It wouldn’t be Black Friday without shoe deals

How did I almost make it to lunchtime without a shoe deal roundup??? I’m slipping. Need shoes for the family? Check it out:

Speaking of slipping, I of course just bought my fast-food-working kid some SafeTstep kitchen shoes at Payless last week when they were 40% off, feeling very smug, but today the entire store is 50% off, plus you only need to spend $25+ to get free shipping.

While I’m a little miffed that isn’t doing their typical “new deal every hour” thing today, they did put out coupon code BLKFRIYAY for an additional 10% off their already crazy good deals, plus right now every order ships for free.

Famous Footwear is offering Buy One, Get One Half Off + 15% off your order and free shipping with coupon code BFEVENT18 today, so it’s a great time to stock up on whatever you’ve been eying.

And of course you don’t want to miss out over at, where they’ve got up to 75% off, already, and you can use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY for another 30% off almost everything. Shipping is free on any order.

Go forth and acquire fabulous kicks, my friends.

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Also: Don’t forget you can “double dip”

I should’ve said this earlier, but in my defense, I hadn’t had coffee yet: Don’t forget that when you’re scoping out the various Amazon Gold Box deals that you should always click through to the product information rather than just going for the “Add to Cart” button. Why? There are often coupons on these items they forget to remove before putting it on Lightning Deal, and if it’s a percentage coupon, so much the better—it calculates based on the price before the deal.

So, for example, I just snapped up this Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless Wrinkle Defying Foundation on a Lightning Deal, and there was also an available 30% off coupon. I have never used this before and have no idea if I picked the right shade, but for $2.12 delivered? I don’t really care.

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Echo Dot + 2 Tile Sports on a crazy deal

My husband recently got us an Echo Dot and while he loves asking Alexa questions, I am busy trying to figure out how to rename it to “Creepy Kitchen Eavesdropper.” Regardless, apparently some people enjoy having an always-listening infobot at their disposal.

If you’re one of those people (or know someone else who is), and if you (or someone you love) is always losing things, check out this deal at Amazon: They’ve got a latest generation Echo Dot packaged with two Tile Sports for just $35 shipped, today. (It’s out of stock at the moment but you can still order.) The Echo Dot is theoretically $50 on its own—although today if you just want one of those, they’re marked down to $24—and normally 2 of these Tile Sports (the latest version with the widest range) cost $35, so basically you’re buying the Tiles and getting the Dot for free.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tile, they make little doohickeys (technical term) you can attach to your keys, your phone, whatever, and then track when you can’t find the object in question. With this bundle, you can say, “Creepy Kitchen Eavesdropper, please find my keys” and suddenly Big Brother doesn’t seem so bad!

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One of my favorite fun little gifts

Whether you’re stuffing stockings, trying to come up with 8 nights of fun gifts, or just need a little gift for someone, I personally believe colorful socks are the perfect-for-everyone gift. And right now Happy Socks is offering up to 40% off on just about everything, plus free shipping on every order (the real savings, especially if you’re only grabbing a pair or two). They’ve got all kinds of designs and styles, for everyone from babies to adults. They also have some super-fun undies, but I recommend knowing your recipient pretty well before going that route.

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My favorite trifecta of awesome-warranty Black Friday deals

You know I have three favorite stores for clothing and outerwear that tend to last forever (and customer service that’ll come through with a solution if it doesn’t), and all three of them have come through with the deals today:

Lands’ End has a pile of deals going on, plus you can use code FRIDAY with PIN 4872 for 50% off full-price styles. You’ll have to get to $50+ for free shipping, though.

Eddie Bauer is offering free shipping on every single order, plus 50% off nearly everything with coupon code FRIDAY50.

And rounding out the trio is LL Bean, where sales almost never happen. But all their awesome Bean boots are 25% off today with coupon code—wait for it—BOOT25, plus take 20% off all clothing/outerwear (even sale items) with coupon code THANKS20. Again, get to $50+ for free shipping.

Hmmm, maybe I need a new winter coat….

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If there’s a gamer in the house…

… you’re not going to want to miss the Black Friday Deals at GameStop. I mean, sure, nothing special there… just some $299 1TB Minecraft XBox One bundles… or spend the same amount for a select Nintendo Switch Bundle (already a big savings) and also get a $50 GameStop gift card with it. Stuff like that.

No one show any of these deals to my kid, okay?

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Electronics doorbusters? Check!

Black Friday at Best Buy is heating up, and while several of their best deals are “in-store only” (I’m giving them a little side-eye on that one, because first of all, Hi, 1985 called and would like their whole “leave the house to go shopping” thing back, and second, according to the website more than one of those deals isn’t available to me within 100 miles), they’ve got plenty of ridiculous discounts available on the website. For example, they’ve got select iPad Mini 4s available for just $250.

They’ve also got about, oh, ten billion different TV deals if you’re wanting one of those.

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Here we go!

Goooood morning! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. It’s time to see what’s what for Black Friday deals. (I know, I know. I slept in a little, this year.) Let’s start off with the window you’ll want to keep open all day long: I know there’s been about a zillion and a half Amazon Gold Box lately, but I was checking Lightning Deals last night before I dragged my food-coma-ed-out self to bed and they’re starting to get nuts. We should be seeing some crazy stuff there today. (Pro tip: There’s a half-price Instant Pot in there right now.)

Start with that, and buckle in. I’m getting some coffee and getting ready to find everything awesome you can save on today without having to put on real pants.

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Now let’s all plan to play cards

Ugh. I’d been putting off that last post for a long time. Thanks for being so nice about it! Now we can get back to shopping!

Right now there’s all kinds of marked down card games for the whole family at Amazon, and I do love to stick these babies in stockings even for my adult kids. (Fun fact: My oldest still insists her favorite thing in the world is Phase 10. She beats me every single time.) All of the following are highly-rated and at their cheapest price ever (or close to it). Check it out:

Classic Uno is just $3.99 (60% off)
Uno Dare is $4.59 (only 34% off, but a fun upgrade if you’re ready for a change)
Phase 10 is $3.99 (60% off, and my daughter’s favorite)
Rook is $3.99 (50% off)
Farkle Flip is $4.64 (54% off, Add-On item)
Monopoly Deal is $4.99 (50% off, Add-On item)
Man Bites Dog is $5.15 (60% off, Add-On item)

Stocking stuffers that keep the kids hanging out with you long after the last present is unwrapped? Priceless!

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A quick note about this week

Good morning! Today heralds the beginning of Black Friday Week, and for many many (many many many) years that has meant another Big Prize Week here at Want Not. Even though I have been posting here less often for a while, I went ahead and ran one last year while I was in play rehearsals and working and trying to do Thanksgiving with the family.

Welp. This year, I am sad to say, I just can’t do it. I’m hosting a houseful of people, I’m in rehearsals again, and the reality is that during Want Not’s heyday (meaning, back when I was an expert online shopper but not many people were), Black Friday Week made me a lot of money (more than enough to buy y’all a fat gift card or a shiny new electronic gizmo as thanks), but that’s no longer the case. Last year when I ended the week with an Amazon gift card? I ended up spending more money than I made. Which, you know, is something I was okay doing, and I’m not complaining. But for a multitude of reasons it is no longer financially feasible for me to do that.

But! Don’t despair, because I do have a few product samples coming in this month and next, and I’ll still give those away. I just don’t have the usual assortment of goodies, so it’s not going to be a whole week-long thing. And in the meantime, there will still be plenty of amazing deals to scope out ahead of the holidays. I hope you’ll stick around.

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