Happy Friday!

By Mir
February 6, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yes, we’ve made it to the end of another fun-filled week. Gold stars for everyone, and maybe the kind of drink that needs a little paper umbrella, too, later tonight.

To pass the time until then, let’s take a look at the Amazon Friday Sale!

Ooooh, I’m liking these Columbia fleece zip hoodies for as little as $13.50. 70% off!

I thought this set was pajamas when I first looked at it. I guess it’s not. But it sure does look comfy….

I love this leopard-print cashmere scarf and I won’t apologize. They even named it after me!

While the whole gladiator sandal fad sort of escapes me, this pair is sort of cute (and hard to beat for under $13). Plus, it makes me feel like maybe summer will arrive eventually.

Oh, look—it’s my Cuisinart on sale. I love my Cuisinart. You know, I hear that it wasn’t actually disease that killed off the early settlers, but frustration and exhaustion from having to cut up all of their vegetables by hand when they were making a big pot of soup. Honest.

I was talking to a friend recently about my daughter’s adventures with contact lenses (as in, she has a lot of trouble putting them in, because her vision is so poor) and my friend told me she, personally, needs to get right up into the mirror to do hers. Then she said that due to her current pregnancy she’s afraid she won’t be able to get close enough to the mirror, pretty soon. So this mirror is for her.

This is actually a fabulous price on Maximum Strength Pepcid AC, if you use it—64 tablets for $12.99 shipped. (That’s half the cost at drugstore.com.)

Retail gone wrong alert: Cucumber and green tea baby wipes?? Just say no, people. I cannot imagine why those are on sale….

As always, don’t forget to check out the Amazon Friday Five, too—five great MP3 album downloads for just $5 each, today only. I was just checking out the John Lennon and Yoko Ono album and feeling verrrrrry old.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I would not be surprised if they really did name the scarf after you. 🙂 So great..

  2. I was gifted a HUGE pack of the cucumber and green tea baby wipes. Let’s just say I’ve NEVER be able to use a cucumber fragranced product again. The smell association and all.

  3. Clothes that can be mistaken for pajamas? Sold! Thanks, Mir.

  4. Heh, we felt old the other night watching something about the blizzard of ’78, when they said it was 31 years ago. Really? Feels pretty recent, to me. 😮

  5. Ooooo I NEED the Pepcid. How do you get it to ship free?

  6. I’m one of those mostly-blind-without-my-glasses people, and putting on makeup is a real PITA. But I still don’t know that I could justify a $30 mirror… I’ll have to think about it a little.

  7. TGIF.

  8. Ooh…Paul Simon’s Graceland for $5!! It’s loading to my iTunes right now. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I love my swing-out magnifying mirror for putting in my contacts and putting on my makeup…. I’m pretty blind without glasses/contacts, so the magnification factor, plus the mirror only being able to be pulled to about 2 inches from my face helps a TON in putting in the contacts!

  10. Interesting. I can honestly say I’ve never tried looking in the mirror while putting in contacts, I think I could possibly blind myself trying to do that. Usually just look up. Or something. I think. I don’t even think about it to know what I do anymore! (20+ years of wearing ’em) But hey, makeup mirrors are good, and even better on sale.

  11. I was gifted some of those cucmber wipes as well….sensitive skin babies do not like them. My poor 3 month old had blisters on her chubby little butt. I felt horrible! Not a good idea people!

  12. I got the wipes as a sample and YUCK! I don’t like the scent AT ALL. They’re the only kind of Huggies wipes they sell at my Costco too which is a bummer because I hate them. Good thing I like the Kirkland Signature kind.

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