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Some site downtime coming up

Don’t panic, but due to a server migration, Want Not will be offline for a bit this weekend. It’ll be back, better/stronger/faster than before, so don’t freak out if you can’t connect for a day or two.

Thanks for your patience!

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Time for a family movie?

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re not ready yet, well, good luck today.

Once everyone is home and cuddled up in front of the fire air-conditioning, you might want to enjoy a movie together. That’s cool. Through January 4th, pick a flick from Amazon Instant Video and get 75% off the rental price (either SD or HD) with coupon code MOVIE75OFF. Just click on the More Purchase Options link (just under the Rent/Buy buttons) to enter your code.

Code works once per account, so choose your movie carefully.

Also? Have a wonderful holiday.

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Make space, without space bags

You know those fancy “space bags” you hook up to your vacuum cleaner and they do things like make all your spare pillows and blankets shrink down to the size of a pancake? Those are kind of cool, but they tend to be expensive, and I’ll tell you a little secret. Ready? Come closer:

For most items, you can achieve the same effect with a heavy-duty zip bag and just lying down on the bag while you seal it (or letting your kids sit on it for you).

Granted, a big Ziploc isn’t going to last forever, but neither will a space bag, probably. Anyway, this is all preamble to pointing out that right now Amazon has this 5-pack of 3-gallon Ziplocs available for just $5.24—its lowest price ever—or even less when you buy via Subscribe & Save. These aren’t big enough for bedding (well, maybe a single set of sheets, depending) but they’re plenty big enough for tons of other things, and in addition to helping you get to that magical extra-savings point of having 5 S&S orders in a month, they’re great for getting things around the house organized. Oh hey, they have this 4-pack of 10-gallon Ziplocs for $4.49, too (also its lowest price, and lower still when you buy via Subscribe & Save). This size is actually big enough for sweaters and blankets.

Also, flopping down on top of a bag to squeeze the air out is kind of fun.

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Don’t forget your Schoola credit!

If you made a purchase at Schoola during their promo to get an $11 credit to spend later, don’t forget to go shop this month and use it—credits have been automatically applied, so you’ll see the $11 come off at checkout.

Shipping is currently still free, and your credit is good until December 31st. Happy shopping!

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Well, that’s just wootiful

Er, I mean beautiful. I think.

Just in case you want to get a jump on all the cool deals you’re likely to see this week at Woot, take note that if you make a purchase right now and pay your $5 for shipping, then any order you place through December 14th will ship for free.

My guess is there will be a pretty great Woot-Off happening on Friday (and then again on Monday), so it’s nice to know you could potentially be saving all those shipping charges.

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Also: Don’t forget your comparison shopping

Perhaps you, like me, are spending a lot of time watching the Amazon Lightning Deals these days. It should go without saying that you always double-check a deal before you jump on it, but I’m saying it, anyway.

For example: I’ve been wanting a hands-free leash for one of my dogs. Right now, this extra-long hands-free leash is on a Lightning Deal for $16.99 (down from $23.99). Hmmmm. I don’t really need a long one, though. And my product page came up with an ad for this regular hands-free leash (with similar excellent reviews) available for just $9.99. That’s more my style, and a quick price check reveals that’s a great price.

So! Then I remember to read the “Special Offers” section, and it turns out that if I purchase 2 or more qualifying items I can get one for free with code WKFATFME. Really? I tried the code on 2 leashes. Yep, 2 leashes for $9.99 shipped. (I have two dogs, but only one goes for walks. I guess a friend is getting a leash!)

In other words: Compare. Read. Check. Then go get your deals.

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Right up my alley for the next quarter

Have you been remembering to sign up to Get More with Discover? You can enroll now for the next quarter starting in July, and then from July through September you can earn extra money on Home Improvement and Department Store purchases, and—be still my heart!—Amazon purchases! Seeing as how I’ll mostly be spending those bonuses at Amazon, anyway, I’ll happily grab the bonus if they want to give it to me.

My Subscribe & Save items alone should be enough to get me plenty, and if I’m already into holiday shopping by then, well, that’s just more cashback to rack up.

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Well this is fabulous

Target is donating a billion dollars (!!!) to education, and you can get $25 sent to your school by thanking a teacher through the campaign page. Facebook login required, but it’s a very simple process after that.

Say something nice to a teacher you love, earn money for the school. Nice!

[Thanks for the tip, Jill!]

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Stuff you should do this week

Happy some-of-the-world-is-returning-to-normal-life day! If you’re lucky, you’ve still got some time off this week to ring in the new year and figure out how many random objects and festive bows got crammed under the couch last week.

Today is the first day in a whole week that I’ve felt normal again. Hooray for Tamiflu! And here’s a few things I’ll be doing over the next few days; maybe you’ll want to do them, too.

Take care of any year-end charitable contributions. If you’ve been meaning to make a donation somewhere, or have bags to drop off at Goodwill, get it done before the 31st so you get the tax benefit for this year. I try to do a closet clean-out before the holidays, but sometimes (like this year) I don’t manage it. We did it over the weekend and I’ll be dropping off our donations today.

Do another once-over wherever you were storing gifts. Whether it’s a closet, a corner of the basement, a magical cupboard (hey, I don’t know your life), wherever you were stashing gifts this year, go through and make sure you didn’t miss anything and know what’s still in there. During the big Lightning Deals frenzy at Amazon I often acquire not just holiday, but birthday and other random gifts, as well. Now’s the time to make sure you know what’s stashed.

Finish any thank-yous. Did far-flung family send goodies your way? Hopefully you already said thanks, but if not, take care of that before the hustle and bustle of returning to “regular life” takes over.

Clean your refrigerator. Yeah. I’m sorry. It’s my least-favorite thing, too, but if you’re like me you’ve been cooking and feeding people and then refusing to cook and ordering out and in general your (my) fridge is probably full of scary things by now in the back corners. Won’t it be great to ring in 2015 without mystery containers lurking in your fridge…?

Do resolutions, however it works for you. I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution type, myself, but we do tend to do a family night either on or new New Year’s Eve where we talk about what our goals are for the coming year as a family. Also I’ve been making a vision board every year for the past… four or five years or so, I guess. (My daughter has joined me the last few years.) It’s nice to just take a few minutes to stop and breathe and think, y’know?

Spill… what’re you up to this week?

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Don’t forget to Get More this fall!

Registration is now open for the October-December Get More Discover Bonus, and it’s perfect for the holiday shopping season—extra bonuses on purchases made online and at department stores. It’s like they made it just for us!

Go sign up right now, before you forget, and then earn yourself some extra cash this year without even trying.

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