Roast beast for under a buck

By Mir
February 26, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today (February 26th, 2009) is Customer Appreciation Day at Arby’s—they’re selling their regular roast beef sandwiches for $.99 each. Go ahead and find your closest Arby’s to take advantage of the deal, if you like.

Hopefully you don’t have a vegetarian in the house who will think nothing of asking how you would like being roasted. (Last night we had fish for dinner. My daughter insisted on putting her ear to the pan to “see if they go gurgle gurgle glub glub.” When they didn’t, she called me a murderer. Good times.)


  1. Ahhh…the dear children!

  2. I was vegan for some time and one thing I realized is that it doesn’t pay to put your food choices above people. Meaning, of course, that we should eat people.

  3. I’m mad at Arby’s because Tuesday, in my last fast food until Easter (I gave it up for Lent), I weighed the options *forever* before deciding on a chicken salad wrap … which Arby’s has discontinued. Pbbt!

  4. Tell ms chickadee that I am slathering myself in olive oil as we speak!

  5. Not all Arby’s are participating:(I just called mine(in Walterboro,SC)and they sounded like I just escaped from the looney bin.Oh well,our stupid little town never participates in anything that is supposedly “national”:(

  6. Ha! I forgot how much your kids crack me up. Murderer.

  7. Well I live in Birmingham and evidently our little town isn’t participating either. The manager looked at me like I was crazy.

  8. Your daughter too, huh? Fun, isn’t it?

  9. I told a coworker who always buys lunch about this deal. He went to the local Arby’s and was told you have to have the coupon. So did ANYBODY get to be appreciated? Sounds more like Customer Dis Day! BTW, this is in Maryland outside of DC.

  10. Chickadee is certainly a drama queen, isn’t she? 😉

    Wish I’d been home to see the Arby’s post, earlier! I drove RIGHT by one, on the way home from a field trip and I was STARVING! Instead of a nice ROASTED beef sandwich, I had a toasted bagel with cream cheese for lunch. I’ve no doubt the bagel was healthier, but I LOVE me some Arby’s ROASTED beef. 😉

  11. That’s a no on Augusta, GA, as well. I went through the drive-thru (whoops) and didn’t ask about it before ordering (double whoops). My total came to $19 instead of $6. Since the lady had some kind of manager title on her nametag, I asked about Customer Appreciation Day and she hadn’t heard of it at all. She was super nice though, and asked if I still wanted all the sandwiches.

  12. I just went through the drive-thru at the Arby’s in Kernersville, NC. When I ordered they asked me if I had a coupon, and I said no. When they told me the price of my food I and I asked them about Customer Appreciation Day, they too looked at me funny and said they had never heard of it. I told them I saw it online and then forked over way more than I was hoping to pay. 🙁 “Customer Dis Day” is right! Oh well, that will teach me to call ahead next time!

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