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This is when I confess to being horrible

If you have delicate sensibilities and don’t enjoy crude humor, this would be a good time to go read something else and continue pretending that I’m a morally upstanding person. If you enjoy being a bit bawdy on occasion, however, come sit next to me, because my favorite game in the whole wide world is Cards Against Humanity, whose tagline is “a party game for horrible people.” (Unfamiliar with it? It’s basically Apples to Apples with a twisted sense of humor.) Those of you who love CAH know that it hardly ever goes on any sort of sale.

Well, today the Amazon Gold Box bonus Deal of the Day is 20% off all things CAH. Get the original deck for $20 instead of $25, or pick up any of the expansions for $8 instead of $10.

This deal allows you to save a little money so that you have enough left over to buy this case to store all your cards in. (I know, I know. Look, I told you I’m a horrible person.)

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Just in case you missed out last year…

… and bearing in mind that this is technically only a deal because it’s hard to find…

… Amazon has last year’s LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop available right now at what is basically the normal retail price ($70). Big whoop, right? Except that last year it sold out pretty much immediately and was going for $100+ on eBay ’round Christmastime, and then LEGO stopped production, and this is the first I’ve seen of it since last year. Chances are excellent the resellers will get a whiff of its availability and snap it up again, so I mention it because surely someone out there was dying to get it but missed it.

Also, I personally feel you cannot put a price on elf minifigs. I mean, come on. Look at those. We’re finally past LEGO age here and I kind of want to buy this set for myself.

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Wrist tech, on sale

I don’t know; I prescribe to the antiquated notion that a wristwatch should simply alert you to the current time, but I realize this is an outdated approach. That said, I have next to no idea what the various smartwatch options do and don’t do and how they compare, so perhaps I should just be quiet. (When has that ever stopped me before, though?)

If you’re the sort who cares about this stuff, you may be interested to know that among the Best Buy Deals of the Day, today, there’s a great deal on the Microsoft Band Smartwatch (scroll down the page a bit to find it). Specifically, today it’s just $100 with free shipping, when it’s still running around $150 at Amazon.

Do with this information what you will.

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The Want Not Review: Jones Natural Chews

This post is sponsored by Jones Natural Chews (warning: site has sound), but as always, all opinions are my own.

Do you have a spoiled pup or two (or more; I don’t judge)? I’m sure I’ve mentioned a time or fifty that Casa Mir is home to as many rescued dogs as my husband will tolerate (currently: two), and furthermore that my special snowflakes of tiny canine ridiculousness both have food allergies. They’re delicate flowers, my doggies. Feed Licorice the wrong thing and she will throw up for days. Feed Duncan the wrong thing and he’ll develop an ear infection seemingly overnight. They’re high-maintenance, but I can’t help it. I love them. I mean, seriously:


“We’re adorable.”

Could you resist those faces? When they’re sitting so pretty, like that, waiting for me to open the treat bag?? (more…)

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Bluetooth earbuds? Yep.

I guess I’m a Luddite, but it hadn’t even occurred to me that bluetooth earbuds were even a thing. Maybe I assumed you put up with an earbud cord or got a single-ear doohickey for talking on the phone or got a fancy over-the-ears headset if you were really into all of that. But no! Bluetooth earbuds are totally a thing.

And… if you want to try ’em out without spending a bundle, check out these Thinkcase wireless sport earbuds at Amazon, currently marked down to $19.99 (only the green ones are marked down), and then an additional $10 off with coupon code NDJZ7V5L at checkout. They’re at an average of 4.5 stars with over 130 reviews, and for $10, the risk is minimal.

Now I just have to decide if I get these for my kid or just order them and throw them in the trash to save him the trouble of losing them later….

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Pack it up, spin and go

I seem to have luggage on the brain, lately. (We are going to be so ready when my oldest leaves for college next year….) So hey, here’s another great deal:

If you go to BuyDig and scroll down to the “Current Deals” strip that’s about mid-page, there, you’ll see a 3-piece set of American Tourister spinner suitcases for $159 minus $50 with coupon code JETSET50. A 3-piece, name-brand spinner set for $109 delivered is pretty hard to beat. (For comparison: Here it is on Amazon for $160, with an average 4-star review.)

True, BuyDig doesn’t have as many available colors as Amazon, but for a third off the already-reduced price, I’ll make do. Happy travels!

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One more notebook?

I looked at these back when we did school supply shopping—and ultimately decided against them because of the price—but right now Amazon has this Five Star Flex Blue NoteBinder available on both a Lightning Deal and with an available $1.50 clippable coupon, making it just $6.50.

If you have a kid who always manages to mangle the covers of their notebooks, this is a nice little item to have in your arsenal. Great reviews, and normally around $17-$20 instead. I might’ve preferred another color, but for this price, I’m not going to quibble.

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Let the kids have their selfie fun

On the one hand, I think a selfie stick is a bizarre invention. On the other… hey, what’s the harm in the kids amusing themselves with goofy self-portraits? Exactly.

What you don’t want to be doing, though, is paying $20 for a selfie stick, or—worse yet—getting a bulky or crummy one. You’ll thank me for this one around Christmas, when you remember that you got the deal and tucked it away: Amazon has this Aukey compact bluetooth selfie stick available right now for $12.99, which is okay, but when you apply coupon code U4T37Y87 you’ll get another $4 off, making it just $8.99 shipped if you have Prime. That’s what I’m talking about! This version gets great reviews, and $9 is a price I can stomach for frivolity.

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The best deal on the best duffle

The last time I posted this deal was over 4 years ago, but it’s back on select colors—right now Amazon has the Samsonite Tote-a-Ton Duffel available for just $19.99 in either purple or green (red and black are more expensive). This is the lowest it ever goes, pretty much. (For reference: The same bag is $30 at eBags and excluded from coupons.)

This under-a-pound sturdy bag will hold as much as a steamer trunk, then fold down to almost nothing for storage when you’re done with it. Grab one now for next spring when you suddenly realize your kid needs a bag for camp/college/being thrown out of the house because it’s time.

Not that I am advocating throwing your child out. I’m just suggesting you score a deal on this bag, is all.

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Tickle your Tervis!

Okay, in fairness, the coupon code GAMEDAY is going to take 30% off nearly everything at Bealls today, not just Tervis tumblers and accessories. But—Tervis is pretty much all I go to Bealls for, because it’s one of the few places that puts it on sale periodically and doesn’t exclude it from coupons. Find something already on sale, then take off another 30%? Score! Edited to add: Thanks to beautiful and alert reader Laura for pointing out you can stack that with coupon code MOBILE for free shipping on any order!

Um. Did you know there are Star Wars Tervis? Be still my heart.

Shipping is a flat $5, which is nothing if you’re stocking up on gifts. These definitely are the condensation-proof, unbreakable cups you’re looking for….

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