I have no idea how this got here

By Mir
November 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Folks, sit tight please. Looks like my old provider is up and running, but my nameservers have been redirected so as far as I know, this is sort of impossible. Not sure what’s going on. But everybody hush up while I grab a backup and I’ll see if we can’t get restored for real in a jiffy.

UPDATE: Okay, the good news is that I have RETRIEVED ALL MY DATA. The bad news is that you’re gonna be on the rocky server-changing seas for a few more days yet. Hold on tight.


  1. phew. i have been worried the past few days thinking my work firewall had finally blocked your site. glad that’s not the case. lol.

    good luck getting things back up and running!! 🙂

  2. Pretty Mir, I missed you! Hope you get everything straightened out with your ISP!

  3. How about a homemade cake for stress relief? Welcome back!

  4. Yippee!!!!

  5. Holy crap, I almost had to go get some methadone.
    That was awful.

  6. Oh man, I thought for a minute there that God was blocking me from your site so I would have to give up my bargain shopping for good! WHEW! I’m glad it wasn’t God. lol

  7. Your back!!! (Me- doing a happy dance)

  8. I can let out a big sigh now. I was thinking I would never make it through the upcoming holiday season without you! Good luck getting everything all squared away.

  9. YAY for retrieved data!
    And it’s good to see you back!

  10. WB Pretty Mir!

  11. Welcome back!! The internet just isn’t as pretty without you.

  12. Yay for backups! Keeping fingers crossed for the rest of the voyage to New Hostland — and keeping my seasick patches handy!

  13. So glad to see you’re up and running again! 🙂

  14. Cautiously optimistic here whilst throwing confetti in the air and smiling gleefully!!!!

    Good luck for a smooth transition!

  15. Whew! Glad you’re back, Mir! I missed my daily wantnot.net fix!

  16. Yee haw!

  17. Woo Hoo!!! I’m so glad you are back… I have been checking a thousand times a day and was seriously starting to get worried. Welcome back!!! You have been missed… a lot!

  18. yay! I thought they had blocked my port from accessing u’r blog! phew… the conspiracy theory was killing me…

  19. yay! Thanks for coming back to us, pretty Mir.

  20. Woo hoo! I was just about losing my mind this week without this blog and WCS. I agree with Angela–methadone was about to become involved.

  21. That was not fun. Please don’t go away again. *breathing slowly into a bag*

  22. Yay! Mir is back! (happy dance) Although I must say this has led me to your other blogs, too, so it was not a total loss. 🙂

  23. Made me so happy to see Want Not updates in my Google Reader. Hope you get everything straightened and end up liking it even better!

  24. Missed you. Hope you have a relatively stress-free weekend after all this crap this week.

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