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Light your Kindle Fire today

Here’s another great example of how patience and not needing the very latest/greatest can pay off: Today Amazon has prior-generation Kindle Fires in the Gold Box for half-off. Is it the fanciest and the latest model? Nope. Is it a heckuva deal? Yep!

These deals are at least $100 off the lowest price they’ve ever been, and it’s good today only. Don’t miss it if one of these is on your list.

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If you need a passable little camera

I got a reader email with a camera question last night, and I love it when people write to me about cameras and ask me to ask my husband. (Seriously!) I like to tell him that’s why I married him; I needed a photographer to field questions for me.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the specifics of that exchange, but part of what my husband suggested I relay is that the Canon ELPH cameras tend to be good sort of bang-for-the-buck entry-level choices, though of course there’s a zillion different ELPH models out there.

If you’re shopping for a child or someone else who doesn’t need the latest-and-greatest, and don’t want to spend a lot, allow me to direct your attention to this Canon PowerShot ELPH135 Digital Camera bundle currently available at Amazon. Choose red, silver, or black, and $79 gets you the camera plus a $10 Amazon gift card. Perfect for a casual user, and also for you, because we all know you’ll find something to spend that gift card on in no time.

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If you love Otterbox…

… it turns out that they extended their Cyber Monday savings, which means you can still get some deals through midnight, tonight. Just go to Otterbox and shop; most products are an extra 25% off, automatically, plus you can apply coupon code OTTER10 for an additional 10% off. Shipping is free.

Note that the savings do not apply to iPhone 6 products (boo), but it’s a great deal if you have older-model devices in need of protection. (Otterbox guarantees all of their products, and if you have a problem, word is their customer service is excellent.)

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Xbox One Deal? Check!

If you’ve got an Xbox One on your shopping list (several of you have mentioned this being the big ask from the kids this year), make sure you hit up the Microsoft Store for their Black Friday deals. You can grab a fantastic value bundle from them—get a refurbished XBox One, Kinect, a month of Xbox Live Gold, and two game downloads, plus you get to choose a free game once you’ve added it to your cart, for just $330.

Yes, this is a refurbished unit rather than a new one, but with all of the extras and the money you save, I think it makes a lot more sense than a new unit (which will typically run you about $400 before you’ve even picked up the Kinect, never mind getting any games).

I’m a mean mommy who isn’t buying any video games or consoles this year, but you enjoy.

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Need a Chromebook?

If you’re in the market for a Chromebook (particularly if you’re looking for an affordable machine for the kids), Amazon has this Asus 13-Inch Chromebook HD with Gigabit WiFi, 16GB Storage & 2GB RAM for just $149.99 (its lowest price ever). My guess is they’ll go quick, but that’s a really nice deal.

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Crazy-good iPad Air deal

Are you feeling lucky? I prefer my Apple products with AppleCare (which means either new or Certified Apple Refurbished), but if saving some dollars is worth a bit of risk to you, this is the deal to beat, today:

Cowboom‘s Deal of the Day is a refurbished 16GB iPad Air for just $249. Now, you can purchase warranty coverage for it through Cowboom—$29 for a year, or $50 for 2 years—and for a mobile device that may well be dropped, it’s a good idea to do so. I would probably get the coverage. I just can’t tell you how Cowboom handles it, because I don’t have any experience with it.

Also, this won’t come in a super-pretty box with all the accessories, so it wouldn’t be great for a gift. But at $250 off, it’s kind of hard to complain.

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And here’s a Tab tip

I offer this with the caveat that I know nothing about this unit, personally, but it does seem to be very highly rated among folks who like Android tablets. Alert reader Katie just emailed me to say that she’s been price-stalking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and it just dropped to $230 at Amazon (its lowest price ever). That’s in white; you’ll pay more for the black.

If you’re in the market, that definitely seems like the price to beat. Thanks for the tip, Katie! You’re looking ravishing today!

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Clearance on my favorite face product

If you know me, you know I’m unlikely to spend $60 on a beauty product. (Scratch that; I have never spent that kind of money on a beauty product.) So when I received a bottle of Fei’d as a product sample years ago, I was pretty much afraid to even open it because was I going to spend $60 for another one? Nope.

I ended up not trying it for years past when I got it (long story), and just started using it a couple of months ago. And then I went to my husband one night and said, “I have a terrible confession to make. I started using this really expensive face lotion and I love it. I think I need to buy more.” He noted that my skin looked pretty amazing, but did blanch a little when I told him what it costs. I have a lot of acne scarring and rosacea and Fei’d has just… used those magical Eastern botanicals to create something that actually works to make my skin look healthier and more even (and it doesn’t make me break out, either). I have—no lie—been agonizing over buying more for weeks. Because I love it, but it’s so expensive.

And then, voila! The product creator mailed me this morning to let me know that they’re clearancing out 2014 stock to make room for new product, and right now you can use coupon code CLEARANCE to order Fei’d for 80% off. Each bottle is now just $12. I went and ordered before I even finished reading the email. (Bonus tip: I fooled around with the number of bottles a bit before finalizing my order; order 3+ and you’ll get free shipping.)

If you’re interested, you can read the whole Fei’d story (including about their charitable involvement) on the site. This is a great deal on a product I really love. If you have “problem” skin like I do, finding something that works feels like a celebration. Finding something that works and is available for 80% off is pretty much a miracle.

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It’s Ironman time

If you’ve been wanting a Timex Ironman watch (they have lap counters, water resistance, and generally say to the world “I like to know what time it is and I am a sporty type!”), today on Amazon they seem to be at an all-time-low price. I mean, the base model isn’t all that expensive—$30, normally—but today they’re about half that for the men, and some of the more expensive women’s models are only around $14, too:

Men’s 30-lap Gray/Black
Men’s 30-lap Gray/Blue
Men’s 30-lap Oversize Black/Orange
Women’s Ironman Traditional Gray/Pink
Women’s Ironman Traditional Turquoise
Women’s Ironman Sport Blue (this one is only $12.37!)
Women’s Ironman Sleek 50-lap Plum/Gray
Women’s Ironman Tradutional Black/Purple

I feel like wearing one of these would be almost as good as actually exercising. Right? Right??

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Got clean carpets?

I both love and loathe cleaning our carpets; on the one hand, they look so nice after! On the other, oh good lord, look at all that dirty water! We were living in squalor, maybe we should just burn this house down and start over. (Yes, it is complicated being me, why do you ask?)

Anyway, a few years ago I picked up this Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub machine from Amazon on a Lightning Deal, and I have loved it ever since. I got it for a little bit cheaper than the current $98 price tag, but that’s still a really good deal (and unlike a Lightning Deal, not one you have to be in the right place at the right time to grab). If you’re in the market for such a machine, I definitely recommend it, and that’s a pretty great price.

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