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It’s the big $4.99-and-under clearance

Haven’t been to Children’s Place in a while? They’re having a giant clearance, with the most expensive items at $4.99 (I typed “$499” at first by accident, and wow, that would be a lot for a t-shirt for your toddler…), and plenty of offerings in the $1.99-$2.99 range.

Shipping is free on every order. Those jersey knit shorts my son lived in for most of his childhood are just $2.99, and yes, I’m still bitter that their largest size is 14.

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Another great day to Schoola

I have a hard time believing any of you haven’t yet tried out Schoola, but I suppose it’s possible. If you’re new, signing up gets you a $20 credit to start shopping, which is even more motivation beyond the part where your purchases help schools and they offer an abundance of gently-used clothing options at deeply discounted prices.

But if all of that isn’t enough, let me make it irresistible: Right now you can shop used offerings to your heart’s content (this offer excludes new-with-tags items) and then apply coupon code CANYOUSAVE for 60% off and free shipping on your order. If you were saving any more, it’d be free, just about.

Shop a little, shop a lot. It’s great for replenishing the kids’ wardrobes, but they have plenty of adult offerings, too. You can outfit the entire family for pennies on the dollar, which is my favorite kind of shopping.

This offer is valid through July 4th, but of course inventory varies. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Croc it up

Listen; I still maintain that Crocs aren’t appropriate footwear for grownups—save for activities like gardening and camping, you understand—no matter how many “modern” iterations they come out with. This is my own personal bias, I understand, but there it is. On the other hand, I think they are the perfect shoes for kids for all sorts of things, so my feelings are definitely mixed.

All of that aside, right now they’re taking an additional 30% off sale styles when you add them to your cart, plus they’re giving automatic free shipping when you spend $25+. And if I still had little feet in this house, would I be outfitting them in these fabulous Star Wars droids clogs? Yes. Yes, I would.

And if you, as an adult, still wear Crocs? Well, you do you. Who am I to stand in your way?

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And here some more sandals (and other kid stuff)

If you didn’t find what you needed at the Target sale and your kids still need stuff, head on over to Carter’s for their 4th of July sale. Today they’re offering free shipping on every order, and amongst their Doorbuster offerings today you’ll find $2 flip flops! Plus they’re taking another 30% off their Clearance, too.

Insert obligatory kvetching here about how I miss my children being small enough to wear Carter’s. I mean. Look at the cuteness. Can someone bring a baby over here for me to sniff, please??

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Got sandals?

Well, not to worry—if you don’t, Target is doing a “Deal Days of Summer” promo right now with great sales every day until the 4th of July. Today’s deal is sandals—already on sale, in most cases, and an additional 30% off with coupon code SUMMER. (Thanks for the tip, Cool Mom Picks!)

Shipping is free at $25+, plus they offer free returns. Pick up sandals for the whole family! Plus whatever else you needed, anyway.

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Free shipping’s back (today only)

Hey, remember when shipping was always free at I do, but barely. It was a long time ago. Eagle-eyed reader Sherri pointed out to me that they’re doing free shipping today (Thursday, June 23rd) only, for some reason.

What a wonderful excuse to get a new pair of shoes, amirite? Or clothing or other stuff. I don’t judge. (If you’ve never shopped 6pm—and I don’t know how that would be possible, but just in case—this is Zappos’ outlet site. They pretty much have shoes and everything else, too.) They’ve got sales going as well as “hourly steals” today, plus their regular closeout pricing. And now, free shipping. Thanks, Sherri!

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Score one-day-only Kohls mystery savings

This post is sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a small Kohls shopping addiction. Hey, as addictions go, it’s hardly even a vice. They carry just about anything I might want for my family or my home, plus between the deals and coupons and the Kohls Cash, I’m saving a bundle.

Today (Sunday, June 19th, 2016; happy Father’s Day!) is about to get a whole lot better for you and for me, because Kohls is doing a one-day-only mystery savings event, and with the help of I’m here to help you justify your shopping. All you have to do is visit the mystery coupon generator and take it from there. There are 30,000 unique codes available: 7,500 people will receive 20% off, 19,500 people will receive 30% off, and 3,000 lucky shoppers will receive 40% off. The only catch is that the codes are only good today—they expire at 11:59 Central Time tonight.

