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Did someone say 6pm?

Remember back when we all used to shop all the time, because the prices were so good and shipping was free? And then they started charging shipping again and we were sad? (And by “we,” here, I of course mean “me.”)

Well! This is the week to hit them up—shipping is free all week, plus today only you can save an additional 10% with coupon code BESTPICKS.

I don’t think anyone in my family actually needs any shoes right now (which is a small miracle unto itself…), but they have all sorts of clothing and gear besides, so surely there’s a deal just waiting for me if I go look for it….

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Score some Aero deals

Is there a mall store my girlchild loves more than Aeropostale? No, there is not. That store is like crack to teens, and unlike some other mall stores (*coughHollistercough*) they don’t crank the music up so loud that you wonder if you’re having a stroke.

Anyway! If your kid loves Aero like mine does, right now you can shop using coupon code BTS30 for 30% off practically the whole store. Plus you can head on over to this giveaway at for a chance to win one of 10 $50 gift cards. (Winners will be selected via lottery drawing and notified on August 24th; see the full official entry rules for details.)

(I’m not saying my kid has these Seriously Stretchy Jeggings in every color, but I’m not saying she doesn’t, either.) (Related: Ah, to be a teen again!)

Shipping starts at $7 but is free on $75+. Or just wait until you win one of those gift cards and then you really won’t care about shipping costs.

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Because I’m always a sucker for a nerd shirt

Do you have a Pokémon GO addict in your house? Perhaps you are said addict? (No judgment here; it’s not my jam, but I fully admit I watch a lot of terrible television. We all have our vices.)

In that case, might I suggest you need this shirt, immediately?


Shirt.Woot never lets me down, and today’s shirt is no exception. I can’t stop giggling. Get a standard t-shirt for $7, or an American Apparel T or tank for $10. $5 ships your entire order, regardless of how many Pokémon trainers you’re buying for.

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Got uniforms?

If you’re staring down the barrel of back-to-school and your kid(s) wears uniform gear, today would be an excellent day to avail yourself of the deals at Kids.Woot—they’ve got an entire page of “uniform bundles” at ridiculously low prices.

Choose from 5-packs of boys’ or girls’ polos, and 3-packs of pants, shorts, or scooters. $5 ships your entire order no matter how much you buy, and you could get everything out of the way in one fell swoop. (Um, as long as your girl-child doesn’t want pants or shorts. Hmph.)

We had a few glorious years of uniforms in middle school. I know some people hate uniforms, but I loved the end of “what do I wear today”itis. The fact that it drove my kid up a wall was just the icing on the cake.

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Shine on, Macy’s

This post is sponsored by Macy’s. As always, all opinions are my own.

We sometimes poke a little good-natured fun at the stores that seem to have a lot of sales, ’round here, but of course I live for these discounts. Don’t stop! Mark stuff down and then have additional coupons as much as you like, favorite retailers. I’m here for you, when you do.

So right now, Macy’s is doing another great online coupon, and am I on it? Like white on rice, baby. Just use coupon code SHINE through August 4th to take an additional 20% off most items, plus 10% off most of the rest (some exclusions to apply). [Updated to add: Apparently the coupon will continue working on sale/clearance jewelry through August 14th, though.] I noticed it doesn’t work on Converse sneakers, for example, but it does take an additional 20% off many Vera Bradley items (which are already on sale, so hey).

CK-rainjacket-macysThis coupon came at the perfect time for me, because I was just thinking that I need a “nicer” raincoat. Here in the south, winter = rain, and while I own nice Gore-Tex windbreaker perfect for sitting through rainy football games, it’s not quite nice enough to wear to a business meeting or out to dinner.

I went looking, and hello—this hooded Calvin Klein lightweight jacket is exactly what I’ve been wanting. It’s nicer than my windbreaker and can be dressed up or down, it’s longer than a jacket but not as cumbersome as a full coat, and it comes in a bunch of colors. (I like this blue; I think it’s more fun than a typical tan or black jacket, but not so bright that it overwhelms.)

This jacket was originally $150, is currently down to $89.99, and comes to $72 with the coupon. I think I can justify that for a designer label jacket with great reviews.

minecraft-shorts-macysNow, to assuage any guilt I might have about shopping for myself (it happens, even though I know it’s silly), I went looking for some shorts for my son. I found these Epic Threads Digital World shorts and I can’t stop laughing, but oh yes, I’m buying them. (Pro tip: Got a string bean of a teenage boy? Look for children’s brands that go up to size 18 or 20 when you need shorts for ’em. They’re cheaper, and in a lot of cases, they actually fit better.) Are these shorts ridiculous? Yes. Do I love them, anyway, and will my teenager wear them (maybe ironically, maybe not)?

If you have a kid who loves Minecraft, you obviously need to buy him these shorts. They were originally $28, marked down to $9.99, so just $8 after coupon. I don’t know about you, but even if my kid only wears ’em once, for $8, the amusement factor is a bargain.

Go head, grab that SHINE coupon and snag yourself a good deal. I won’t tell anyone.

