A few quickie toy deals

By Mir
December 17, 2008

Yes, the trademarked Amazon “drunken lemur” pricing practice is alive and well, and if you spend your time checking prices you’ll soon need a stiff drink. I can’t keep up with things going up and down and up and down in price, but when I see something hitting a good price, I do try to come post it before it goes up again.

A few things I noticed just now:

IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit is down to $14.99 (32% off). This is hardly bargain-basement but this is a fabulous gift and hardly ever gets discounted. What kid doesn’t want to make their own book??

Fisher-Price Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name is down to $17.99 (70% off). I think having this toy in my house would give me nightmares, but hey, to each their own. (Their own freaky animatronic fluffball, even.)

Jakks Pacific Ultimotion Swing Zone Sports Motion Controller Video Game is down to $22.99 (69% off). This is basically a Wii Sports knock-off; it’s completely self-contained and requires only a television. This would be a great gift if you’re sponsoring a needy family, for example, where there’s a kid who really wants (but is likely not going to get) a Wii.

Now let’s all check back in five minutes to see how many of those prices have changed….


  1. I just ordered my son the puppy – thanks for the tip! I think he will love it

  2. I got a puppy too! I couldn’t help it at that price, Santa just had to throw it in.

  3. I just ordered the Swing Zone thingy. My boys don’t require anything too complicated (they’re 8 and 5) and we haven’t wanted to buy a Wii just yet, so thanks for the suggestion!!!

  4. got the puppy last year…for a LOT more…and it’s actually pretty cute!

  5. Loved the link, Carrie! Plus the bonus “Word Girl” creator interview on the sidebar there. 🙂

  6. thank you so much! my daughter has been wanting that puppy, but i was not going to pay that price for it. it might be an extra at Christmas, or I may save it for her birthday. Thank you again!

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