Happy Earth Day! Celebrate with plants!

By Mir
April 22, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, so, the last time I posted a Spring Hill Nursery deal, a few of you left comments saying that their plants are awful and you’ve had bad luck with them. I encourage (respectful) freedom of speech here, so that’s fine and I thank you all for sharing. However, I’ve ordered from them multiple times over the years and have never had a problem. Not once. And this year I bought myself some strawberry kits and holy guacamole are they growing like gangbusters. All of my squirrels should be enjoying fresh berries within a month.

Anyway, in honor of Earth Day, Spring Hill has marked a bunch of stuff up to 50% off. And there’s also an available $25 off any $50+ order coupon which you can activate by going through that there link. The only catch is that you just have to browse around to find the sale items, but I promise they’re lurking in the sale section for today only.

And who doesn’t like beautiful plants? Cave dwellers, that’s who. It’s nearly May so come out of the cave, people!


  1. Ah, one day I’ll replace all my lovely, lovely saffron crocuses that the voles just noticed this year. 🙁

    And I’ll plant them in an indestructable, underground cage!!

  2. boo hoo, I can’t the the link to the $25 off to work.

  3. I was really happy with the order from them when you last posted. My plants come immediately (much faster than stated), and were well packed. No complaints here!

  4. I ordered when you posted the last deal. My plants arrived last week very healthy. I popped them in the garden and they seem to be doing just fine.

  5. I ordered a $19.99 blueberry plant last time when you posted the $20 off coupon, and it worked even though my order was a penny under $20. All I paid for my plant was $6-7 in shipping 🙂

  6. Mail order plants are a different animal, so to speak, because they’re typically much smaller specimens than you can find in stores. Folks can be disappointed by how small they are. That said, I ordered a couple hundred bucks of perennials from Spring Hill last fall, and I’d say about 90% are thriving nicely with very little help on my part. The bee balms are about 2 feet tall, and the Mediterranean pinks and golden marguerites have just begun to bloom. (Lavender was a bust, but that was my fault.) I recommend buying shrub-type plants in stores, though, because you can get bigger plants for the same price and they tend to grow slowly.

  7. Man, I am sooooo green with envy! But not green of thumb, I guess. The strawberry grow kits we got from Buzzy say they’re “guaranteed to grow”, but they still haven’t. How long is this deal good for? Because I am seriously craving strawberries! I guess I should check out the site, right?

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