And Bingo was his bike-o

By Mir
June 17, 2009

When my kids were little, I remember loving all the different bikes and toys made by Kettler, but thinking that they were hugely overpriced. It appears that not much has changed; this Kettler Bingo bike still sells for about $160 elsewhere, but right now it’s just about $66 at Amazon. (Who spends $160 on Junior’s first bike? Who?)

That’s a pretty snazzy-looking bike, though, I’ve gotta say. Not $160 snazzy, mind you, but maybe $66 snazzy….


  1. can’t find it for $66, it’s $159.99 now

  2. Ditto on what Mary said!

  3. Amazon schizophrenic price-changing strikes again. Sorry, folks!

  4. My kid’s first bike and second bike came from rummage sales. She didn’t have a “new” one until she was 9. Well, Amazon hadn’t come around yet, and we didn’t have cash to spare.

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