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Winter is coming! I mean, probably.

We’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow. I live in the south, so this is Big News. Like, clear out the grocery store of bread and milk and eggs kind of news. I have no idea how the weather’s been going this year elsewhere, but I do know that aside from French toast fixings, you may need some warmer clothing to brave the elements.

If you’re not ready for it yet, good news! Today (Thursday, December 7th) only, Target is offering half off winter-wear for the whole family! This covers the usual suspects—parkas, snow pants, some vests and fleece—but also (inexplicably) some windbreakers and suit jackets and light cardigans (and a couple of swim coverups…?), too. Target doesn’t seem to really understand how winter works, but I’m okay with that.

Shipping is free on every order. Also if you have a toddler I need to borrow them because some of those toddler jackets made me squeal out loud with the cute.

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Stock up for the kids today

I never feel so bitter about my kids growing up as I do when Children’s Place has a huge sale. Like, whyyyyyyyy must I have adult-sized children whose clothing costs as much as mine?? I miss the days of $2 t-shirts and big stock-up sales where I literally bought “one in every color” of anything they liked because it was so cheap.

Little kids are cheap, y’all. I know, you think they’re expensive with their diapers and everything. But then they grow up and want computers and cars and college. And that’s aside from clothing that suddenly costs a whole lot more. (Clearly the issue here is the letter c. I need to do more research into this issue.)

Anyway, if your kids are still small, get on over there—everything is at least 50% off, with clearance as much as 75% off. Every order ships for free, and you’ll earn $10 Place Cash for every $20 you spend. (Not that you’ll need to come back and spend that, because you’ll already have one in every color thanks to today’s sale….) Also, did you know they have matching family jammies, including adult sizes?? They do. Go. Enjoy. Don’t worry about me, sitting over here all bitter.

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Did you miss all the outerwear deals? Never fear!

It doesn’t happen anymore, but when my kids were little I swear they would wait for every sale on a given item to pass before having a growth spurt. Every time. I’d be sitting there all smug in December that I’d finally made sure everyone had snow pants and boots and whatever before school even started (okay, this was before we lived in the south…) and then a week before Christmas, the parkas would magically shrink, or a child would come home with just one boot. That wasn’t just us, right?

Sales will keep coming and going, but if you have a small-ish human in your home who needs a new coat or other items, or if you just realized you, yourself, need a pair of boots of a jacket warmer than that hoodie you’ve been wearing all fall (oh, wait, that was me in the hoodie), today (Monday, December 4th) would be a good time to check out Lands’ End—you can use coupon code WARMTH with PIN 3216 for 50% off your entire order! (Note: this code works only on full-price items, so this is not a good time to clean up on additional clearance savings, but if you’ve had your eye on a new parka, this is absolutely a good time to grab that.)

Shipping is free on your $50+ order, which is calculated after any coupon savings (boo). Don’t forget that you can return Lands’ End merchandise for free at your local Sears, soooo… I’m not telling you what to do, of course, but maybe you want to order something in two different sizes and return the one you don’t want in-store, and maybe that gets you free shipping along the way. Just sayin’.

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Because they haven’t had a sale in a while…

… hahahahaha, I crack myself up. Sure, Macy’s hasn’t had a sale in forever, amirite? Like, not since last week! Hahaha! (I know, old joke. Never stops being funny, though.)

Anyway—be that as it may—it’s somehow times for the Friends & Family sale, which means an extra up-to-30% off just about everything with coupon code FRIEND. And of course that’s on top of everything that’s already on sale.

Need a few more just-because or thank-you or happy-holidays-but-I-don’t-know-what-you-like gifts? Check out their Frango Chocolates offerings. Boxes start around about $6 after coupon, although the larger boxes are obviously the best value. My only problem here is that they don’t offer mixed boxes. I mean, I love sea salt caramels, but I also love the dark chocolate raspberry, so how am I supposed to… oh. Right. I was supposed to be buying them as gifts, not for myself. I remember, now.

Shipping is free on your $99+ order or when shopping with a Macy’s card, or add any Beauty item to your order for free shipping on the whole thing. (Pro tip: grab one of these I’m Real Face Masks for $2.55 after coupon; it’s cheaper than paying for shipping, and sheet masks make for the best selfies, anyway.)

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Cyber Monday at the department stores

Bear in mind that we’re not going to see too many deals different from the ones that were available on Friday, but if you missed some (or have added items to your list), they’re worth checking out.

