I love the smell of organics in the morning

By Mir
April 9, 2009

Good morning! Have you been through the April grocery deals at Amazon, yet? Check out this one: Buy $59+ worth of eligible natural/organic groceries and save $15 (and get a free reusable grocery bag) with coupon code EARTH222.

This promotion covers a huge array of brands I really dig, including three entire pages of Nature’s Path foods. Now, I like Nature’s Path for their cereal and such, but really, how can you not love a healthy brand that makes cherry pomegranate pop-tarts? (Just as unhealthy as the originals, but with organic ingredients and designer flavors!)

Keep in mind that additional discounts are available for many of these items if you buy via Subscribe & Save, but S&S doesn’t allow you to “mix” items for coupon application. Meaning, if you want to use both S&S and the coupon code, you have to buy $59+ of a single item to be able to apply the coupon. If you want to mix and match with the coupon, you can’t use Subscribe and Save.

(And if you want to buy organic pop-tarts, I’m going to giggle at you a little. I mean, I still love you, but I’m just letting you know.)

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  1. I want my pop-tarts full of chocolate and icing and chemicals. None of this organic fancy business.

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