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There’s never a wrong time for shoes, honestly

I realize not everyone likes shoes as much as I do (I don’t have a problem, I have a hobby; there’s a difference), but everyone needs some shoes sometimes, right? Today (Monday, July 18th) is the perfect day to score—you can take 25% off almost anything at Shoebuy with coupon code EMLONEDAY2SAVE. Plus they’re having a huge Summer Sale, and shipping and exchanges are automatically free, too.

There are some brand exclusions, but I’ve discovered that Chaco isn’t one of them, and if you like Chaco, you know they pretty much never go on sale. My kid decided she needed a pair this year (finally; she has been behind the trend for her entire beleaguered life, but now that she’s getting ready to leave for college I am getting soft) and I made a very happy discovery in addition to this sale: Chaco goes all the way up to size 6 in kids, which is roughly equivalent to a woman’s size 8. If you’re a small-footed female, save yourself some extra money by buying the kid size. (Seriously. The kid versions are about half what the adult versions cost.)

Don’t dawdle, though. This code and the extra savings end tonight at 11:59 pm.

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Yoda is my spirit animal

Is it because I’m sleep-deprived and busy that I cannot stop laughing at today’s Shirt.Woot offering? Possibly, but that didn’t stop me from buying it immediately. It combines two of my favorite things: Yoda and a grammar joke. For $7 I didn’t even have to think too hard about it.

Wear this shirt, I will.

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Macy’s “Black Friday in July” is live now

This post is sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own.

No, it’s not anywhere near holiday-time. No, today isn’t even Friday. No matter! Macy’s will not be deterred! They’re rolling out the Black Friday in July deals for the remainder of the week, but today is the very best day. Here’s the lowdown: Shop at Macy’s today (Tuesday, July 12th) and coupon code BFJULY will get you up to an extra 25% off as well as free shipping on any size order (and that’s on top of the deals they’re already running). Today is definitely the day to get the best bang for your buck. But, if you miss today? Go ahead and shop July 13th-17th and coupon code BFJULY will still give you those additional savings, but you’ll have to spend $50+ for free shipping. (As always: go for the automatic free shipping, obvs.) This promo code has some category/brand exclusions, but it does work on Sale and Clearance items, and depending on the item you’ll receive either 15% or 25% off the already-reduced price.

You’re obviously free to buy whatever you like, and with just about everything on sale this week, you’d be hard-pressed to go wrong, so enjoy. Me, I’m still looking around, but I did manage to find one “want” and one “need” I’m feeling pretty good about with the additional savings.

macys-MS-pillowsFirst, the need: With one child leaving for college in just a few weeks, a normal person would take a break from dorm shopping now that she’s ready to go, but because I am me, I started shopping for the other kid (hey, he’s leaving in a year). He needs new pillows. He needs pillows good enough to last him through college, but not so good that I can’t afford to send him to college, if you know what I mean. So these Martha Stewart Collection down-alternative pillows fit the bill—they’re gusseted, which I’ve found is a fancy way of saying “there’s two seams all the way around instead of one,” which seems to help the pillows hold their shape, some, and they’re good for those of us with down allergies, and on top of that, they’re averaging a 4.5 star rating with a ton of reviews. The sale price of $14.97/pillow is pretty good, anyway, but with the code they come down to just $12.72 apiece, today. Sold!

macys-floral-shirtdressAnd since I was so smart about that, I get to get something for me, right? I was eying a really cute sport bikini but then my (rotten) (but gorgeous, and obviously much younger than me) kid was all “You’re looking at that for me, right?” and now I’m feeling old and grumpy. Know what would cheer me up? This pretty floral shirtdress, which is not only already nearly half off, it’s completely age-appropriate and my kid isn’t acting horrified that I like it. With the coupon it’s less than $40 and unlike that bikini, I can wear this to PTA meetings. So.

[I am making no judgments about bikinis or “women of a certain age” or anything, of course. I just both really like this dress and prefer it when my daughter doesn’t look at me askance or outright make fun of me.]

If you find some unbeatable deals, come back and share. With free shipping all day, I don’t want to miss anything!

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It’s the big $4.99-and-under clearance

Haven’t been to Children’s Place in a while? They’re having a giant clearance, with the most expensive items at $4.99 (I typed “$499” at first by accident, and wow, that would be a lot for a t-shirt for your toddler…), and plenty of offerings in the $1.99-$2.99 range.

Shipping is free on every order. Those jersey knit shorts my son lived in for most of his childhood are just $2.99, and yes, I’m still bitter that their largest size is 14.

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Another great day to Schoola

I have a hard time believing any of you haven’t yet tried out Schoola, but I suppose it’s possible. If you’re new, signing up gets you a $20 credit to start shopping, which is even more motivation beyond the part where your purchases help schools and they offer an abundance of gently-used clothing options at deeply discounted prices.

But if all of that isn’t enough, let me make it irresistible: Right now you can shop used offerings to your heart’s content (this offer excludes new-with-tags items) and then apply coupon code CANYOUSAVE for 60% off and free shipping on your order. If you were saving any more, it’d be free, just about.

Shop a little, shop a lot. It’s great for replenishing the kids’ wardrobes, but they have plenty of adult offerings, too. You can outfit the entire family for pennies on the dollar, which is my favorite kind of shopping.

This offer is valid through July 4th, but of course inventory varies. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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