawberry. (Is that possible? Do people not like strawberry…?)

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Griddle me this

So it’s a good day to shop over at Kohls just in general; everyone gets $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, everyone can use coupon code LOWEST20 for an additional 20% off, and Kohls charge card holders can use code SEEDS for 25% off. And every order of $75+ ships for free.

But on top of that, today only they have a bunch of Door Busters, and that includes $9.99 small kitchen electrics—there’s a $10 rebate available on the $19.99 price, plus you can use a coupon to pay even less. Some of the appliances aren’t that thrilling, but they have the Presto Cool Touch 20″ griddle and that’s got fantastic reviews and the price is certainly right (for reference: still $35 at Amazon with fabulous reviews). I own this griddle, myself, and use it all the time. I’m pretty sure I paid more than $10, too.

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I’m coffee-conflicted

On the one hand, I own a <$100 coffeemaker and it suits my needs just fine. It... makes coffee. It keeps the coffee warm. If I'm organized, I can even set it up the night before and the coffee will magically brew for me in the morning. That's really all I need. And the idea of spending hundreds or even thousands on a coffee making machine seems crazy to me.

On the other hand, my parents have an espresso machine that's super-fancy and makes really, really good coffee. I have no idea what it cost (I am afraid to ask), but I do enjoy visiting them a whole lot. (Not just for the cappuccinos. But it doesn’t hurt.)

And then on the third hand (you mutant, you, with your third hand), today’s Home.Woot offering is a reconditioned Saeco Intellia Automatic Espresso Machine for $400, which I dismissed as insane until I saw that this machine retails for around $1200 new, at which point $400 seemed like a real bargain.

Long story not much shorter: I’m afraid I can’t justify buying one of these, but if you’re in the market, apparently it’s a really good deal. Please invite me over for cappuccino after you get it. (I’ll bring cookies!)

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Up for some iPod hunting?

Sure, if you’re in the market for an iPod Touch, chances are you want the latest/greatest one. I get it. But if you’d rather save some cash—and/or if you’re buying for, say, someone a bit younger who maybe doesn’t yet possess the maturity to pick up their dirty socks—maybe you’d rather get a deal over the latest model.

If that sounds like you, check out Cowboom today—their Deal of the Day is an assortment of refurbished iPod Touches, from 3rd generation to 5th. Probably what you’ll see when you visit the site is a 5th generation 32GB model for $170 (not a bad deal). But if you refresh the page, click on “More Info,” and/or visit from a different browser, you’ll find you’re offered a few different options. And any time you click “Add To Cart” when it’s refreshing the rotating deal, it will tell you that someone beat you to it, but then offer you some alternatives.

So it requires a bit of patience, but you may come across the discount you want. Happy hunting!

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Trade in your old reader, save on a Kindle

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to a shiny new Kindle, maybe this will help push you over: Right now Amazon is offering an instant $20 Kindle credit when you trade in your old reader.

They’re not just giving you $20 towards a new Kindle for your old device, either; this is a $20 credit on top of the value of your trade-in. So, for example, if I decided to trade in my old 6″ Kindle Ink, it looks like I could get around $20 for the device, plus the instant $20 credit toward a new Kindle. I’m essentially doubling my money, there.

Now I just have to remind myself that my old Kindle works just fine….

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