More Children’s Place savings

By Mir
May 14, 2009

I’m sorry, Children’s Place, were the recent two orders I placed there not enough for you? Now you’ve gone and created an entire section of $9.99 and under options, in addition to all of the new additions to your Spring Sale. What’s that? You’ve also added a new coupon, code S2A59 for 15% off your order through May 21st, 2009? Now you’re just getting greedy.

Though that may not stop me from placing a third order. I’m so predictable.


  1. More shopping…stop it Mir…NO MORE!!!

  2. This isn’t the Monster Sale, correct? When does that one happen? Last year I got jeans for like $5 or $6 a size ahead for both boys, and of course they grew and stuff.

  3. Thanks Mir!

  4. I’ve never ordered from Children’s Place before, but my five-year-old son just grew through all his size 5 pants in about three months, leaving him almost pantless. Since most places have moved on to shorts-only in stock, I was thrilled to grab some pants on sale!

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