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Stock up on basics

There’s tons of items—everything from underwear to outerwear—on sale right now over at Hanes, plus you can get free shipping on any size order with coupon code AFF22FS.

I love these sales, because I can pick up new socks for everyone and a few sweats for the whole family and it ends up being crazy cheap for stuff I’m always buying, anyway.

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May the dapper force be with you

I can’t stop laughing—check out this little boys’ shirt and Star Wars tie combo over at Amazon. Depending on the color/size you pick, they’re as low as $4.34 each.

They’re selling out fast, but, um, how deliciously nerdtastic would that be for Easter?

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Another big Clarks sale

Love Clarks shoes? (I do. We all know I have a thing for shoes, and my Clarks continuously last longer and are more comfortable than many of the other brands I own.) Right now when you shop them online, there’s a bevy of clearance items where you can take an additional 20% off with coupon code WINTER. You’re looking at upwards of 70% off on some styles, which is pretty sweet.

Shipping is free. Comfortable, high-quality shoes are priceless.

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It’s time for a Gap-a-palooza

Been waiting for a good sale to do some shopping at the Gap family of stores? Today would be a good day to go for it—there’s one-day-discounts you won’t want to miss.

At Gap, you can take 40% off nearly everything with coupon code BLUEMON

At Old Navy, tons of items are already half off, plus you can use coupon code SCORE for another 35% off most items.

There’s a bunch of up-to-40%-off markdowns at Banana Republic, too, but no coupon code. Sale items, however, are an automatic additional 50% off at checkout, which is pretty sweet (especially if you had your eye on a coat).

Don’t forget that magical shared shopping cart across the stores—get over $50 in any combination between them all and your order will ship for free. That means you can stock up on basics for the kids and justify a little something for you because hey, you needed that free shipping…. (Okay, maybe that’s just me.)

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Kohls, I’ve missed you

This may be the longest I’ve ever gone in my adult life without swinging by the Kohls website to see what we “need.” Christmas tided me over for, like, a whole month! (Yes, I know it hasn’t been a month since Christmas. I mean I finished shopping at least a month ago.)

But lo and behold, I have a teenage boy, and that means that suddenly someone is claiming his shoes are “too small” and “hurting his feet.” (He’s such a whiner.) Back to Kohls I go, and thankfully there are codes galore.

If you don’t have a Kohls charge, why not? Seriously, get yourself together. But in the meantime, you can use coupon code LIVING for 15% off your under-$100 order, or code HEALTHY for 20% off $100+. You’ll also get free shipping to your home if you spend $75+, or free shipping to your local store on any size order.

If you do have a Kohls charge, you’re smart and also pretty. You can use coupon code LOVE2SHOP for 30% off your entire order, plus code FREE4MVC for free shipping on any size order. There’s also a slew of stackable department codes:

  • DARKSIDE10 takes $10 off your $50+ Hasbro Star Wars toys
  • JEWELRY20 takes 20% off jewelry/watches
  • BABYLOVE10 takes $10 off $30 baby clothing/gear
  • MYSTYLE10 takes $10 off $30 Women’s Plus clothing

I have to go buy some shoes, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Happy saving!

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Pants and more (for less)

They’re clearing the decks over at Dockers, and that means the site is listing a coupon code for 40% extra off sale items, but let’s go one better—take 50% off all already-reduced items with coupon code GIMME50. Shipping is free at $50+, otherwise it’s a flat $7.50.

I always forget that they actually have some cute women’s stuff. That’s handy, because I can go buy some pants for my guys and then pick up a couple of things for me, too. (For the free shipping, of course. I’m just being frugal….)

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Suit up, men

I don’t usually claim any sort of credit for a deal, but this one is allllllll me, baby. Yes, I’m the reason that right now Men’s Wearhouse is having a ginormous sale and free shipping. Me. Yes. Because when my teenager needed a suit for a formal event about five weeks ago, there were no deals to be had anywhere. Nor was his size available anywhere (all hail the teenage beanpole). So it is through my karmic poor luck that now you can go buy an entire suit starting at just $24. Just go check out their Clearance (which is now an extra 50% off) and sort by price.

You’re welcome. (P.S. Guess who’s getting a new suit?)

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Don’t panic! You still have time!!

Christmas is this week, you know. Like, soon. It’s okay if you still have shopping to do. There’s time, even if you refuse to leave the house and shop with the panicked masses. (I mean if you’re refusing to leave the house to shop. Hopefully you’re not a bona fide recluse.)

Amazon Prime is going to be your best bet right now, obviously—Prime is reliable, the Lightning Deals are flying fast and furious, and Amazon carries just about everything—but it’s not your only option. Other ways to get it done without hitting the mall:

Get free shipping on every order and a free 2-day upgrade on $75+ at, right now. They’re known for footwear, but they have tons of other clothing options and even a weird assortment of home items like fancy pots and pans. (Le Creuset, anyone?)

Get free shipping on everything at Target right now, plus they’re still guaranteeing before-Christmas delivery on regular shipping if you order by tomorrow.

Macy’s is still guaranteeing before-Christmas shipping on in-stock items (and it’s free on $99+) and they’re having a pop-up sale today. Take an additional 20% off just about everything with code WRAPUP. There’s some great deals in women’s clothing and also on kitchen stuff. (What? A girl can’t dream about a new pair of boots and a fancy coffeemaker?)

While you probably don’t want to pay for the shipping upgrade, bear in mind that anything you order from Kohls can be ordered online and picked up at the store—you still have to go to the store, but you don’t really have to fight the crowds (you’re in and out in a flash). Better still, they’re luring you right all kinds of deals and extra savings right now—$10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, take 30% off with your Kohls Card with code PRESENTS30, and shipping to the store or to your home on $50 is free, or code MVC4FREE gets you free shipping on every order (this is only useful if you don’t need it before Christmas, obviously). There’s also codes on the site itself for more savings if you don’t have a Kohls card.

In other words, there’s plenty of ways to finish up your shopping without aggravation. I promise.

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Make it Macy’s

There’s still time to shop at Macy’s and get it in time for Christmas, plus they’re pulling out all the sale stops right now to entice you.

Shipping is automatically free on $25+, clearance is an additional 25% off automatically, and there’s late-breaking specials galore. If you’re done with your holiday shopping, well, scoop up some of those clearance deals and other stuff you need just because. (I mean, hey, I’m not giving anyone towels for Christmas, but there are some great deals on towels and we need ’em anyway….)

Happy hunting!

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Clothes and toys, toys and clothes

I don’t know what your approach to Christmas gifts is (assuming you do Christmas gifts, or some approximation thereof), but for years we did the whole “Jesus got three gifts and so do you” thing. Then we transitioned to the somewhat pithy “something they want / something they need / something to wear / something to read” thing. I like both of those approaches for keeping the Gift Sprawl to a minimum.

Once I reach completion on holiday gift shopping, though, I find myself picking up some more great deals while I tell myself that it’s for birthdays or next Christmas. It may be a bit of an illness, but I’m okay with that.

This is all preamble to explaining why, with Target’s deals today being Buy One, Get One 50% off on toys and clothing, clearly I had to do just a little more shopping. I mean, obviously. Plus, spend $50 on kids’ clothes and you’ll get a $10 gift card.

Can I just say I’m loving their free shipping for the holidays? I keep placing orders with them of $5 or $10 and it all ships for free. Score!

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