Popcorn always makes me feel festive

By Mir
January 19, 2009
Category Contests

I was totally planning to treat today like any other day, post-wise, but then I remembered that it was a holiday and small people who live in my house would be running in and out of my office. All day long. It’s charming! But not so great for actually, y’know, working.

So, instead, let’s give you a chance to win something fun, and I’ll go fire up the grill and make the kids some hotdogs. Woo!

Allow me to introduce you to popcorn taken to the next level: Kernel Season’s is all about delicious popcorn, your way. Maybe your way is butter. Maybe your way is ranch. Maybe your way is… apple cinnamon, in which case I am a little worried about you, but no matter! Kernel Season’s is here to make sure you can have whatever kind of popcorn you desire.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win a Kernel Season’s package of goodies! You’ll get a bag of their popcorn kernels, a bottle of their Movie Theater Butter Popping and Topping Oil, and seven different varieties of popcorn seasoning (butter, white cheddar, nacho cheddar, ranch, parmesan and garlic, kettle corn, and—yes—apple cinnamon). You’ll be able to make batch after batch of flavorful popcorn, plus the seasonings can be used on other foods, too—a recipe booklet will be included with your prize.

Want to win it? First go read the contest fine print and then leave a comment on this entry by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009. Winner to be determined by random number generation and fluffiness.

Great; now I totally want popcorn for lunch.


  1. Yum!

  2. Popcorn for breakfast too!

  3. I’m in.

  4. Ooh, yes. I thought I was the only person left in this country who popped corn without using a microwave.

  5. Mmmmmm. Poppppcorrrrn.

  6. Sounds good to me!

  7. Yummy!

  8. thanks!

  9. I am in. Thanks!

  10. Yum – Count me in!

  11. Yum!

  12. Popcorn please!

  13. Got a popcorn popper for Christmas and just ran out of popcorn. Perfect timing!!!

  14. oooh this is so up my alley!! thanks!

  15. I’m on the “popcorn diet” until I get married.. I think apple cinnamon might be a nice change 🙂

  16. Oooooh! Me!

  17. Yummy

  18. Count me in. Thank you.

  19. Count me in – popcorn yum!

  20. We love popcorn at our house! 🙂

  21. This sounds delicious. 🙂

  22. Who doesn’t love popcorn?

  23. LOVE popcorn! Thanks Mir.

  24. This would be great to have for church movie nights.

  25. I’m in, that’s pop-tacular.

  26. Oooh, pick me, pick me!

  27. Ooh, yummy!

  28. Popcorn+me=happy!

  29. Mmm… popcorn!

  30. We NEED that! 🙂

  31. i love popcorn! yay MIR! 🙂

  32. oooo we love us some popcorn in this house!!

  33. Popcorn makes everything more fun!

  34. Oh yum! Yes please.
    Thanks, Mir.

  35. popcorn addict

  36. Fluffiness? Because I have fluffy all covered!

  37. We love popcorn at our house.

  38. This looks awesome!

  39. The small person in this house LOVES him some popcorn.

    And hotdogs for that matter.

    Just sayin’.


  41. OOOOOOOOOH I love popcorn!

  42. Yummy. I love popcorn with a good movie.

  43. Yummmm!

  44. I’m in!

  45. Popcorn is its own food group in my house. YUM!

  46. This sounds delicious!

  47. oh popcorn. Now I want popcorn for lunch too.

  48. Sounds delicious!

  49. We love popcorn! I’m going to go make some now…

  50. Mmmm… popcorn…. Count me in, please!

  51. Interesting!

  52. My kids would thank you, at the next movie night in our house. 😉

  53. Sounds great!

  54. That sounds tasty!!

  55. yum!!

  56. Oooh, this sounds neat. I haven’t made popcorn the old fashioned way in a while.

  57. I spend a fortune buying “cheesy powder” for my college sophomore daughter. She got hooked on it, and now I have to order it by the case from Amazon – when they have it. It is no longer carried in our area grocery stores. Maybe I can broaden her horizons – she eats popcorn every. single. night.

  58. i heart popcorn!

