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By Mir
May 25, 2009
Category Contests

Hey, remember back when we had a contest to win a Kernel Season’s gift pack? The nice folks from Kernel Season’s have offered to do it again, only this time we’re going to have three winners!

Three lucky Want Not readers are going to receive a bag of their premium stovetop popping kernels, three bags of microwave popcorn, a can of popcorn spritzer, and six different seasoning flavors. That’s enough popcorn to last you for quite a while, I think.

Want to be one of the lucky winners? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 to be entered. Winners to be determined by random number generation and satisfying crunch. (Get it? Popcorn? Crunch? Crunchy popcorn? Oh, nevermind.)



  1. number one!

  2. Sounds yummy.

  3. Fabulous giveaway! I’m in!

  4. Yum!

  5. Yummy!

  6. Thnnks. My family loves popcorn!

  7. I was hoping you’d do a contest today! Have a great one!

  8. yummy contest!

  9. We are so getting into popcorn lately!

  10. Oooh!!! This looks like a good one!

  11. Thanks Mir!

  12. Pop Pop!

  13. Popcorn is a major foodgroup at our house!

  14. Yummy!! Pick me! Pick me!!

  15. Mmmmm….Popcorn!

  16. Pick me please. Pretty Please?

  17. we love popcorn!

  18. Pretty please?

  19. Perfect for movie nights at home.

  20. I could use a pop me up!

  21. would be great!

  22. meeeeeeeee!

  23. Pick me!

  24. love popcorn!

  25. Yummmm… count me in! Thanks!

  26. We love popcorn at the Casey house! Pick us!! 🙂

  27. Sounds great! Thanks!

  28. I’d love this!

  29. We love popcorn!!

  30. Mmm. Sounds great for movie night!!

  31. Count me in!

  32. Thanks, Mir!

  33. Popcorn is its own food group at our house. Thanks!

  34. My kids love popcorn!

  35. Oooh! Love popcorn!

  36. I’ve just rediscovered my love of popcorn- I’ve love to try their brand!

  37. Awesome prize! 🙂

  38. Yummy popcorn with a good movie…love it.

  39. Thanks! I hope we win!!!

  40. i love popcorn!

  41. Oh, how I hate plain popcorn!

  42. What a great contest! We love popcorn!

  43. Popcorn popcorn popcorn, we love popcorn.

  44. We would love this! My boys ask for popcorn every day!

  45. Neat!

  46. oooo – I hope I win this!

  47. Oooh! We Love Popcorn!!!!!!

  48. Your site is awesome.

  49. Oh, we are popcorn fans at our house! Yum!

  50. yummy!

  51. Who doesn’t love popcorn…

  52. yum, popcorn. We had it for dinner last night. 🙂

  53. Yummmm…. popcorn!

  54. We LOVE popcorn!

  55. Count us in – thanks! 🙂

  56. Nothing’s better than popcorn!

  57. I’m so peppy about this popcorn contest! 🙂

  58. Thanks, Mir!

  59. Awesome! Thanks!

  60. We LOVE popcorn!

  61. Wow, great giveaway! Thanks!

  62. Pop-a-lish-ous!

  63. We love popcorn around here! Pick me!

  64. How nice of them! I’d love to try this popcorn.

  65. My kids are on a popcorn kick. They ask for it every day. This would rock.

  66. That sounds great!

  67. Oh, I love me some popcorn!

  68. Ok, just got back from seeing Angels and Demons – great movie, and a whole bunch of popcorn was consumed. Just what I need, MORE! 🙂 I’m in.

  69. I love popcorn!

  70. Yum!!! What a great contest prize!!!

  71. Popcorn is my favorite food. YUMMY!

  72. I have popcorn everynight !!

  73. Thanks Mir, sounds great!

  74. Yay popcorn! Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  75. Love Kernel Seasons!

  76. We love popcorn, pick us!!! Great giveaway!!!!!!

  77. Hey! A healthy thing to eat while doing BetterU with Joshilyn 🙂

  78. Yay! I’ll take it!

  79. mmm, I’m hungry already!

