Thursday morning markdown: Barn Coat

By Mir
April 17, 2008

Have you been checking in over at LL Bean to catch the Thursday Morning Markdown each week? This week’s markdown is a flannel-lined Adirondack barn coat, down to $19 from $49.50.

Those things are pretty much standard uniform where I used to live. Alas, I fear I would be laughed out of Georgia for wearing one down here.


  1. Get it quick– they only have XS, S, and Ms left!

  2. Awesome. Thank you SO much!

  3. Oh, you wouldn’t get laughed at in Georgia! I am a Georgia girl and just ordered one – this will finally replace my old Land’s End jacket I got 10+ years ago! Thanks so much!

  4. I think this would make a GREAT deep-south Winter Coat– ie, what you’d wear on the very coldest days.

    Sadly, I am not an xs/s/m sized gal.

  5. can’t believ Tetlety is out of tea samples!

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