  59. mmm popcorn

  60. Sounds great! We love popcorn around here!

  61. Pick me!

  62. i would love that


  63. please pass the popcorn! MKW

  64. Count me in. I love popcorn.

  65. My favorite kind of popcorn involves fluff and butter….and its good. I’d love to try apple cinnamon. :0)

  66. O no, I am craving popcorn so hard now. >:( (I mean that evil frowny face in a joking way, FOR THE RECORD. :P)

    *comment comment comment*

  67. Another great contest!

  68. Yum! I love popcorn!

  69. Mmmmmm popcorn.

  70. “Popping and Topping Oil” sounds a little bit naughty. I’m in!

  71. mmmm…popcorn!

  72. I love popcorn. I have a toddler son and eating popcorn is like eating the forbidden apple. We have to wait till he is asleep, otherwise he wants some. When we get some is a real treat.

  73. That sounds awesome!

  74. We love popcorn in this house!

  75. My 3 year old luvs her popcorn but won’t be able to eat it for a while due to tonsilectomy but we can polish it off after that. 🙂

  76. Sounds great!

  77. Yummy! Please enter me!

  78. We are popcorn NUTS at our house!

  79. Yum…that would be great for our Superbowl Party!

  80. It gets stuck in my teeth, but I still love it!

  81. Pick me!

  82. Popcorn is absolutely one of my FAVORITE snacks!!!

  83. Thanks for the chance to win! My kids love to try different toppings on their popcorn!

  84. Sounds yummy. I love popcorn.

  85. Popcorn and movies–a surefire way to keep my children from killing each other for at least 90 minutes. Ahhhh….

  86. Hooray for popcorn with flavor. Thanks Mir!

  87. I have been wanting to try those seasonings. We love popcorn here.

  88. Thanks!

  89. Mmmm…popcorn. I want some popcorn now.

  90. Mmmmm…popcorn!

  91. Yummy! Flavored popcorn!

  92. Hey, you know what? Popcorn is delicious!

  93. Popcorn! Perfect, Thanks Mindy

  94. would love some!

  95. We love popcorn.

  96. I love popcorn!

  97. My husband would totally love this prize!

  98. We fix popcorn a lot at my house. I would love to win this!

  99. I LOVE Popcorn! Go Big 99!!

  100. Yummy!

  101. OK…I’ll bite (maybe not the apple cinnamon popcorn). We’d love this.

  102. My daughter just discovered the joy that is popcorn! So we have it everyday.

  103. thanks for the chance!

  104. Pregnant and craving popcorn! Thanks!

  105. Pick me please.

  106. my whole family totally puffy heart LOVES popcorn. With sparkles. Except my husband who balks at sparkles but still loves popcorn.

  107. Oh, I love popcorn. Thanks!

  108. Count me in!

  109. Yummmmm…Love Popcorn!!!

  110. Yum! I’d love to win some fancy popcorn!

  111. I love popcorn. And I’m very fluffy.

  112. Sounds great!

  113. Our Family loves popcorn too, we also like to color ours for a fun kid activity!

  114. Sounds interesting, pick me!

  115. We love us some popcorn! Please pick us!

  116. Here’s hoping I have the lucky number

  117. I LOVE popcorn!! Oooh, I want this one!

  118. I’m being completely unselfish here and trying this for my husband, since I’m not much of a popcorn fan (I know, I know: blasphemy!) Today is his birthday, though, so I’m trying to do nice things for him. 😛

  119. Love me some PC!

  120. that sounds SO yummy!

  121. Mmm…just ate some- but now I want MORE!

  122. There’s a theatre in our nabe that has this stuff near the concession stand. The bottles are CHAINED to the table, which gives an indication of how good they are. (And may also give away the fact that I live in NYC… 🙂

  123. Love popcorn!!!

  124. Mmm. Sounds delish! I’d love to enter.

  125. We love popcorn here.

  126. I love popcorn! (Especially FREE popcorn…) Pick me! FWIW – the Orville Redenbacher’s Salt and Pepper popcorn is darn tasty too…

  127. Ooh, yum — thanks for another great giveaway!

  128. YUM! 🙂

  129. Oh that sounds tasty!

  130. ooohhhh, sweet!!!! We LOVE us some Kernel Seasons. The nacho and white cheddar are too die for. I rarely actually use it on popcorn but super yummy on veggies!

  131. Sounds great!

  132. Kernel Seasons is the best! I discovered it when I was doing weight watchers and eating popcorn as a snack every night. We love the white cheddar, ranch and barbeque!