  80. Yummy! Please enter me!

  81. We love popcorn (or as my three year old says pockporn)!

  82. Count me in!

  83. Sounds fabulous!

  84. Awesome prize! Thanks Mir and Thanks Kernal Season’s!

  85. Love Love popcorn!!

  86. Mir – you’re great and so is popcorn!

  87. YUM YUM YUM!!! ( i love flavored popcorn!!)

  88. Pop in a movie and I’m set 😉

  89. This would be a great fun for our family movie night! Yippeeee!

  90. Pop me in! thanks!

  91. I would love some popcorn : )

  92. Oh yeah!! We love popcorn!

  93. We love popcorn!

  94. Yum!!

  95. Eating popcorn while reading this. Love popcorn.

  96. My husband just got his braces off – he would be ecstatic!

  97. Mmmmm…. luxury popcorn. So luxurious, so corny

  98. Kernel Seasons is the best! Oh Random Number Generator, pick me! Pick Me!

  99. mmmm…thanks!

  100. Thanks!

  101. I love popcorn!!!!

  102. Free popcorn to go with our family movie night? That would be awesome! And…I can’t think of a clever crunchy comment…must be Monday!

    Thanks for another great contest, Mir.

  103. Mmm…I would love to win this! 🙂

  104. Popcorn to go with our movies? What could be better? Thanks bunches!

  105. cool, thanks!

  106. I would love a little pick me up right now.

  107. Popcorn is my #1 favorite snack!

  108. ty

  109. We love popcorn here. Thanks!

  110. My husband and children LOVE popcorn!

  111. My kids would love this!

  112. Ohhh! We LOVE popcorn in our household so this would be great!

  113. Ohh Thanks Mir! I sure love me some popcorn!

  114. Popcorn is the greatest snack ever! Thanks for the contest!

  115. I’ll throw my name in for this one…

  116. Pick me, please. Crunchy goodness coming right up!

  117. Love popcorn!!

  118. Sounds super yummy! We love popcorn!!!

  119. sounds just scrumptious!

  120. yum! count me in.

  121. popcorn…yummy…

  122. our fav snack
    and our wmart only
    carries 3 of the
    their flavors

  123. yum!

  124. I love popcorn!

  125. Yummy!!

  126. My kids LOVE popcorn!

  127. Yummy!

  128. Me, por favor!!

  129. Oh yum…that may just be the cure to my blues! xo Carrie

  130. Popcorn – yum!!

  131. Sounds really good!

  132. delish!

  133. Yum Yum!

  134. Sounds fantastic!

  135. yum popcorn

  136. Pick me!

  137. Please pick me!

  138. Yes, please!

  139. Ooh, popcorn!

  140. could use a little popcorn over here, thanks.

  141. I’m all about the corn, my friend…Yum

  142. I love popcorn!!!

  143. Count me in!

  144. mmmmmmm!!!!

  145. Count me in! Popcorn is my favorite snackfood!

  146. Popcorn is the best! Thanks Mir!

  147. Mmmmm – popcorn.

  148. Sounds yummy! Count me in 🙂

  149. yum!


  151. wooHoo! We love popcorn!

  152. YAY POPCORN! thanks mir!

  153. sounds delicious!

  154. This would be great! We have popcorn almost weekly 🙂

  155. Yum! I love popcorn…

  156. My kids love popcorn! (Okay, okay…maybe I do too 🙂

  157. popcorn is a staple at our house!

  158. Count me in for my favvvvorite midnight snack

  159. Our favorite Sunday evening activity….popping popcorn on the stove while we watch America’s Funniest Home Videos…hope we win!

  160. Popcorn, yum!

  161. My husband and LOVE popcorn!!!

  162. YES! Great contest, delicious prize package!!! Pick me!

  163. Sounds yummy!

  164. Ooh! Yes, please! I loooove to air pop my popcorn, and Kernel Seasons can make it awesome!!! 😀

  165. Pop pop pop… pick me =)

  166. I love me some popcorn!!!

  167. Fun, thanks!

  168. Yum. And stuff.

  169. Pop!

  170. Oooh, yummy! Thank you!

  171. Mmmmmm popcorn.

  172. we eat popcorn every night, 1st time i”ve ever entered a contest thanks, meme&papa

  173. delightful! popcorn is always a wonderful snack!

  174. Gotta love popcorn!

  175. it’s been forever since I’ve had good popcorn!

  176. Sounds good. Thanks!

  177. Mmmmmm…love popcorn!

  178. Thank you! I luv popcorn! :o)

  179. That’s a poppin good giveaway!

  180. Popcorn rocks.

  181. Thanks Mir!

  182. We eat TONS of popcorn, it’d be nice to have some different flavors

  183. Yum! 🙂

  184. popcorn rocks!!!

