KFC goes KGC

By Mir
May 6, 2009
Category Hot Hot Hot!

A whole bunch of you (why yes, that is the technical, scientific measurement term) have mailed me this link for free KFC coupons. Thank you! And thanks to Oprah, who apparently had something to do with this. It’ll get you a coupon for a free 2-piece grilled chicken meal at KFC, and you can print out up to four of them. They’re only available until just before midnight tonight (May 6th, 2009), though, so get printing!

Personally, the idea of eating grilled chicken from a place that’s named after frying chicken kind of makes my head hurt, but knock yourself out.


  1. Had mine last night and it’s not too bad. Not great, but free!!!

  2. Am I the only one who gets the message that I already printed the coupon the allotted amount of times? Even though I haven’t printed one? I would have been happy to take Oprah and KFC up on their offer, otherwise. =(

  3. I got the message. Try backing out and then going back, it worked the second time.

  4. I tried that too Heather and it didn’t work either. doggone it all!

  5. had to try it again, though…several times, and this time it worked!

  6. I was only able to print 3 and so was my girlfriend… both of us quickly instructed our husbands to do the same thing!

  7. I wish this hadn’t required the use of a coupon printer program. They always, always crash my browser.

  8. Delete your cookies and clear your browser history to print more than once.

  9. I’m confused. First they changed their name to KFC to downplay the fried part and distance themselves from Kentucky. What, too country?

    Besides promoting their new “grilled” chicken, they have an Australian CEO doing commercials for an American iconic company. There was nothing wrong with fried, in moderation.

    Oooh, my head is spinning from all the incoming mixed messages.

  10. If you have the option when your printer box pops up you can change your quanties. So far I’ve printed 40 of them to send to people who don’t have computers or working printers

  11. I’m eating KFC and printing free KFC coupons at the same time….and I RARELY (like, i can’t remember the last time I ate KFC) eat KFC!

  12. hahahah..i love you oprah thank you, thank u, thank you!!!..check out this hilarious comedian i found who thinks
    kFc had to change its name because it doesnt legally sell chicken anymore…funniest stuff ive seen in weeks!!

  13. I got the message that I had printed some already…I never did.

    Oh well.

  14. I also got a message stating I’d already printed out the max number, when I hadn’t printed any either. 🙁

  15. Frusterating too. I tried a couple of times today and good never get it to work. I was almost wondering if it was a scam except it sounds like it worked for other people. The last thing it said was that the promotion had ended. UGH!

  16. Drat! Missed it! Darned Teacher Appreciation week! Darn those amazing teachers, taking up a day of my life, while they devote so much to my kid! lol

    Thanks for sharing it, though, Mir. Hopefully, I’ll catch the next one. 🙂

  17. KFC is refusing to take the coupons. You have to turn them in and hope that the promised “rain check” arrives. Not much help if you were planning on that for dinner and don’t have a backup plan…

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