  133. Yummmmy! Who doesn’t love popcorn!

  134. Ohh! I love popcorn!! Yea!

  135. I LOVE POPCORN!!!

  136. EVen though we are full up with Boy Scout popcorn, we can always use more.

  137. It’s my favorite snack!

  138. mmm…popcorn!

  139. Apple cinnamon actually sounds kind of yummy.

  140. Please, pretty please… with a cherry on top!

  141. me, me, me!

  142. That sounds so delicious!

  143. A new reader to your blog. But I can tell I will be up late tonight…and a big bowl of popcorn might make it that much more fun!

  144. I’m in!!!

  145. yummy sounding flavors. fun! thanks.

  146. Pick me!!!

  147. Go Steelers!!!!

  148. Mmmmmmmm… popcorn!

  149. Sounds like a winner & I look like the winner!!! 🙂

  150. Sweet. My kiddos love their white cheddar. We’d have a fun movie night!!

  151. Mmmmmmm! This is a great giveaway for ACC basketball season!

  152. Popcorn is my favorite food! I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. oooooooooooooooooooh popcorn, count me in for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. I LOVE Kernel Seasons and have been meaning to try more flavors & varieties.

    Oooooh I hope I win!!!

  155. Popcorn sounds great!!! Found this site two weeks ago and now I’m addicted!!!

  156. Popcorn rocks my world!

  157. What do you call cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!
    That was the Joke-Of-The Year for my then-5 year old. But I bet it would be good on popcorn…the Nacho cheese that is

  158. Yummy We love us some popcorn here.

  159. Oh yay, I love popcorn!!

  160. My sister and I LOVE popcorn. What a great snack!

  161. Mmmm, sounds delish (even the apple cinnamon)!

  162. Cool…

  163. Mmmm…popcorn!

  164. I love Kernel Seasons! I’ve only tried the white cheddar kind though. Mmmmmm

  165. My kids and hubs totally love popcorn, so yay! *G*

  166. Sounds really yummy!

  167. We pink puffy heart popcorn at my house!

  168. Wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  169. Bring it on, sweet Mir… bring it ON!

  170. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE some popcorn!

  171. My little guys LOVE popcorn! We’d love to win this one!! 🙂

  172. We would love popcorn!

  173. Mmmmmm . . . popcorn.

  174. We could use some prizes around here.

  175. i’m so excited i’m going to pop…uhhm burst

  176. Sounds great!

  177. Popcorn-maniacs-momma wants to win this one!

  178. Cool! Thanks!

  179. Yes, we’d love some popcorn here. And if it’s my way? Even better.

  180. I would love to win!

  181. Pick me, please!

  182. oh this sounds very tasty!!

  183. Oh yum! This may be one that I’ll go online and buy myself if I don’t win. We love popcorn!

  184. Yummy!

  185. Yippee! I Adore popcorn. Did you know that today is is National Popcorn Day???? Perfect timing!

  186. please pick #184. thank you.

  187. Mmmm…I actually would like to try the apple cinnamon.

  188. I love Popcorn!

  189. everything tastes better with ranch.

  190. yeah popcorn! I don’t have braces anymore so I can eat it!

  191. Sweet!

  192. I totally am craving popcorn with this pregnancy! This sound so good.

  193. WOOOHHHOOO! We love popcorn at our house!! Pick my #!!

  194. We love this stuff!!!

  195. I love Yaya’s garden herb popcorn, to which I add cayenne pepper powder. Yowza!

  196. I think all of those toppings sound spectacular. Except maybe the apple cinnamon, but I’m sure I could deal with it!

  197. mmmm….popcorn!

  198. I just got my fiance a mini popcorn maker and this would be perfect for him!

  199. Pick me! Pick me! I’d be interested to compare this with Dale & Thomas (which, by the way, is FREAKING AMAZING). I need more popcorn in my life.

  200. I’d love to have some!

  201. Mmmm, popcorn!

  202. Yes please!

  203. Pick me!

  204. I want popcorn!!! Not for my kids, just for me!!!

  205. I am so there!

  206. Count me in…I’m trying to get my son to eat more popcorn, the fiber is good for his bowels : )

  207. Yes please!

  208. Sounds awesome!

  209. I love popcorn!

  210. Popcorn!

  211. Ohhhhhh, even my 2 year old LOVES popcorn. Please pick us!!!!

  212. Wow, over 200 comments so far, and it’s only been a few hours – people LOVE their popcorn, huh? LOL Count me in too – it’s one of my favorite foods.

