Get the savings before they’re gone

By Mir
April 10, 2008

The big Spring Sale at Old Navy is still going on (lots of savings up to 40% off), and there’s also a code for free shipping on $50+, but it ends today. (Whoops, guess I should’ve read my email earlier. Sorry about that!) Through today (April 10th, 2008) you can use coupon code SHOPNSHIP to save yourself the shipping if you get your order up to $50.

I still miss the days when you could walk into the back rack at the store and everything on clearance would be $.97. Do they even do that anymore? Ah, the good old days….


  1. Yes they do that sometimes, but less frequently. At the end of the summer last year I scored a few really cute bikinis for less than a buck for my little girls, along with some other goodies. They were tagged 2.99 which I thought was great but they came up less at the register. Go me!

  2. It is killing me that the “free shipping on $50” ends today, but the “20% off stuff-and-save” starts tomorrow.

  3. Mir have you heard anything about the rumor that Old Navy is closing??? I guess they changed all the “outlets” to regular retail last fall, but now I heard they will be closing stores. I will seriously need advance warning on that, since without Old Navy my family would be naked. Not pretty. Do you know anything?

  4. I did score a jacket from Old Navy a couple of summers ago — for $1.97 on clearance. Yes, folks, for less than $2. And I still wear it.

  5. Wait, there’s a stuff-and-save starting tomorrow?? Greeeat. I’m physically incapable of not buying anything during stuff-and-save time.

    Also, I’m with Jen- my family, too, would be naked without Old Navy. I hadn’t heard this rumor, but I’m hoping it’s just that- a rumor.

  6. Old Navy stores have already started disappearing in NY. What I heard from a former GAP employee is that the company was reconsidering its expansion — both Old Navy AND Banana Republic are potentially on the chopping block.

  7. I rec’d an e-mail this morning saying that the free shipping has been extended – use promocode SHIP4FREE. Expires 4/24. Yay! Cheap stuff shipped free!

  8. I really hope Old Navy does not disappear around us….I buy alot there for the kiddies….It would be a sad day around here.

    Always seesm like the good stores never make it??

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