Store it, wheel it, cute it

By Mir
May 14, 2009

The cuteness, it’s killing me.

Have a toy storage issue? How about this adorable Radio Flyer Toy Tote for cleaning up those toys? It’s just $19.99 right now at Toys ‘R’ Us, and even with shipping (came to about another $23 for me) that’s still vastly cheaper than the $100 alternative at Amazon.


  1. Oh, that is excellent. I wonder if it’s the same size as the Amazon one? Why doesn’t Toys R Us have important info like dimensions on their website? Geez.

    For $20, I might just risk it! Love Radio Flyer!

  2. Wow – surely this is wrong? I ordered it anyway! With shipping & sales tax, it was like $43. Considering Amazon was $100 – worth it.

  3. Great find, Mir! I just ordered it. I had a gift card that even took care of the shipping, so I feel like such a bargain-ess. I am in love with you…er…I mean your website.

  4. Snug house, bug house?

  5. I got mine the other day (I ordered 2). I love it and so do my children. It’s the perfect size to store my 6 year-old-son’s pieces of Matchbox tracks… my daughter (who’s 7) insists on the other one… no idea what she’ll be putting in it, but I’m glad they’re excited to put things IN it!

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