  213. Oh! You just reminded me that I forgot to buy popcorn.
    (And also, please pick me!)

  214. I love me some popcorn…perhaps this will be a win for me!?!?

  215. My kids would love to have different flavors of popcorn for our family movie nights!

  216. Count me in!!

  217. “rights, responsibility, and karma”…you entertain me.

  218. Just when we thought the contests couldn’t get any better…now we get popcorn, too!

  219. I promise I’ll invite you over for popcorn and movie night if you pick me! Thanks! 🙂

  220. Ooo, that would be awesome!

  221. Sounds yummy!

  222. Mmmmm….popcorn! One of the basic food groups at my house!

  223. Nothing we love more than to have a “movie theater” night at our house — turn off the lights, watch a movie, and eat popcorn. Thanks!

  224. Popcorn is wonderful diet food.

  225. We love popcorn over here at construction central!

  226. That sounds wonderful.

  227. Mmm…. snacks!!

  228. I would love to win this. I have a special needs son who has to have popcorn every day. I bet he would love the different flavors.

  229. Love Popcorn!!!!

  230. I must eat popcorn at least 5 nights a week! I’d love this.

  231. DS and I just made some yummy popcorn this afternoon, and would like to further our scientific explanation of how the kernels pop by winning this package! 🙂

  232. yummy!

  233. I love my popcorn…pick me!

  234. That sounds good!

  235. Sounds yummy…great giveaway!

  236. Ohh Yeah… popcorn and a good movie… what a nice evening this would be

  237. my name is angie, and i’m a popcornoholic.

  238. Yummy yummy 🙂

  239. Yay, popcorn!

  240. Wow, I guess a lot of your readers like popcorn…me too!

  241. We love popcorn!

  242. Mmmm, now I’m hungry too!! I can just about smell the butter!

  243. I’d love to have this.

  244. Popcorn=Yummy

  245. Love, love, love popcorn!

  246. i do prefer to go to the theatre and pay $8 for 4 ounces of popcorn, but i guess this will do.

  247. We love popcorn in our house!

  248. Popcorn please!

  249. Delicious AND healthy. The perfect food! (If you don’t count bacon….)

  250. I LOVE popcorn!!

  251. We are popcorn fanatics. Our Whirly Pop gets more use than any other kitchen item around here.

  252. I own stock in Pop Secret.

  253. My Whirly Pop is crooning with desire…

  254. This sounds great!! We love our popcorn! 😀

  255. MMMM, I want popcorn, please!!

  256. Love popcorn!

  257. I LOVE popcorn!!

  258. I love popcorn toppings. Our local movie theatre has caramel flavor, which is kinda the worse thing ever because I LOVE IT so much that I may or may not have lost flavoring privileges when I go to the movies with my family.

    Which is my way of saying, to you and the number generator, PICK ME PICK ME!

  259. sounds fantastic! I actually eat popcorn for lunch most days. 🙂

  260. My girls LOVE popcorn!

  261. I love popcorn before bed. Yummy!

  262. I think popcorn should really count as a vegetable in the food groups!

  263. High in fiber!!

  264. That sounds fantastic!!! Count me in!

  265. We love popcorn!

  266. I love popcorn!! Please pick me!!

  267. Me! Pick me!!

  268. Please pick me!!

  269. Sounds delicious! yum!

  270. It sounds completely decadent – excellent!

  271. Ohhh! Popcorn for lunch.

    Sign me up please!

  272. love me some popcorn!

  273. I am eating popcorn as I type this!

  274. Yummm………I am feeling sooo fluffy!

  275. YUM!

  276. Popcorn sounds like a great dinner!

  277. Sure would love some popcorn!

  278. I love your contests, Mir!

  279. Our house is a popcorn house!!!

  280. Ooooooooh! Yummy!!Me love popcorn.

  281. Popcorn – Mmmmm!

  282. I sooo love popcorn, even if no one else in my house does. Come to think of it, they don’t like peanut butter or bananas either. Just more for me.

