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By Mir
April 4, 2009
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Goooood morning! I’ve got some great deals here for you to start off your weekend, assuming you spend your weekend doing something other than hovering over your garden, searching for aphids. (Ummmm… not that I’m doing that. Stop looking at me.)

Today’s Deal of the Day at Graveyard Mall is a 4-pack of hand-crank flashlights for $7.99 (plus shipping). My kids love these, and I love having flashlights that don’t have dead batteries, for a change.

Go grab up the deals at Sierra Trading Post this weekend. I’m not sure if these can be combined, but there are two great promos going on—first, if you buy any “rock bottom clearance” item, you get free shipping on your entire order; second, if you spend $100+, you can use coupon code ALAPRIL9 for 15% off your order. (Someone let me know if those work together, if you try it.)

It’s the one-day Spring Sale at—today (April 4th, 2009) only, use coupon code SPRING20 for 20% off your order (shipping and returns are always free). Do note that some brands may be excluded from this promotion.

Were you disappointed when you didn’t win the My First Organics contest? Don’t fret! The folks at My First Organics turn out to be as nice as their product is awesome—go pick out your own kit and save 15% on your purchase with coupon code WANTNOT. It’s educational, it’s fun, it’s organic, and it’s delicious. (And did I mention the awesome part? Our exclusive coupon code is good through the end of 2009!)

Shopping at Overstock this weekend? Let’s see… kids’ clothing and bedding is all 10% off, and then (you know, if your kids are naughty) you can also save 10% on cutlery and cutting boards. (It’s an interesting combination, but I try not to judge.)

There’s a big Saturday Sale going on at Kohls, and shipping is free on $75. Don’t forget your coupons! NEW4600 gives 10% off to everyone, and Kohls card holders can use GRAND15 for 15% off and MVC1975 for free shipping. (A little birdie told me that Kohls card codes can also be used with gift certificates. Which means that if you don’t hold a Kohls card, you could buy a gift certificate, first, and pay for your order with that, using the codes. Just sayin’.)

It’s been almost forever since we had a code for The Children’s Place, but they’re starting to put their spring stuff on sale, and coupon code NEXTJ78 will save you 10%. (Not much, I know, but it’s something.)

As I type this, the current Lightning Deal at Amazon is a really nice Cuisinart cookware set for 72% off. Kind of makes me wish I needed one.

Enjoy your Saturday, people, and remember—friends don’t let friend pay full retail!


  1. Pssst… If you have a Discover Card and get your cash-back in gift cards for even more money, you could get a gift card to Kohls and get card-holder discounts on Kohls items. For free! Well, not this weekend, but there is always another sale at Kohls!

  2. I just bought that cookware set last week. Dang it. Still, even without the lightning deal price, it is an excellent deal. The stockpot is a perfect size for a pound of spaghetti–it fits right in without the ends poking out and you trying to shove it all in as the bottom part gets softer and bendy. What–am I the only one who’s done that? It really is good cookware. So shiny! And also, cooks really well. Seriously comparable to the stainless all-clad.

  3. Thank you! I had been looking for a particular ski item this week, and Sierra Trading Post just added to their inventory in the last few days. Perfect timing! I was able to stack the discounts — free shipping on everything and 15% off on everything EXCEPT the rock-bottom clearance.

  4. I like the hand-crank flashlights, too. I’m hiding one in my daughter’s backpack when she goes to Italy in May. No batteries to wear out or replace!

  5. I can’t tell if ‘Rock Bottom Clearance’ is the same as ‘Clearance’. I couldn’t even find one thing labelled ‘rock bottom.

    Never mind. I can’t afford to buy today even if it says, ‘Slashed price rock bottom double your money back free shipping plus sixty percent off’. Sigh.

  6. Groovecatmom – no, you’re not the only one! 😉

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