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I am officially old, I guess…

… but I look fabulous thanks to my jeans.

Ahem. Yes, longtime readers of the site know that for years I wore nothing but Lucky Brand (I still love my Luckys), but recently I acquired a couple of pairs of NYDJs (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans; what a horrible brand name, I know) at deep discount and fell in love with them. Then I went to buy some more and fainted from the retail price.

But! Today the top bonus Gold Box Deal at Amazon is select NYDJ items starting at just $35! Score! I have mixed feelings about the whole “buy one size smaller than your regular size” thing, because maybe they should just size properly rather than trying to make you feel good with a number, but regardless, aside from the sizing thing and the dumb name, these jeans are amaaaaaazing. They fit, they flatter, they hold up well, and they are definitely not Mom Jeans. I have a pair of skinnies and a funky sort of tie-dyed pattern pair and they’ve become my go-to jeans.

Tl;dr: I love everything about them but the dumb name, the sizing game, and the price. But everything else I love. And because you can go grab ’em cheap today, check them out if you’ve been looking for a new brand of jeans to love.

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If you missed it the last time…

… well, good news, because Schoola is doing another free-shipping promo right now. If you’re new to the site, sign up through my link there and you’ll get $15 to spend on whatever gently-used clothing for kids and teens you like, plus it’ll automatically ship for free. (If you’re already a member, well, free shipping always makes shopping more tempting!)

I’ve made two purchases with them so far and have been very pleased both times. And if you must know, the “High Schoola” sizes extend to adults, so it’s possible I grabbed some cute stuff for myself while shopping for the kids. Maybe.

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Time for a Kohls round-up

It seems like forever since Kohls had a good batch of coupons, but starting today we’ve got some new ones.

Of course they’ve got their sales/bonus buys/and Kohls Cash going right now (get $10 for every $50 you spend!), but it’s the coupons that really it hard to turn away. Kohls charge card holders can use code FLOWER30 for an extra 30% off everything, plus code MVCAPRIL will get you free shipping on any size order. No Kohls charge? You can use code SAVELC3 for 15% off your $100+ purchase, anyway, and everyone gets free shipping on $75+, automatically.

I am buying my man-sized child some man-sized clothes. But I am not happy about it, no matter how much money I save. Siiiiiigh.

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The perfect day for Place

Spring has sprung, and maybe you’ve discovered that your children’s clothing has mysteriously gotten smaller over the winter. Very odd. No matter! You can shop at Children’s Place today and take 50% off of everything, plus get free shipping, with coupon code PLACE3.

Usually this is where I leave you with a bitter rant about my children having outgrown all of their great bargains, but today I think I’ll mix it up and skip that part. Happy shopping!

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Are your feet ready for summer?

Spring is in full force here in Georgia, which means everything is coated in a couple of inches of yellow pollen, and the whole family is playing the “Is it allergies, or is it a cold?” game. Fun! But no matter, because soon it will be summer, and the pollen will abate, and then we can play the “Is it really 100 degrees at breakfast?” game.


If you’re getting ready to bust out the sandals and have realized that either all sandals have been outgrown or you wore out your favorites, get over to today. In addition to their big Coach sale today (Coach isn’t my thing, but the prices are great), they’re having a giant sale on both designer and comfort sandals, which means there’s something for everyone. Two of my favorite summer footwear brands—Clarks and Born—are deeply discounted, which means very soon I’ll have some cute new shoes covered in pollen.

Okay, maybe the pollen part isn’t so great. But the shoes! Focus on the shoes.

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Easter treats at Old Navy

Yet another way to clean up on clothing deals—right now Old Navy is offering up to 50% off all sorts of things, and then another 20% off on top of that for most items (their “Everyday Steals” and some other items are excluded from extra coupon savings, which always annoys me, but it’s hard to complain when their t-shirts start at $4, I guess).

Shipping is free on $50+, and that’s across all of the Gap family of stores (includes Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and then of course adding anything from Piperlime gets you free shipping at any total).

Old Navy has forever won a spot in my heart because they carry boys’ 18 Slim jeans, so I’m all over every sale like this. Also if you need me I’ll be putting bricks on my son’s head.

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There’s still time for Easter savings

Lots of good discounts are happening today over at Bon-Ton: save up to an extra 30% on nearly everything with coupon code MARCH30SAVE, get free shipping on just $25+ with code FREESHIP25 (or free shipping on anything with Shoprunner), and there’s plenty of markdowns and specials. (Note: remember that coupon savings can be used on items marked “Clearance” but not those marked “Yellow Dot.”)

If you’re an end-of-season clothes shopper, this is the sale to hit. Women’s clothing is starting at just a couple of bucks for tops, and then the coupon on top of that!

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Do you Schoola?

Have you checked out Schoola yet? Like ThredUp, it’s a site for gently used clothing at a deep discount, and also like ThredUp, if you’re new and you go sign up through my link, right now you’ll get a $15 credit at checkout when you register (and for a limited time, shipping is free). You can also designate a local school to benefit from your shopping, which is a nice little side benefit.

If you’re already a Schoola member, you can still save—use coupon code SPRINGSPREE right now for $10 off your $10+ purchase.

The free shipping thing is rare, so definitely go check it out while the getting’s good. I know I was supposed to be shopping for my kids, but, um, two pairs of shorts for me fell into my cart somehow. (Hey, with the coupon I only paid $3.)

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Stock up for the kids at the Clearance Blowout

Kids outgrowing all of their clothes again? No worries—today only (Monday, March 30th), get free shipping and an additional 30% off at Children’s Place, so you can stock up on everything they need.

I’ll just be over here, slightly bitter that they only go up to size 14. My son loved those Matchables cotton gym shorts for years, and they always held up forever, until I had to buy the next size for $4 or whatever. Now he’s man-sized and the same kind of shorts cost a minimum of $20. No fair.

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Get comfy, save more, with Hanes

Don’t forget that while you’re spring cleaning, you may also wish to clean out everyone’s underwear drawers and chuck the items which have seen better days. Need replacements? No problem—right now Hanes is offering 50% off some of their bestsellers, which means deals for the whole family.

Shipping is free on your $60+ order, or just $1.99 if you apply coupon code 89403.

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