Yes, Virginia, there is a Friday Sale

By Mir
December 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

In the midst of all the other Amazon markdowns, their continuation of the Friday Sale is either silly or comforting—I can’t decide which. No matter. Let’s see if there’s anything good today.

All I want for Christmas is these microfleece pjs. Wait, maybe these ones. Heck, at 55% off, maybe Santa will spring for two pairs.

Woolrich sherpa slippers for him for $14.89? I’m on it.

If you’ve been wanting to switch your Christmas lights to LEDs, this may be the deal for you: Get a 50-light indoor/outdoor string for just $15.99, but this item qualifies for the 4-for-3 promotion, so you could get four of ’em for under $50. They have a three-year warranty, too.

These steak knives don’t have any reviews yet, but I have to say that for $29.99 I’m tempted. I may as well let the kids play with our current steak knives, as dull as they are. Then again, I’m extremely intrigued by this Komachi knife set, so I may not be the best judge. (Look at that thing, though. That is cool-looking.)

How about a fancy wine-opening set? $14.99 and eligible for the 4-for-3. You could knock out a few gifts that way, easily.

‘Tis the season for cheap flannel sheets! Or—if you prefer—cheap fleece sheets!

For the serious barbecuer, you’ll want a serious barbecuing belt. (I sort of love that, actually.)

Don’t forget those Numi tea sets for awesome, wow-’em hostess and teachers’ gifts. They’re currently $17, but buy two and take $10 off with code NUMITEAC, so they’re basically $12 each. Or pair it with a box of Ghirardelli chocolates and save another 20%.

As always, don’t forget to check out the Friday Five, your chance to pick up five MP3 albums for just $5 apiece, for one day only.

Today’s Gold Box deal is an Angel boxed DVD set (seasons 1-5) for $50.99. Mmmmmm… David Boreanaz….

And last (but certainly not least)… today’s holiday deal at Endless is a sweet deal on some women’s Steve Madden boots.


  1. You work in your PJs so that makes them a business expense, right?

  2. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for pointing out the Gold Box Deal on Angel! I’ve been waiting for that!!

  3. Mir, you didn’t mention that Amazon has a free holiday song giveaway every day this month! I spent half an hour scooping up the ones that looked good. (Bela Fleck! Sixpence! Jars of Clay! The Charlie Brown Christmas music!) good choices!

    I see a Christmas mix CD in my near future… free gifts!

    Thanks for directing me to the Friday 5 page, where I spotted the link.

  4. Thanks to Mir I was able to get:
    $10.91 /each for 4 Numi Flowering Tea sets
    $17.78 /each for 2 boxes of Ghirardelli chocolates

    (I placed two identical orders to get both the $10 off and 20% off discounts twice.) Now all teacher, neighbor, and family friend gifts are taken care of for less than $80! Yeah!

  5. Flannel or fleece sheets…oh, the decisions!

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