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‘Tis the season to stock up on kids’ clothes

It may still be gray and dreary outside, but that’s fine—spring and summer will come before you know it, and there’s plenty of last year’s warm-weather clothes in the current clearance over at Children’s Place. (There’s also tons of cold-weather clearance, which you can either buy for now because your kids pulled that tricky winter break growth spurt move, or just stock up for next year.)

Most clearance is at 75% off, and everything else is at 50% off, and today there’s free shipping, too.

I know I whine about this every time I post a Children’s Place deal, but it is a lot less fun to have children in adult sizes. I miss the days of assembling entire wardrobes for them at one of these sales for, like, $50. Enjoy it while you can!

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Another chance to please the teens

One more round of deep markdowns to cap off the holiday season, I guess—right now at Tilly’s, they’re taking an additional 50%-70% off clearance prices, automatically. You can also use coupon code SLICKFS for free shipping on any size order, which means that even if you’re not buying a lot, it’s worth taking a look.

Yes, they have all the cool skater gear and hip sneakers your young adults might want, but they also have things like phone cases and GoPro accessories. (Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.)

Note that it’s not all winter clearance, either—they have a fair number of shorts/tank tops/etc. in there, too. And this is a nice distraction from… everything else in the world right now.

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For the young and fashionable

I want you to know that I am some kind of hero, truly, because after Christmas, while my oldest was home, I went to the mall with her. Not only that, I went into stores like Charlotte Russe, where I am both too old and too large for everything they sell. Where is my medal??

Anyway, they’ve now expanded all their markdowns online, too, with ridiculously low clearance prices where you can save another 20% with coupon code 2017SALE. If you must peruse the non-clearance items, no worries—everything’s at least 30% off, too. And shipping is free on any size order!

(But let’s not forget the real winner, here. The real winner is anyone who now doesn’t have to go to the mall with their teenager. You’re welcome.)

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It’s a crazy good sale at LOFT

I will never miss an excuse to shop a good sale at LOFT, even though my need for “business casual” clothing is now greatly outweighed by the need for “clothing that will make me feel like I didn’t wear my pajamas all day today.” Details.

Anyway! Right now they’re having a huge winter clearance, which means it’s the perfect time to pick up a few new things with a minimum of guilt. For example, did I need this Snowbird Back Pleat Blouse? First of all, don’t even try to tell me it’s not adorable, because it is adorable; and second of all, when the original price was $60 and I just got it for under $15? Um, yes. I needed it. The end.

Spend $125+ and your shipping is free, or it’s a flat $8.95, otherwise. I actually paid shipping, because this sale was so good, I couldn’t get anywhere near the $125. I’m okay with that.

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Happy New Year!

Hey, it’s 2017. I hope you and yours had an excellent holiday season. I took a break—maybe I should’ve mentioned that before I did it?—and enjoyed having my big kid home from college and my husband around. I haven’t taken the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off for… ummm… at least a decade. Probably longer. It was awesome.

Anyway! We now segue into my second favorite season: Deep clearance at Dillard’s. Right now items are up to 65% off, and while this is not where I’ll typically turn for issues of growth spurts (that’s what Kohls is for!), it is where I’ll go for really nice outfits, good shoes/outerwear, etc. Dillard’s clearance is never going to be bargain-basement, is my point, but this sale is sort of like a once-a-year expansion at Nordstrom Rack, if that makes sense.

I think we got my daughter’s graduation dress there last year during this sale. It’s that sort of thing.

So, if you’ve got a graduation or a wedding or other special occasion coming up, check it out.

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I’d like one of everything, please

Was there ever a store that made me make more obnoxious squeeeeeing noises than ModCloth? Probably not. Everything there is so pretty and quirky and wonderful. I want to buy the whole store.

I can’t do that—not until I win the lottery, anyway, and since I never play, that’s gonna be a long wait—but today I (and you) can save 40% on a whole slew of seasonable favorites, as part of their Twelve Days of Flash Sales. Spend $75+ and your order ships for free, too.

I’ve been a pretty good girl, this year. Maybe I’ll just go browse a little….

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Skater chic for the teens

I only shop at Tilly’s for my kids when they have a huge sale—because I’m a cheapskate—but when they do, I do, because they have so many of the “cool” things I otherwise refuse to pay for. (Pro tip: They often have ridiculously good deals on trendy sneakers—think Nike, Converse, Vans, and more—if you catch them on one of these sales.)

Anyway! Right now there’s an extra 50% markdown on everything in the Clearance, plus the more spend, the more you save. Spend $75 and $15 comes off at checkout; spend $100 and it’s $20; spend $125 and it’s $25. Shipping is free on your $59+ order, otherwise rates start at $8.

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Make it Macy’s (for the savings, but also to win)

Ho ho ho… it’s time for another round of Friends & Family savings at Macy’s—just use coupon code FRIEND to save up to an additional 30% off your purchase.

Even better, thanks to our friends at, you can also go go enter to win a $100 gift card to make your shopping more merry! (15 winners will be selected and announced next week.)

macys-fiesta-bowlsMe, I’ve been trying to figure out forever how I can justify switching our dishes over to Fiestaware. (It’s so expensive. But so pretty.) The answer is, I really can’t. It’s a luxury we absolutely do not need. But… um… I broke a bunch of bowls over the last few years (not on purpose; they’re slippery when I’m unloading the dishwasher) and I probably could justify buying a few of these replacement bowls, right? I mean, with the coupon they’re $6 apiece, which is still a lot for a bowl, I guess, but did I mention what pretty bowls they are? (Hey, the nice thing about Fiesta is that it’s been around for forever and it’s nearby indestructible. So maybe I buy a few bowls now, a few more at the next sale, and so on and so forth until I complete my collection when my grandchildren graduate from college or whatever.)

Shipping is free on your $100+ order, or you can order online and pick up at your local store (which will also get you a savings pass to use for your next shopping trip, too).

And if you win one of those gift cards you have to promise to buy me a bowl. (Not really.) (But I wouldn’t turn it down.)

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One-day deals at Aerie

If you love all things Aerie, today’s the day to stock up on undies, bralettes, and pajama pants—the latter two are just $15 apiece, while undies are 5 for $15. And no matter what you spend, your order will ship for free.

Usually you have to wait for the 10 for $30 sale, so this is a nicer option if you didn’t need quite so many pairs. All three of these deals are good today (Monday, December 5th) only.

If you have a teenage girl on your shopping list, this isn’t a sale you should miss.

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Stack these savings at Penguin

I’m not going to lie—the full retail prices at Original Penguin are a little rich for my blood, especially considering that most of their offerings are “casual” clothes. But! Catch the right sale, and now you’re talking.

Like right now, you’ll get an additional 30% off full-price items or an additional 40% off sale items in your cart, automatically. And then you can apply coupon code OPTHANKS on top of that discount for another 30% off. Shipping is free right now, too. So you can stock up on sale socks for stockings, or whatever. You do you. Just make sure you grab all the extra savings, while you do.

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