It’s a Pant Event

By Mir
February 25, 2008

Sometimes my inner 10-year-old boy is simply too powerful to repress. So I’ll just say this, because I have to, and then try to move on:

A “Pants Event” and a “Pantsing Event” are two entirely different things.

I cannot help you with the latter, but if you’re interested in the former, you might want to head on over to Eddie Bauer, where all pants are currently $10 off through March 11th, 2008.

(Oddly enough, I was more intrigued when I thought it was a pantsing event. But this is good, too.)


  1. Thanks Mir but I think I’m done with EB…Twice I have ordered sale items that showed in stock when I ordered and twice, I received an email a week later saying the items were not in stock. Honestly, I think they need a new inventory/web interface….

    Keep up the great deal hunting though…you save me tons of cash!

  2. Then again, there is also a “pant event” (for example, wet-T contest attended by many males, or a group of dogs out for a walk on a hot day).

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