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By Mir
July 7, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… about the Amazon Friday sale! Lots of neat deals to choose from this week, including a great starter sewing machine or (did you miss the sale on these, last time?) 600 thread count sheets.

Not that I’m encouraging you to spend money. I’m just saying, sometimes the bargains must be obeyed.


  1. Mir,
    One of the reviews isn’t very good. Have you tried them?

  2. I hope you have that thing set up to where you can earn points/cash when someone shops amazon off your site…cause you are earning your next pair of shoes from me! 🙂

  3. Speaking of Amazon sales and sheets, I got my 1000 count sheets and they are gorgeous! Thick and soft and the sateen weave is just beautiful.

    My in laws are visiting and they were a little aghast at the fervor with which I greeted these sheets. I made everyone feel them and then did a little “I love my sheets” dance.

    Then my husband explained that I’d gotten them for, like, $300 off.

    Then, they got it.


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