  283. Now I think I will make popcorn for lunch. That’s an excellent idea.

  284. Nice..

  285. This sounds great!

  286. Hooray for popcorn!

  287. Mmmmm love popcorn!

  288. I love popcorn!

  289. Yummy…popcorn…

  290. Wow – look at all the popcorn fiends!

  291. Thanks Mir!

  292. Mmmm popcorn! Thanks pretty!

  293. Yum! Sign me up!

  294. You can never go wrong with popcorn. 🙂

  295. yum! Popcorn!

  296. Hope I win! Popcorn is my new snack of choice since I’ve been on a diet.

  297. I almost stole these little guys out of the gift baskets I made for our company Christmas party. They look so good!

  298. Me loves what Mir loves

  299. I’ve seen these at the theater but never tried them, this would be a great prize!!

  300. Those all sound yummy, thank you!

  301. I’ll try my luck.

  302. Sounds yummy! How’s bacon on popcorn?

  303. ooh yum. snow day = popcorn & movies!

  304. Popcorn…..MMMMM! Thanks Mir!

  305. Thanks, count me in.

  306. Yumm-O!We Love Popcorn at my house!!

  307. popcorn for me!

  308. Popcorn..We love the ‘strange’ flavors

  309. Yum! I have just introduced popcorn and a movie to the little one and it’s been a huge hit!

  310. Fun!

  311. popcorn sounds so good.

  312. Who doesn’t like popcorn? Communists, that’s who! (sorry to steal your line, bebbee 😉

  313. Did someone say popcorn? Yes please!

  314. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much popcorn.

  315. Popcorn!

  316. Sounds good!

  317. Love it!

  318. Thanks!

  319. Fabulous prize. I love popcorn!

  320. My kidney/bladder infection is back, my two-year-old has the hacking sickness the 4-year-old just got rid of, my fence blew down and my insignificant other is not on his best behavior, and I think I caught his stomach bug on top of everything else. I’m really hoping popcorn will make it all better!

  321. We like popcorn. Throwing my name in the pot on this amazing, historic day. 🙂

  322. Mmmmm, apple cinnamon popcorn sounds good!

  323. Oooh– I like!

  324. Yum!

  325. yummy.

  326. I love popcorn. Count me in. 🙂

  327. I am all for free popcorn

  328. Yeah popcorn!!

  329. Um, apple cinnamon doesn’t sound that bad to me…personally, hot popcorn and anything with toffee are my favorites.

  330. Am I weird because the apple cinnamon doesn’t sound gross to me??

  331. I eat popcorn every single day. Dieters best friend!!

  332. My husband likes to tease me about popcorn for dinner…

  333. I love popcorn

  334. Yummy popcorn!

  335. Mmm! That is one thing I do know how to cook!

  336. Mmmmm…popcorn!

  337. Apple Cinnamon popcorn. What more could a pregnant Mommy want. 🙂 PICK ME!!!

  338. we love popcorn!!!!!

  339. Sounds good!

  340. Mmm, popcorn!

  341. Would be great for movie night

  342. I LOVE Popcorn!!!

  343. I’m so fluffy I float! Gimme some corn, mama!

  344. Ooooooo. Yum, yum, gimme some!

  345. We are total popcorn fanatics!

  346. Love popcorn!
    Tutus for Toddlers

  347. Who says the late bird can’t get some popcorn!

  348. We asked our daughter what her favorite food is and she said movie theater popcorn, because of the butter. So I think winning this would be appropriate for us. Thanks in advance!

  349. Popcorn is a staple in our pantry!

  350. please count me in!

  351. yummy! Thanks Mir!

  352. we love popcorn!

  353. Awesome! My hubs is a popcorn maniac!

  354. My boys and I *love* popcorn!

  355. fun!

  356. We love popcorn at our house for a snack, and you do know it goes great with Champagne or any other sparkling wine.

  357. ooo, see, i just feed my kids popcorn for breakfast!

  358. mmmmmm popcorn

  359. Popcorn is always the answer!

  360. Popcorn sounds so good right now. MMMMMMMM.

  361. Oh please please please! I’d love to win this!

  362. My wife would Love this!

  363. This sounds awesome!

  364. pop pop pop!

  365. That sounds so good!!! Sign me up!

  366. Popcorn…yummers!

  367. I love popcorn!

  368. I think I forgot to enter this.
    We love all kinds of popcorn. My guys pop it EVERY stinkin’ night. Try to refrain from eating it when it smells up the house every.night.

  369. Sounds yummy!

  370. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, popcornnnnnnnnnnnnn! *drools like Homer*

  371. Me, Me, Me!

  372. we love popcorn !!!

