Wii will, wii will. . . nunchuck!

By Mir
April 15, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

[Please insert sad violin music and me telling you, again, in a tremulous voice about how we are sad and wii-less here at Casa Mir. Alas.]

Even though I don’t have a wii, that doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying yours, you lucky duck. But perhaps you’d enjoy it even more with a wireless nunchuck kit for whatever fabulous wii games that require a nunchuck? Or maybe you just like to say nunchuck? I know that I do. Nunchuck! Nunchuck!

Ahem. Anyway, you can get one for just $13.99 through that link up there to Buy.com, and if you’ve never used Google Checkout before, you can get another $10 off, making it just $3.99 shipped. That’s a great deal.

Also, you should invite me over to play. I totally rock wii bowling.


  1. This is an awesome deal, especially since I have never ordered from Google Checkout! Thanks!!! And you are welcome to come over any time to play Wii.

  2. You are so funny. I didn’t get the We will Rock you song but my kids did!!!! Just wanted you to know that you appeal to the younger generation too!

    Love my WII – Guitar Hero is the bomb. Feel free to come jam with us!

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