  185. Yum! Loving popcorn!

  186. It’s always worth a try, right? We love popcorn!

  187. Sounds great!!

  188. Would love some popcorn.

  189. Awesome…count me in.

  190. Count me in! 🙂

  191. MMMMMmmmmmmmm, Popcorn. Let’s go for #191, shall we???


  192. Popcorn is a favorite at our house. Thanks

  193. You can’t go wrong with popcorn!

  194. We love popcorn. Can never have too much!

  195. pick me! pick me! pick me! i lurve me my popcorn!!!

  196. mmm … I like popcorn. Sadly I don’t live in the US (but my parents do)

  197. Hey! Love popcorn….please choose me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. I’m hungry. 🙂

  199. Thanks!!!

  200. Fun! Lucky 200?

  201. That’s enough popcorn to last me, ummm, a week. Seriously, you can’t imagine how much I love popcorn. Popcorn Lovers, unite! 😉

  202. mmm, thanks!

  203. I love the popcorn!!

  204. wheeeeeeee!

  205. one of my favorite books as a child was a book about the history of popcorn and why it pops. yes, i was * that * kid.
    the end. 🙂

  206. What a neat contest! Just love popcorn!! Thanks!

  207. Yum popcorn!

  208. Popcorn is so yummy…especially stove top!

  209. Yay popcorn!

  210. I love popping popcorn. Microwaving is almost as good. Yay!

  211. Popcorn! Yummy!
    Thanks for the contest!

  212. nom nom popcorn

  213. I’m in!

  214. Popcorn!!!

  215. Our family loves popcorn!

  216. Come on random number generator!!!

  217. We love popcorn!

  218. Just popping in to say I would like to win

  219. My kids LOVE eating popcorn!

  220. Mmmmm popcorn! Thanks!

  221. Popcorn would be great!

  222. What more can I say, I love the popcorn!!

  223. I love popcorn

  224. Pass the Popcorn Please!!

  225. Oh FUN!!

  226. Sounds yummy!

  227. i’d love to win!

  228. Popcorn is the best. Count me in thanks!

  229. I just adore popcorn!! Count me in!

  230. Perfect for family movie nights! Yum!!

  231. I love popcorn

  232. we love popcorn!

  233. POPCORN!!!!

  234. Yumm. Pick me!

  235. Oo, we love us some popcorn around here! thanks!

  236. Perfect date night!

  237. yum!

  238. Yay for Popcorn! The crunchy kind. (of course)

  239. yummo!

  240. We love popcorn!

  241. Sounds Yummy!

  242. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks!

  243. I’ve been wanting to try their new seasonings, thanks!

  244. I LOVE popcorn, yum!

  245. Count me in for this one!

  246. We love popcorn!!

  247. YUMM-O

  248. We love popcorn

  249. Yum! Sounds good to me! (Get it? Sounds good? Crunchy? Popcorn? OK. Whatever.)

  250. We LOVE popcorn! Thanks!

  251. Me love popcorn and Mir!

  252. Either one= yummy!!

  253. Yumm popcorn, I’m getting hungry already.

  254. Sounds great!

  255. Popcorn on the stove is a ritual in our household – would love it!

  256. I’m hungry and it’s only 9:34am. Mmmmmm

  257. Oh yes!

  258. Love the popcorn. Perfect for summer.

  259. Yum Yum!

  260. Popcorn! Fun!

  261. Super… and delicious too.

  262. Mmm, popcorn.

  263. OOh pick me I love popcorn!

  264. Pick me, please!

  265. I love popcorn! Count me in.

  266. Me want popcorn!!

  267. Yum! 🙂

  268. Awesome! Thanks!

  269. Pop Pop!
    Pick me!

  270. Count me in!

  271. I love popcorn.

  272. Pop..I mean..PICK me! 🙂

  273. Yum! Thanks, Mir!

  274. Count me in!!

  275. Yummmmmm Popcorn!!!!!

  276. Yum, popcorn!

  277. Free popcorn is my favorite snack food.

  278. Thanks!

  279. Popcorn is our friend! Thanks, Oh Wise & Beautiful Mir!!

  280. Wow – I’d like to win and am pretty sure I’d be my Father in Law’s hero if I shared with him too 🙂

  281. I can almost feel the kernels stuck between my teeth now!

  282. Mmmm…stovetop popcorn!

  283. Popcorn should be declared the National snack!

  284. Pick me please!!!

  285. They have sooo many flavors. please random generator pick me

  286. I love popcorn! Thanks for the chance!

  287. Mir, you’re corny!

  288. Please pick me…

  289. Please enter me in this contest! Thanks!

  290. Woohoo! My husband was just saying that we need more popcorn!

  291. pop!!!

