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Thinking ahead to fall?

It was with great sadness this morning that I pulled out my younger teen’s next pair of sneakers. I’d been hoping the pair he was wearing would make it through the summer—and it was so close—but ’twas not to be. This was also a good reminder that soon we’re back to school and not too long after that, it’ll be getting cold again.

There’s a ton of new sale items over at UNIQLO, but of particular note are the “ultra light down” jackets and vests for both men and women—these are the lowest prices we’re going to see until the end-of-winter clearance, I’d guess.

Of course, they’ve also got cute t-shirts for the teens (or you; I don’t judge) and a variety of other goodies, too. Worth checking out. Shipping is free on your $50+ order.

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All the cool stuff, no mall overwhelm

If I’m being perfectly honest, sure, Hot Topic is not exactly my favorite store. Some of the stuff they carry is… ahhh… interesting… and not at all my style (and maybe would evoke a “Over my dead body!” if my teen asked). And the store at the mall is just… loud. Crowded. Unfun.

But days like today—when they’re having a flash sale and everything is marked an extra 30% off (even clearance)—I can get behind a little online shopping. This means I can get that one super-cool t-shirt my kid is coveting, plus maybe some stocking stuffers, and it’s inexpensive and I don’t have to go to the mall. Awesome.

Shipping is a flat $4.95/order. You should be able to make that up in savings, easy.

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It’s like spotting an endangered animal

On these rare occasions when releases a coupon, I always feel like I just saw a snow leopard in the Himalayas. So rare! So beautiful!!

Okay, fine, maybe a snow leopard would be a little more exciting. But 6pm coupons are good, too.

Anyway! Shop today and you can use code HQ7TOJYEK7 for an additional 10% off your order. It’s not a huge amount, sure, but on top of their already clearance-worthy prices, it’s nice. Plus they’ve got everything the kids need to dress for back-to-school and now with the extra savings you don’t have to feel guilty about scooping up a little something for yourself, too.

[Note: As with all 6pm coupons, this one is limited to a certain number of uses—usually 10,000—or until midnight. Order sooner rather than later to make sure you get the deal.]

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Bag better savings at Bloomies

Yes, sure, most of the time, Bloomingdale’s is too rich for my blood, but they do have pretty awesome clearance, plus right now you can use coupon code SUNSHINE to take an additional $20 off every $50 you spend on already-reduced merchandise. So, shipping is free on $150+, and you’d save an extra $60 on a $150 purchase. Nice!

There is a list of excluded items/brands, but if you can find stuff that’s covered by the additional discount, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

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Still not schooled on Schoola? Here you go!

Surely by now you are sick of me singing Schoola‘s praises, but seriously, if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out.

Right now—in addition to the $15 credit you’ll get just for signing up through my link—they’re offering 50% off your entire order and free shipping with coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA. That’s crazy, given that many of their prices are already 80% off retail. I’ve ordered with them probably half a dozen times, now, and in addition to great deals and money going to schools, I’d say we’ve only had maybe 2 or 3 items that were misses out of around… oh… 30.

Why, just now I placed another order with the coupon. It’s true, sometimes I get clothes for myself, but mostly I stick to buying stuff for my rapidly-growing and adult-sized children who seem to need new clothes constantly. I spent about $38 ($37.99, if you must know) on 10 items; the kids are getting 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 shirts, and 1 jacket. That’s better than I can do at Goodwill, frankly. (Plus my son is going to look great in that skirt.) (I kid! It’s not his size!)

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Even more secondhand bargains

Love all the deals for online gently-used clothing? Check out Twice today—the day before they are acquired by eBay—and you’ll get a $10 credit through my referral link, plus you can use coupon code FINAL30 to take an additional 30% off clearance items.

I’m finding the site a little slow, but there’s definitely goodies to be had. The coupon will work through 11:59 p.m. tonight, Pacific time.

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Stock up on essential back-to-school gear

I know, some of you aren’t back to school for another couple of months, but back to school will be here before you know it, regardless. And everyone—even the grown-ups!—needs new socks and undies, right? Right. So hop on over to Hanes right now for their biggest sale of the season on essentials and get everyone outfitted before school starts and Junior fesses up that he can only find three pairs of underwear, and really, he has no idea what happened to the other ones.

Shipping is automatically free on your $60+ order, or use code 89404 for $1.99 shipping on any size order.

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Surprise Specials Day? Okay!

For the first time possibly ever, Macy’s is offering free shipping on absolutely every order today. No catch, no kidding.

They’re also calling it Surprise Specials Day, which means there’s tons of deals around, but only for today. And coupon code DEALS gives you an additional 20% off just about everything.

Not that I’m not enjoying Prime Day, but this is pretty good, too.

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Positively shoetastic

If you haven’t visited Nordstrom Rack online lately, you’re missing out. They’ve just taken another round of markdowns on women’s shoes, and I’m currently sifting through 50+ pages of shoes available for under $25. Craziness!

Shipping is free on $100+, otherwise it starts at $7.95. But do some of that back-to-school shopping now and you won’t have any problem loading up on enough deals to get the free shipping.

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Get those Lands’ End swim discounts!

I currently own two swimsuits I will wear in public if I must. They’re both from Lands’ End. They’re flattering (particularly for someone—not naming any names here, ahem—who is in that tricky demographic between “young enough to feel good in a swimsuit” and “old enough to no longer care”), they last forever, and they’re guaranteed, period. I love, love, love swimwear from Lands’ End, is my point.

Today (Wednesday, July 1st) you can shop their full-price swim and take 40% off with coupon code SWIMSALE and PIN 5882. Maybe I need a third suit…?

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