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By Mir
April 9, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I love this—go to this site and make your own custom photo playing cards! Perfect for Mother’s or Father’s Day, or as a stocking stuffer for this coming Christmas. Although the regular price is $20.99 plus shipping, using coupon code FREEDECK will get you your order for shipping only ($5.99). The first deck is free, additional ones are half-price, with the code.

I’m off to choose a photo. Or—oh, wait!—maybe I’ll stage a totally ridiculous picture of my kids playing poker and “smoking” hot dogs.

Stop looking at me like that.

[Hat tip: The ever-lovely Damsel, for alerting me to iMommies]


  1. If only our kitties would allow me to stage “Cats Playing Poker.” Alas!

  2. I’d stage my two playing “52-Pickup”…but it would only end up with me doing the cleaning up.

  3. But you’ve GOT to stage that out in the Casino!

  4. I actually could use a different kind of free deck. But I guess in the meantime, I’ll check this out!

  5. Yeah, I was so hoping that this one would be for the kind of deck I want to put my grill and my hammock on out the back door.

  6. This is a fun deal! Just ordered a deck! Thanks

  7. Just ordered mine! Thanks a million!

  8. I ordered it using a great pic of my son sticking out his tongue. See 2nd pic on my website!

  9. Excellent stocking stuffer! Thanks Mir!

  10. I just ordered the ultrasound pic of my niece for my sister-in-law for her first mother’s day present! Thanks Mir!!!

  11. Thank you! My son loves to play rummy when he gets to see his grandma on the opposite coast, so I made a deck with a sweet photo of the two of them. What a great gift! 🙂

  12. Do you know how long this offer will be valid?

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