Reminder: Smartlab contest

By Mir
April 8, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have you gotten your entry in for a chance to win a cool SmartLab kit for your favorite kid (or kid-at-heart)? The contest ends just before midnight tonight, so time’s a-wasting.

And now that I’ve used the word “a-wasting” in a sentence, I’m going to go churn my own butter, darn some socks, and plow the back forty. Mercy me!

(While I’m away doing that—starting with trying to figure out if there’s another way to darn socks other than just swearing at them as they come out of the dryer sans mate—make sure you enter on the contest post, not this one. And then if anyone tries to leave an entry on this post, the rest of you can give ’em what for.) (No, I don’t really know what that means, either.)


  1. Do you have a free shipping code for the “what for”?



  2. Thanks – I’ve been a-hankerin’ to enter the contest & keep forgetting.

  3. Amelia FTW!!!

  4. Land Sake’s!! I’ll have a conniption if I don’t remember to enter.

  5. Tarnation, my kid’s not old enough for any of that stuff!

  6. The Woolite, Clorox contest sounds right up my alley.

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