How about a contest?

By Mir
July 30, 2006
Category Contests

I apologize for the radio silence; the internet at the hotel here is a bit fickle. (A bit fickle = nonexistent 99% of the time.)

Have you survived okay without me? You didn’t pay full price for anything while I was gone, did you? Wait. If you did, don’t tell me. I can’t bear to know.

Anyhoo, I thought maybe we’d kick off the week with a contest. I have some free stuff to give away and I’ll spend my entire cross-country flight home today figuring out how we’ll do it. (And maybe eating peanuts and reading a trashy novel. I can multitask.) Stay tuned for all the details tomorrow.


  1. Hi Mir! I’ve been keeping up with you and Chris (notesfromtrenches) through your blogs and it sounds like you had a blast! Anyway, wanted to update you on my carseat purchase. Yes, I KNOW you REALLY want to know what we ended up with. The Evenflo Generations–it’s a combo seat (5 pt harness and all)–AND I have a coupon for it!! I’ll be getting it this week because the store was waiting for more to come in. You can stop worrying about us now:)

  2. Hi Mir, you’re pretty. Did I win? 🙂

  3. Umm.. sorry tanyetta. Pretty AND Smart. So I win, right?

  4. Sorry ya’ll…

    Pretty, smart, thin and ohh soo soooo HOT 😉

    Yay! Clearly, I win

  5. Hey Mir! I finally bought a digital camera. It’s a Nikon 5.1 megapixel, for $179.99. And I got it…at Sears. So it’s just as well I didn’t do my competitive research project. 😉

  6. No, no, ladies –

    Mir, you are not only beautiful, but smart, talented, a great mom AND the queen of all things free!

    Yeah! I win!

    (Seriously, I can’t wait to find out how I can win something. Perhaps even something with a BlogHer logo on it? Eeeek!)

  7. Pretty, smart, thin and ohh soo soooo HOT AND great highlights and a perfectly sealed driveway….
    how’s that?

  8. OOOH, *I* want a perfectly sealed driveway…that sounds FABULOUS. And Mir, you yourself are FABULOUS!

  9. I can take an average word like… Johnson and pimp it up by adding BIG to it… That’s gotta be worthy of somethin, right?

    Did I mention how pretty you look since your return?

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