  292. I love popcorn!

  293. Craving popcorn! Thanks – Jessica

  294. I’m in!

  295. Yum!

  296. Yes, please

  297. enter me!

  298. oh that sounds amazing!

  299. I would love this!

  300. Love popcorn!

  301. POPCORN!

  302. This is so weird. At this very moment, I am eating popcorn. We eat lots of popcorn at our house and would love to win this awesome contest!

  303. Love popcorn. Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂

  304. Wow! What an awesome giveaway!

  305. Pick me, pick me.

  306. Was introduced to your blog a few days ago. I’m hooked! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  307. Yum, yum, yum!!

  308. What a great prize!

  309. Crunch, crunch, crunch! 🙂

  310. my favorite on Saturday nights…

  311. popcorn is my favorite snack!

  312. I love popcorn!!

  313. Who doesn’t love popcorn?!?! Pick me!!

  314. I love my stovetop popper, this would be an awesome thing to win!

  315. Popcorn sounds so good, especially after a long hard day with a baby in the NICU. Pick me!!! 🙂 Thanks as always for the great contests you offer us Mommies. 🙂

  316. This sounds like a yummy one, Thank you!

  317. i could just hear me crunching on it now – pls pick me

  318. My kids love popcorn.

  319. Yum — my son’s favorite food!

  320. I love a contest!

  321. It sounds like the “fixins” for a great date night!

  322. Popcorn – yum!!

  323. I wanna win…yes?

  324. Movie night with the kids!!!

  325. Oh I love popcorn!

  326. Yay Popcorn! Yay FREE Popcorn!

  327. Popcorn!!!! Mmmmmmm

  328. Me, please!

  329. Enter me for this please!!!

  330. Would love to win this!

  331. i love popcorn! hook me up pretty mir!

  332. Oh please pick me random number generator!

  333. Pick me!

  334. I am an addict. I HAVE A POPCORN PROBLEM.

  335. I love Kernel Seasonings!

  336. pick me

  337. popcorn spritzer? that sounds so classy!

  338. Yummy, popcorn. You can’t go wrong!!!

  339. love popcorn…especially in the summer time to take to the drive-in!

  340. pick me, pick me!!

  341. Popcorn is a big favorite in our house!

  342. popcorn yum!

  343. Almost missed this one. Popcorn!

  344. I’m always happy for free, delicious popcorn!

  345. I want to be a lucky winner!

  346. Mmmmm….popcorn.

  347. Sweet!!! Thanks Mir and Kernel Seasons!

  348. I would like some popcorn please, Mir!

  349. Delicious!

  350. Pick me!!!

  351. Sounds great!

  352. yum!

  353. Awesome!

  354. muncha cruncha!

  355. I would love this. Thank you.

  356. on the off chance that today is my lucky day

  357. Popcorn…the best filler after children have refused to eat their dinner and then discover they’re STARVING at bedtime…I hope I win.

  358. Lucky number 362?

  359. popcorn!! Yummy!

  360. sounds yummy!

  361. Mmm! Another comment saying popcorn is yummy!

  362. sounds too good to be true..we love munchies here

  363. Loosing weght on WW so I eat popcorn like mad and can’t get the flavorings overseas…sign me up!

  364. yummy! we love popcorn!

  365. popcorn. yum!! 🙂 I would love to win!

  366. Popcorn!

  367. We like popcorn, and I’m curious about some of the flavours….

  368. please pick me pretty Mir!!!!

  369. Hurray for yummy pool snacks!

  370. Mmmmm, popcorn!

  371. pop me in!

  372. Yummmm. pick me!!

  373. We all love popcorn! Thanks so much.

  374. Ahh just in time to replace the last of the cub scout popcorn and the price is much better, too! Thank you!

  375. yum, I would likes it!

  376. I was just hankering for some popcorn

  377. Our boys love popcorn. And, we typically pop it the old fashioned way on the stove. But, we have a microwave too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  378. My turn to win yet??

  379. I love popcorn!

  380. WE would love to win the treat !!thanks

  381. Sounds yummy!

  382. Nom Nom!!!

  383. Who doesn’t love popcorn?

  384. perfect birthday gift for my grandpa! : )

  385. Wow…390 entries!! You sure have lots of readers, Mir. Please enter me for some yummy popcorn. I could use it on a day like today.

  386. I’m a day late and a dollar short…oops!

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