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More make-the-teens-happy shopping

Okay, here’s some more options if your teens/young-adults/etc. are needing some new clothes. Right now just about everything is marked down at American Eagle and Aerie, plus the 10 for $30 undies special is back at Aerie.

Shipping is free on $50+, or on $25+ if you have Shoprunner. Plus shipping is always free on bras, swim, and shoes.

(No, I haven’t quite finished guilt-shopping. Why do you ask?)

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A deal my kid would love if… well, funny story

Okay, so, hi! How are you? Life has been pretty uneventful, here. I mean, my youngest graduated from high school and my parents came for graduation right when it appeared my daughter had gotten the flu—and that was terrifying because I didn’t want my folks to get sick—but hey, good news! Turns out my daughter has mono, and since her grandparents don’t spend a lot of time making out with her, I think they’re safe. But the bad news is that apparently mono can make you really, really sick, so now my kid is in the hospital. Which means I’m in the hospital! Hello from the land of terrible coffee!

(It’s fine. Everything’s fine. She’s finally a little better and we are hoping she’ll be sprung soon.)

Anyway, I hope you will forgive me for abandoning you. I was a little busy.

Now that I’ve had a shower and grabbed my laptop, I am of course guilt-shopping for said kid who is totally miserable. So here: Charlotte Russe is currently offering 20-50% off everything, plus free shipping on every order. My daughter loves their stuff, and it’s a lot more fashionable than the gown she’s currently wearing. Most of it even provides more coverage in the back than said gown, too. Worth a look if you have teen/college-aged young ladies who like trendy clothes (and you like reasonable prices).

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Kids & Baby Sale, but no kids or babies for sale

I have long loved to joke whenever there’s a kid/baby sale that “I don’t see any actual babies for sale,” and apparently my kid has picked up on my terrible sense of humor.

This morning when I saw that Old Navy is having a Kids & Baby sale right now, I mused aloud that—given just how much cheaper “boys” clothes are than “mens,” and given that my not-terribly-big high school senior is only just outgrowing his size 18 shorts—perhaps I could buy some 18 Husky shorts and get away with that for him?

He told me that was a terrible idea, and I was all set to explain that surely no one is going to look at the tags in his shorts, when he continued, “18 huskies is a ridiculous number of dogs that large. Really, one or two would be plenty.”

(We’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

Free shipping on your $25+ order with coupon code FREESHIP, plus code MAY saves you 40% on top of sale prices. Go get the deals if your kids are still wearing kid sizes.

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Friends & Family time at Eddie

I’m all over the discounts at Eddie Bauer, anyway, but when they have some great markdowns and a big coupon? I can’t resist.

Right now shop anything and everything and take an additional 40% off with coupon code FAMILY40. It even works on the Clearance and other markdowns. Maybe instead of another mug, you could give out Stasher Totes for end-of-year teacher gifts this year…? Or maybe you’re planning your next adventure and want to scoop up some deals on their Stowaway Packables? (I’m pretty sure they’re even cheaper now than when they had their last sale.) Whatever you need, it’s hard to argue with an extra 40% off.

Shipping is automatically free on $99+, or on $25+ if you have Shoprunner. Happy hunting!

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Tons o’ deals if you have the time

This site is new to me (maybe I’ve been living under a rock…?), but right now there are literally tens of thousands of clearance deals at Spring right now, all name-brand goodies from Gymboree to Land of Nod to Sur la Table to Abercrombie & Fitch and more.

Make it even better with coupon code SUNNY20 for an additional 20% off. Shipping (and returns!) is free.

I am sorting through all the clearance because I’m a glutton for punishment, but if you were searching for a specific thing I imagine it might be a little bit easier to find some deals in a shorter period of time.

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Are you feeling Lucky? You should be!

One of my very favorites is Lucky Brand—their jeans fit me and hold up great, their tops are that mix of classic and quirky that I love—and basically I adore everything about them except the regular retail prices. I mean, I’m sure someone is paying that, but it’s not me.

On a day like today, though, I’ll go shopping there and I won’t even feel guilty. Right now their Sale section is filled with items that come down an additional 40% when you put them in your cart, plus you can use coupon code SLCKDLSOFF75 for another $25 off your $75+ order. It looks like some shoes are automatically an additional 50% off, too.

Shipping is free on $50+, or a flat $5, otherwise. (I don’t think I’m going to have any trouble getting to $50, however….)

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It’s time to Kohls again

Oh, we haven’t had a great combination of Kohls sales/coupons for a little while, which is weird, because Kohls is pretty much synonymous with sales and coupons. Hey, that’s fine. I’ll take it whenever it happens.

So here we go: Everyone gets $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent through April 15th, plus automatic free shipping on $75+ (shipping to your local store and picking up is always free), and through April 12th, coupon code SPRINGSAVE takes 20% off $100+ or 15% off a smaller order. If you have a Kohls charge card—which you do, right, because that’s how you get the best deals—you can use coupon code BUNNY30, instead, for 30% off any order, plus you can use code APR4FREE for free shipping on any size order.

Those percent off coupons can be stacked with department-targeted coupons, as well: STYLE10 takes $10 off your $40+ purchase in Juniors or Big Girls (7-16), PLAYTIME15 takes 15% off Melissa & Doug toys, and MENSTYLE10 takes $10 off your $50+ purchase of men’s clothing and shoes.

As always, there’s tons of great deals in the Clearance, so I start there. (Pssst, folks with kids heading off to college in the fall—this is a great time to pick up towels and other dorm-stuffs before they jack the prices up and start screaming “college prep!” this summer.)

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Up to 92% off? I’m there!

Some deals are easy—something like “this item is now marked down this much, go get it.”

Others require a bit more work, but they can pay off big if you have the time. This is one of those times: Right now Sierra Trading Post has taken a new round of markdowns in their Clearance, with discounts all the way up to 92% off, but most in the 60%-80% range (still nothing to sneeze at). You can also use coupon code ETJXR0317 to get free shipping on any size order.

If you haven’t shopped STP before, they specialize in outdoorsy kinds of clothing and gear, but you needn’t assume that’s all they have. I’ve gotten some super cute clothing for my kids there, housewares, and often really good deals on pet supplies, too. They have a little of everything. If you have the time to dig around a little, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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Score some Reebok deals

For a limited time, go visit the Reebok Outlet online and use coupon code XY7-TWH-N6G for 50% off and free shipping!

Sizes and selection are limited, but if you can find something you want, it’s a heck of a deal. (For once, I’m thrilled my kid wears a relatively small shoe.)

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Spring into huge savings at Eddie

Ready to save big at Eddie Bauer? Their Spring Sale is on, and coupon code CLOVER gives you an additional 40% off almost everything, even Clearance items.

As much of a fool as I am for Eddie’s clothing (maybe in part due to some vanity sizing they have going on there… I wear a smaller size there than anywhere else!), I love love love their gear. With graduation and summer travel season coming up, check out the deals on their Stowaway bags, all of which are absolute steals after the coupon, and work well for bringing home souvenirs or hauling stuff to college and then folding up tiny in the closet. Get some for yourself or to give as gifts. (You’ll look like a big spender without breaking the bank.)

Shipping is free on your $99+ order (or your $25+ order, if you have Shoprunner), otherwise it starts at $7.99. What a great excuse to pick up a few things for yourself while buying gifts….

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