  373. Mmmm, popcorn! Enter me, please!!

  374. Ooh! Popcorn! Sounds yummy!

  375. Yes please!

  376. My 5 year old is the popcorn MONSTER! She absolutely adores the stuff!

  377. If you have a weird kind of popcorn, shouldn’t you watch a weird movie with it?! I hope to find out.

  378. Popcorn. Yum!

  379. Poppy Pop Popcorn! 😀

  380. Yumm-O

  381. That sounds great, thanks Mir!

  382. Mmm… popcorn! 🙂

  383. Popcorn for me, please!!

  384. pick me!

  385. yummy!

  386. Pick me, pick me!

  387. We NEEEEEEED popcorn. Please random number…be mine.

  388. popcorn…my favorite!

  389. I have no idea how I missed this the first time around and had to be reminded 🙂 I am a huge fan of the popcorn.

  390. Popcorn is the snack my hubby and 2 year old share the most. They’d be thrilled.

  391. Count me in! I like popcorn!!

  392. Pick me…

  393. Sound delish!

  394. Count me in please!

  395. Popcorn lover!

  396. we like white cheddar best

  397. This is a popcorn lovers dream! Pick Me!

  398. Pick me please!

  399. We love popcorn at our house!

  400. sounds yummy!

  401. I’m getting hungry just reading about popcorn!

  402. oooh!!! Pick Me! Pick Me!


  404. Yummy!

  405. yes please

  406. We love popcorn! Thanks for the chance!

  407. Mmmm… popcorn… mmmm….

  408. I don’t think I have entered yet.I scrolled through and did not see my name,but HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED A GIVEAWAY ABOUT POPCORN?I mean we are talking FOOD here,lol.Fingers crossed XXXX

  409. Okay, I’m a bit late to the game entering now but still, gourmet popcorn? I can’t resist.

  410. I can’t resist popcorn!

  411. Popcorn is my favorite snack (alright, right after CHOCOLATE) and somehow I missed this when you blogged it the first time. Thanks for the reminder!

    Last year you introduced me to Dale and Thomas and I am forever grateful. I am hoping for similar yumminess with this new (to me) product line.

  412. yum!

  413. Hope I win!

  414. Popcorn….. Mmmmmm…..

  415. Popcorn should be it’s own food group! Thanks!

  416. I LOVE popcorn, and I my favorite is the Kernel Season’s Ranch flavor… it’s just not popcorn without it!

    Thanks for a great contest!

  417. Yummy!! I love popcorn!!

  418. YUM! What a delicious contest.

  419. We love POPCORN any time of the day!!!!

  420. I’ll make microwave popcorn on occasion, but I love to pop my own in a real pan.

  421. My little girl and I love to watch movies and eat popcorn. This would be great!

  422. oh we LIVE on popcorn here! I’d love to win!

  423. Yum! Popcorn – add butter and you’ve got two major food groups covered: veggies and dairy!

  424. Pick me!

  425. Pick me! Pick me!

  426. Mmmmm, popcorn.

  427. This sounds amazing; I practically live on popcorn during finals.

  428. would love some free popcorn!!

  429. My husband adores popcorn…so, Valentine’s Day present, anyone?

  430. I can finally taste popcorn again, so yum!! (I had surgery in July that severed some of my taste nerves, so I haven’t been able to taste things like bread, cake, popcorn, etc. for almost 6 months…sigh)

  431. Love popcorn anytime of day.

  432. I think all those seasonings (even the apple cinnamon) sound yummy!

  433. I *heart* popcorn….

  434. Sounds great & yummy!

  435. Mmmmm, popcorn!

  436. ooh, pick me, o random number generator!!!

    *jumps up and down*

  437. Love popcorn!!!

  438. this would be great in my whirlypop popper! thanks for the contest.

  439. Yummy! Pick me please!

  440. Me please!!

  441. Holy Cow, there are a lot of people who like popcorn! I do, too, so please enter my random number in the contest.

  442. squeeking in under the tiemline. whew!

  443. Please pick me oh random picker….I know I’m really close to the end here.

  444. Just in time. Whee!

  445. Oh, yum….

  446. i love everything popcorn. except jellybeans. but that’s only cause i don’t like jellybeans.

  447. popcorn fanatic here!!!

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