Kohls is no longer doing the Kohls Cash bonus they had last week, but there’s tons of doorbusters and coupon code BUYNOW20 gives you an extra 20% off, plus you can stack code MONDAY for an extra $10 off $50+, plus all orders of $25+ ship for free (or choose free store pickup).

Macy’s is also doing free shipping on $25+, plus you can use coupon code CYBER for an extra 20% off almost everything.

If JC Penney is more your thing, coupon code SHOPNOW8 is taking 35% off $100+ or 25% off, otherwise.

Bealls has their deals out, plus coupon code CYBER30 will save you an additional 30% and give you free shipping on $25+.

That should keep you busy for a while….

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And equal time for my other kid…

… because when I complained that I was running out of things to post (mostly because I’m tired, not because there’s a shortage of deals, today), my daughter rattled off several of her favorite stores and pointed out I hadn’t linked them, yet. Excuse me! Do you have a teenage or young adult girlchild, or are you more fashionable than I am (not that that’s hard)? You may like the following:

Today at American Eagle, just about everything is 40% off and ships for free, plus at Aerie they’re doing all undies at 10 for $35.

Over at Forever 21, you can use coupon code EXTRA30 for an additional 30% off most sale items, although everything is marked down (some of it up to 80% off), already. Shipping is free.

The physical stores seem to be closing all around us, but online at Aeropostale, everything is 60-70% off, though you’ll pay shipping if your order is under $50.

And finally, everything at Charlotte Russe is $20 or less, right now, and everything ships for free.

There you go—every possible source of crop tops and ripped jeans you could need.

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Pants for him (and other stuff, too)

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I do have about 50 browser tabs open right now…. I keep thinking I’ve found everything I meant to look for and then I think of something else.)

The following stores carry both men’s and women’s clothing, I just happen to frequent them mostly for the guys, and mostly for pants. But they’ve got all kinds of stuff, including gear.

For the first time I can remember, Eddie Bauer is not only offering 50% nearly everything today with coupon code DEALS, they’re giving you free shipping on every order.

I just nabbed some dress pants for a song for my skinny teen over at Dockers, where code BLACKFRIDAY takes an additional 40% off even clearance items.

At Levi’s, they’re doing “Indigo Friday” (get it??) with an additional 40% off everything with code INDIGO40, plus free shipping on all orders.

There, now I can close 3 tabs….

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Don’t forget the socks!

Everyone finds some awesome socks either in the stockings or under the tree on Christmas morning, right? It’s not just my family?

Black Friday is happening at Happy Socks right now, and that means 40% off and free shipping. These are pricier than Big Box Store socks, yes, but (in my experience) better made, plus they come in a never-ending assortment of unique designs. With a deal like this, I can justify a few pairs just to help Santa out.

Bonus: It’s not just socks! they have super cute undies, too.

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Time to get your awesome Ts

Love novelty t-shirts? Black Friday has arrived at all our favorite places!

Right now you’ll get 50% off at BustedTees using coupon code BF2017, until 3:00 p.m. today (at which point the discount drops to 40% off).

Over at Threadless, all t-shirts are $12 today, and you’ll get 40% off everything else, too!

There’s a Woot-Off happening that includes Shirt.Woot, which means there’s a new shirt every 1-30 minutes depending on how popular it is. You’ll pay $5 to ship, but once you’ve paid it once, that ships however many Woot orders you place through Cyber Monday.

Obviously they have tons more than just shirts over at Society6, but the shirts (and everything else) are 25% off today with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.

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Rocking it out with the Gap family of stores

Black Friday has hit the Gap stores, and I am thrilled—I have an Old Navy gift card I’ve been waiting to use. On the one hand, I love the shared basked across stores where the minimum shipping amount can be combined between brands. On the other hand, I hate that I have to get to a $50 minimum to get it. But today, it’s a $50 minimum not counting automatic savings, which means I’m not having any trouble getting to $25 and that sweet free shipping. Woo! Also, I bet you can gauge the relative fanciness of each label based upon how they’re doing Black Friday.

Alright, here’s the lowdown:

Everything is automatically 50% off at Old Navy. Magic!

On the other hand, at Gap you’ll have to apply coupon code BLKFRIDAY for your 50% off (whyyyyyyy, Gap?), but then you can also apply coupon code JUST4YOU for an additional 10% off. (Y’all, Gap’s just being difficult.)

Over at Banana Republic, the 50% off savings are automatic, but only on regular-price merchandise, because they’re Banana Republic.

And finally, at Athleta, you can use coupon code BLISS for just 20% off, which is not too bad when you consider they almost never have codes.

I’m spending my card and getting my kid some jeans, because I’m wild like that. But you do you.

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