Get dressed for warmer weather

By Mir
February 23, 2009

It won’t be winter forever, you know (regardless of how it might feel, right now…). If you’ve got spring on your mind, you might want to go check out the new arrivals at Old Navy; through February 26th, 2009, you can use coupon code NEW30 to save 30% on all of the new stuff, so you can afford to get something pretty before it goes on clearance.

Don’t forget that adding any pair of shoes from Piperlime to your purchase means your entire order ships for free, too. (What, me enable? I don’t know what you’re talking about.)


  1. And don’t forget that
    is holding events in the Atlanta area in March/April/May! It’s some club I saw on TV where women go to show off their fancy new shoes to each other, or somesuch. Talk about enabling!

  2. hmm. that floral babydoll with the green cardigan is very. very. cute.


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