Now, you can use your code to buy absolutely anything you want on the site, but I have a couple of suggestions because 1) I always have suggestions and 2) you know the only thing I like better than a discount is stacking discounts for a crazy good deal.

Pet Spaces Cuddler BedFirst suggestion: I actually bought this Pet Spaces Cuddler bed a couple of weeks ago because it was marked so far down (c’mon, $10 before coupons, from $40? no-brainer), and also because my the last time I tried to buy a new bed for Duncan (because his is in tatters), Licorice promptly commandeered it because she’s a jerk. That bed she stole was kind of expensive, too, because she’s a jerk with excellent taste. So I ordered this one, instead, mostly because it was ridiculously cheap (I had a 30% off coupon, so it was under $8) and it is now the nicest dog bed we own—super plush and comfy, and now at night when I tell Duncan to go to bed, he doesn’t even bother begging to get into bed with us, he goes straight to his bed and curls up. Magic! I’m buying two more of these, just to have as backups. Or maybe I’ll buy a bunch and give some to the rescue where we got Licorice. At this price (and with the extra savings, too), I can be generous.

neatfreak-closetmaxSecond suggestion: I know I’ve hardly mentioned (hahahahaaaaaaa) that my oldest is leaving for college soon, but we’ve started looking into closet organization stuff because she will be sharing a closet with her roommate. Enter the neatfreak closetMax system—pretty much anything she could possibly want, nice and sturdy, and prices that don’t make me choke. (We’ve already purchased the 6-shelf organizer, but I think with the coupon I may go back for the 4-cubby organizer with hanging bar. Girlfriend has a lot of stuff.) Or… maybe I just start shopping for my other kid. Sure, I have a year, but… a deal’s a deal….

In conclusion, I shop too much at Kohls, and if you do, too, go grab your coupon and buy yourself (or your pet, or your kid) something pretty.

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Stock up on bras!

The weekend sale is gearing up at Macy’s, and that means web busters galore, including this blowout bras special where buying 2 or more from their vast assortment brings the price down to just $9.99 apiece. Buy 3 or more and your total will be over the $25 needed for free shipping on your order.

There’s plenty of other awesome discounts to be had, too, but the bras thing stood out to me, because anyone with breasts is aware that bras are pretty much the most expensive piece of essential clothing we’re expected to buy. So.

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Score the deals now, be warm later

I know winter seems impossibly far away, but it’ll be back before you know it. Good thing there are some crazy-good deals happening at Finish Line right now on things like fleece. If you’re willing to think about shopping for later when it’s a billion degrees outside, victory can be yours.

Just for example, this North Face zip Glacier Trail jacket for men is marked down to just $34.99. I’m not entirely sure what the big deal about North Face is, but even here in the south that seems to still be the hallmark of “cool” among my teens and their friends. And of course it wears like iron and last forever, so there’s that, too.

If shipping to your local store for pickup is available, that’s free; otherwise, you’ll pay $6.99 to ship your first item and another $2.99 for each additional one. (You know how I feel about paying for shipping, but the prices here are so ridiculously low I will give them a pass.) Buy now, celebrate later.

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Yet another time to get your Kohls on

If you were to ask me if it’s a scam, this whole thing where you keep earning Kohls Cash and then spending it and getting more—wedging you into the endless loop of Kohls shopping—I would say that it might be, sure, but have you seen how much you can save??

I just spent my Kohls Cash from the last round, seems like, and here they are letting you earn more, plus there’s the latest round of coupons. So: shop now, cardholders can use coupon code BBQ30 for 30% off and JUNESHIP for free shipping, plus if you’re spending $40+ on something they’d consider a Father’s Day purchase, everyone can use code DADSDAY10 for another $10 off.

There’s Bonus Buys and sales and in case you’re wondering, they have about eighty gajillion different “hang this shelving unit thingie in your closet” options, which is how my Kohls Cash got spent after a heated argument lively discussion with my soon-to-depart college freshman. Ahem.

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